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This photo, by an unknown photographer, appeared in a 1910 issue of the Catholic German magazine "Deutscher Hausschatz". It shows a friendly meeting in a military context of Theodore Roosevelt (center) with his son Kermit (left) and the German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II near the town of Döberitz. According to the newspaper, Roosevelt had visited European capitals like Rome and Vienna before recieving his honorary doctorate in Berlin on May 12, 1910.

My investigation into the activities of the actors who role play in today's faked news events mirror the intrigue and plans outlined in the book "Pawns of the Game" . The tactics being EXPOSED today resemble the historical patterns identified in the 1958 book release by author William Guy Carr. Since reading Carr's book, I can say I concur with many of Carr's concepts. His own conclusions and discoveries, when combined with my present day research clearly reveal a painstakingly planned and executed scheme for control and power on a global scale. He defines the AT THE TOP controllers under a classification he coined as the "New Worlders and the International Money Barons"

Please also refer to the Bush page for additional information since that family comes directly from the Roosevelt family and include a portion of the Kennedy and Carter. An understanding of who's who, is a must so you can understand the relationships between the businesses they monopolized and the family members that were in government that played favorites (one such example is Joseph Kennedy and FDR as the history books tell us Joseph was offered several positions in the government as a thank you for his support. But when you actually realize Joseph was FDR's cousin you see where the problems begin. That's why he then changed his identity to become Prescott bush as to get around the stigma that surrounded his unethical business deals that gave him a reputation that killed his chances of running for any elected position.) Knowing who they are is the most valuable tool you can have, since the history books are accurate to a point they just leave out the behind the scenes REAL deal that if the public knew would have brought them down. You can follow the line of business dealings and you will see generation after generation of the family members still in power, using the loop hole that allows them to run for office as use a pseudonym to mask exactly who they are.

Kermit Roosevelt is the actor that plays Walt Disney and Hitler.  His family played this game as well since his brother Quentin Roosevelt faked his death and became Joseph Kennedy. Their uncle Elliot Roosevelt (Teddy's Brother) faked his death as well and changed his identity to William Taft and as well as JP Morgan.  (view the handwriting and ear analysis on their pages)

The handwriting analysis is clear, you don't have to be an expert to see they are the same person. This scam alone is a huge part of the problems that we as a nation face today. This enabled the creation of the Federal reserve act and allow this family to monopolize many a industry still to this day. They successfully maneuvered their way around the laws that they themselves set in place to stifle their competition without those corporations even realizing that they had been duped and capped by their own president so he could profit.

Hitler, Disney Ear Biometric Match

You must remember how easy it would have been to become someone else back in those days, it wasn't like today where you have a drivers license that you can ask for. Plus times that by being rich and who is going to question you, and why would they. you are who you say you are and its not like they can pull out their laptop and pull up http://publication to verify it or not back then.

The other interesting question I'm often asked is did he really go over seas and if so how long was he there for?

To answer that you have to look at his military records. and ask yourself this. Why would the son of an American president join the military of a foreign nation? Why not join the American forces and fight along side those serving under your father? I think you begin to see why they did this, and how that would be used to take on the role of the opposing forces commander, so you and the rest of your family can extend the war as long as they could. All the while the rest of your family that now operated under various names like Kennedy could partner up with others and get the government contracts for the steel through Bethlehem steel company and the oil and gas requirement to fuel an army, that you would not have been able to get if the public knew that the owners of the company were all related to the President. The same family that is controlling the war on both sides might be considered a bit of a conflict of interest. This is the primary reason why they faked the death of members, in order to scam without being caught. This was a great scam but they learned what not to do the hard way, when they almost got caught during the Teapot dome scandal that cost Theo Jr his position in the Navy, and almost cost the family everything. So the lessons learned were applied and the pseudonym fraud to get around the laws that they themselves imposed on their competition. The Trust busting credit historians give Teddy, which forced their competition to abide by rules they themselves got around allowed them to stifle the other competitors while they operated in secrecy enjoying the perks of a family that had members situated in just about every business market you could think of. They played favorites back then and reaped the profits while the blood those men and women were spilled without knowing that the war was contrived and completely set in motion by a few men who happened to put profit over the lives of their constituents.

The families still remain in those positions and the next few generations have followed in their family footsteps. Now you have a multi generational pseudo army of these evil individuals, sitting in the control room of this nation. Eager to strike a deal with whomever will continue to fill their bank accounts with blood money and more importantly keep them in control while distancing us from them via their "Communist" Dictator like agendas they hide behind.

The Teapot Dome Scandal

The Teapot Dome scandal was a bribery incident that took place in the United States from 1922–1923, during the administration of President Warren G. Harding. Secretary of the Interior Albert B. Fall leased Navy petroleum reserves at Teapot Dome and two other locations to private oil companies at low rates without competitive bidding. In 1922 and 1923, the leases became the subject of a sensational investigation by Senator Thomas J. Walsh. Fall was later convicted of accepting bribes from the oil companies. Before the Watergate scandal, Teapot Dome was regarded as the "greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of American politics". The scandal also was a key factor in posthumously further destroying the public reputation of the Harding administration, which was already unpopular due to its poor handling of the Great Railroad Strike of 1922 and the President's veto of the Bonus Bill in 1922.[2]

The repercussions extended beyond Fall. Although President Theodore Roosevelt's sons, Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., the Assistant Secretary of the Navy in charge of executing the leases, and Archibald Roosevelt, a vice-president of one of the oil companies, were both cleared of all charges, the Teapot Dome scandal haunted Ted in his campaign for governor of New York and ended his political career.

The Death of Quentin Roosevelt

Quentin being the youngest of the Roosevelt boys was said shot down in WWI. But as you can clearly see that wreckage and the body draped nicely on display is not anywhere near consistent with a crash of any plane. The ground isn't even disturbed.

So in order to spread out the family and for the intent of skirting around the Monopoly laws set in place by Sr, they needed to deceiving the public so they could then corner the markets in what ever industry they thought would be profitable. So by changing his name to Joseph Kennedy Sr. then again to Prescott Bush accomplished what was needed.

Now the question then is asked is the Kennedy name a valid family name or was that entirely fictitious as well? I don't have an answer for you due to the records are just like everything else (other than the photographic evidence) subject to liars and paid off people that are recording them. Then combine that with the fact that if any records did exist they were handwritten and in no way able to validate them for authenticity because who would authenticate them but a government agency and these family members make up the heads of the most powerful ones, so we are relegated to the photographic evidence.

The Family Secret

There is one more Bush family member that you need to know about and that person is Jonathan James Bush brother of GW When you research it you will find he is none other than Ross Parrot. Ross we see with the test of the family in Dallas at the Riley Harmon Party (who are Greenberg Cohen, and Kaplan.

So you begin to see they don't need to rig the votes to the elections because they have already stacked the deck.

How so? when you realize Hilary Clinton is really Rose Bush, who we are told died at age 3, but now is the wife of Bill that would make that election where Clinton, Bush, and Parrot were running for the office of president. Its a win win for them and we are none the wiser. That was until I came along.

Todd Harmon who is married to Liz (Kaplan) Harmon AKA Jill Rappaport from the Today show that is shot in Rockefeller center the same place that 30 Rock with Tina fey (AKA Jennifer Greenberg Sexton) who is the cousin of Todd. Along with Steve Carell when he was with The Office, and who can forget SNL with Jennifer again. All from the same center and that center being a Rockefeller property and David Rockefeller a family member as well.

Hitler, Kermit Roosevelt, and Disney Match

One More Role We Will Address Later

Kermit directing the show with brother Archie

Kermit and Brother Archie

Now that you see the scam, you can understand the Bush family was created to accommodate the need diversify the name not the family. You now see why Prescott Bush who
was Quentin Roosevelt (the same person that got caught in the teapot dome oil scandal) set the family up just nicely with the Oil leases that he was in control of while in the Navy.



You cannot deny the FACT that what I am telling you is backed up with photographic evidence and combine that with the FACT that the house Disney owned is the same as the house they used for Hitlers home (EVEN THE STREET IS THE SAME). End of story!

Handwriting, Ear, Teeth, and Facial Landmarks Match

Teeth, Hair Growth Pattern, Ear, Facial Landmarks Match

Even the Line Under Her Nose is a Match

Side Note

This photo has bothered me for quite a while until I discovered the Prescott bush connection to the Roosevelt's.

Fortunately this is where the ear biometrics comes in as one of the most important tools we have. Since the majority of these people are dead and the ones that are alive will not corporate we use where we can and the huge thumb prints on the sides of your head come in handy.

Teeth also play an important role since the days of the quick veneers were not just invented we add that and the hand writing samples that can be validated to complete the picture and identify if these people are who they say they are.

As you can clearly see by the graphic to the right he is a match for Joseph Kennedy and finally Prescott Bush.

They have effectively kept a family member in the office of president since the days of President Grant and maybe longer but the evidence per the photographs are questionable past that point.



You can view the photos of this party at party

The Berg

The piece of evidence that I find most solid is the efforts the Disney historians put into disguising the Hitler house from Walt's. It wasn't until the light bulb turned on in my head that I realized that my gut feeling when looking at the two homes was correct. I would get this feeling that something wasn't right with the images but I couldn't figure it out until I flipped the image BOTH vertically and horizontally. It was at that moment that my jaw hit the floor.

Even the street that exists today is in the same place as it was back when he had no neighbors. The only thing that has changed are small renovation to the home, like the pool being remodeled into a more modern curved edge instead of the rectangle one, and the drive way where the stairs were was moved to the other side of the property, and the stairs (that people would immediately recognize) were removed. Today the driveway merges with the home next to Wait's home and that is the home of his brother.

You can even see the trail that runs along the tree line out back where Walt had his miniature train ride. That same path is clearly visible in the old film footage that had the background cut out and replaced with the mountain range. Remember we are talking Disney, to do that little bit of trickery was nothing compared to inking 30,000 cells of a full cartoon.

So the effort they put into deceiving use for all these years now seals the deal and make this case solid.

Hotelier's House IS the House of Walt Disney CASE CLOSED

Aerial Shot Today (left), and Said From the 1940's (right) Note the Added Craters, Said to be Bomb Hits.

The Driveway Was Moved to the Other Side

$3.2 Million for Hitler's Doh! I mean Disney's Home

Woking Way Residence link to more photos.

This will give you a clue as to who they really are. I will be releasing that information in my next video.

This is a page from a Roosevelt Archive scrap book that has been preserved at the Roosevelt Library. Everything in the 90 pages were scanned in at High Res and are available online. The information within its pages I believe makes it one of the most valuable document one could imagine. This type of record is what should be used as history books, or at least used for reference due to its authentic, nature and first hand descriptions of the content within. No second, or third person summarizing what they believe someone else interpreted from what ever document they were able to obtain. That is one of the major problems we have with our lessons of history that are taught in schools today, combine that with the bias one tends to find because of some committee voted to change the wording of a historical event to make it more PC or put the status quo mentality in a better light then what the actual true events may have been. If we don't know the truth about our history and put a stop to this nonsense of trying to not offend people that we are setting ourselves up for failure. The fact is that sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes people do things that they shouldn't but to deny the reality of their actions and sugar coat the story so future generations might not get offended or actually find out the truth about persons we are told to be our hero's.

That type of artificial social manipulation is one that should be dealt without hesitation. One that we will be dealing with for generations to come will be what the official version of the events of September 11th. Regardless of your opinion of the events the official versions looks like a wheel of Swiss cheese due to the massive amount of holes it contains, funny that analogy because it smells about the same too.

Hermann Wilhelm Göring, was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party. A veteran of World War I as an ace fighter pilot, he was a recipient of the coveted Pour le Mérite, also known as "the Blue Max".


With the latest discovery of Theo Jr matching Goring we will have to pull out all that data and review it once again to see if we have a relative or another connection to the family.


As the Driveway is Today




In this photograph we can clearly see President Teddy Roosevelt, along with his sons Kermit (Hitler) Archie (Gerbils), and Theo Jr. Missing is Quentin (I guess someone had to stay home and run the other side of the scam. His daughters also played their part Ethel (Eva Braun) and Edith(Eva's sister) You can find their mother playing roles along with their grandparents. There are numerous photos of them all dressed up in Nazi outfits pretending to throw a party while filming them.

As if that is not enough proof.




Theo Roosevelt who later went on to play the role of J Edgar Hoover. Graphic to be released


Jimmy Rodgers as part of the Carter fam. The evidence looks like he is one of the sons of Teddys Brother Elliot, (Who you know is William Taft Teddies Vice President)

Here is where it gets interesting

Since you now know Kermit Roosevelt was the person behind the role of Hitler and Walt Disney, we look at the supporting cast of characters that would be the rest of his family that filled the positions of Hitler's family and cabinet members. You will see that this proves without a doubt that the coincidence argument is moot, and the only explanation for what you are seeing is that you are seeing through the smoke and mirrors of the Hollywood Illusion and straight into the belly of the beast


Quentin's so called plane crash.

Eva Braun

Eva Anna Paula Braun was the longtime companion of Adolf Hitler and, for less than 40 hours, his wife. Wikipedia

But the evidence is leading us to believe she was infact his daughter.

Born: February 6, 1912,
Munich Died: April 30, 1945, Berlin
Nationality: German
Spouse: Adolf Hitler (m. 1945–1945)
Siblings: Gretl Braun, Margarete Braun, Ilse Braun
Parents: Friedrich Braun, Franziska Kronberger

Kermits wife after they faked the suicide took on the role of Lillian Carter and was the mother of Jimmy Carter who played both the role of JFK until the faked Assassination (aided by his Disney family of Hollywood Illusions makers) then became president again as Jimmy Carter. Please see the JFK information on this site as it will leave little questions as to the details of this fraud.


The Roosevelt's, loved to perform for the camera. You can see in the photos they dressed the part of Hotelier's family so they could create the illusion giving birth and foundation to the Hitler lie. All the family members except for Teddy (which he may of participated but I just haven't been able to identify him in the shots) took on the supporting cast members of Hitler's family.

UPDATE - as we look deeper into this situation we are finding more and more evidence that shows that Eva Braun was actually Kermits Daughter. We will update you as we verify more.


So that makes Teddy Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter's Grandfather. And we have proven that




Maurice Greenberg as Dr Mengele

The characters Disney created, used psychological subliminal in the names that you don't realize are there but you can understand how they work as we see Dr Mengele know (so we are tole for his brutality with prisoners, giving him the nick name of the angel of death) the Mengele = Mangel.

But now knowing that Disney created them we know they were just a marketing tool played by actors of that time that were rewarded greatly for their service as we see them in positions of perceived power today.

Bing Crosby as Eichmann

As I have found with many of the Golden age stars that grace the Hollywood sidewalk, we find several of them that played the roles of the Nazi that we have come to know as the faces of that evil enemy. Now whether or not they believed in the system that we are led to believe the Nazi (NAtional socialist and the ZIonist party) embodied, or it was possibly a way for Hollywood to get them to do it in trade for stardom we may never know. I believe personally it was used as a control method that in trade for the stardom and the life we believe they experienced, this role of the Nazi was used to keep them quiet. Something they have done since and their children then enjoy the benefits of that connection to the inner working of Hollywood and they to perpetuate that slave to the industry mentality while enjoying the riches and popularity. A never ending cycle that is held tightly by TPTB and has created a group of this in the know pairing up and their children are born into the industry and then loyal to it through family blood lines.




Person in Dealey Plaza during the JFK event.

We have learned that Bing Crosby is the father of the Secret Service Agent named Clint Hill. I discoverd this after reading about how Clint would go to Bings house on the weekends. I found that to be starange and though he must be related and sure enough he is one of his sons. We see Hill partner up with Gerold Blane to write their latest boox on the Assassinationa. Blane is also one of Bings sons. So we see once again keeping the scam within the family as they profit from the lies they spread.

Walter Krumpinski
This image comes from the over 5000 personal images I obtained from the Greenberg's personal Picasa web albums. The photo shows Krumpinsky in 2010 during a trip to Asia that Michael Greenberg and Vicki his wife took. Its significant due to the fact that Krumpinski is supposed to be dead.


These images are part of the 5000 personal photographs I found online in the Greenberg's personal Picasso albums. They are what started all of this research, a mistake I'm sure they wish they never made.

Krumpinski, Crosby, his daughters, Michael Greenberg, and Vicky Greenberg also Crosby's daughter. Photo 2010 China






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Krumpinski,Bing Crosby  and his Daughters

The whole gang CAUGHT at the recent Dallas GUN RALLY
Bing's daughter on the mic and was the organizer of the rally.

She goes by Denisa Len on FaceBook

We have Bing

Playing the same role he did durring the JFK HOAX Assassination

We have John Boy's (from the Walton) son

We have Michael Greenberg


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