Dont Forget About Ted Cruz’s Spouse

These SNL actors should be run out of the country and never allowed back in.

Ted Cruz married to Anna gasteyer of Saturday Night Live

Ted Cruz married to Anna gasteyer of Saturday Night Live

Just another SNL actor.



Ted also playing the role of

So don’t be surprised to hear him talk about more budget for military spending.


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Johnny A
Johnny A

DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO THE TROLLS ED, I have my own family bashing me & calling me crazy , but i know what you say is true, what you don’t touch though is the transgenders ,, a lot of these people are deceiving in that respect too, Jennifer Aniston, Avril Lavinge aka Kristen Bell., bon jovi . Springsteen. Bob Dylan., Cindy Crawford, Pamela Anderson, Matt Damon ,Leonardo DiCaprio, I mean, Look at ANN COULTER & MEGHAN KELLY. You really think they’re women ? I can go on & on & on . But your work is priceless !! Wish you would look at male & female proportions as you do with who is who. You would wake a ton of people up. This is going on for 100 years , deception is in sports ,movies, music , a bunch of trannies that worship the devil !! It’s just like this, but deceiving their gender . What can possibly be worse?


It’s really amazing now that I am aware of how the Family plays multiple roles, I am seeing it so clearly! I just watched a news show where they were interviewing a guy named “Tad Devine” who is Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager and I saw SOOOO clearly that he is being played by John Kasich! Same ears!


I think I know the actor who is playing Ted Cruz. … it’s Owen Wilson. I found a childhood photo of him online that shows his ears and they seem to match. Also, they both have a similar nose and a nasally voice.

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