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There is much more to come including the parents.  I will be releasing the video and the images as soon as I get them finished. seems to be the ones covering the entire trial



NOTE George Zimmerman playing a role in

Biting Elbows - 'Bad Motherfucker' Official Music Video

He comes in at 0:39




That should be all the proof you need to know this was a fake staged event.


Notice the technique of removing the eyebrows, or thinning them out to the point they almost don't exist. This is just one of hundreds, that they, (Hollywood and NY TV Networks) use to trick your mind's eye into not seeing what is really there, resulting in you not recognizing the actor. This technique is used on Whoopie Goldberg who also plays a role as Ramona Africa for the Philadelphia MOVE movement that caused drama in the late 70's early 80's Next time you look at a photo or video of her notice she has no eyebrows.  If you are creative enough or have access to Photoshop put them back on and see how they change her appearance.  

They know your psychological patterns and how you perceive the face of those on TV. Understanding that point of reference gives them a platform to then further that visual exploit by the use of various techniques you are not aware of.  The most common are things like post production editing, lighting, filters, makeup, and the most important multiple takes etc. Which are luxury's you don't get in life.  You are stuck with the choices you make, no DO OVERS in the real world.  The end viewer only sees the final product, and is unaware of all the steps they took to accomplish the shot, that includes most importantly the hiding of the actors real identity. 

You think what you see is reality when actually it may have taken them a whole day to get a single take just perfect that is then shown on the news to you. 


From the show Brothers


Don Cheadle

In the 1980s, Don Cheadle appeared in shows such as Fame, L.A. Law and Hill Street Blues. He also had a recurring role on TV’s Picket Fences in the 1990s. But it was his portrayal of trigger-happy Mouse Alexander in the film Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) that catapulted Cheadle to critical success. Cheadle went on to appear in many acclaimed films, such asBoogie Nights, Traffic and Crash.

Cephus Johnson claiming his nephew was killed by a transit cop in LA while handcuffed.  So know that the event he is claiming is a HOAX event as well.

I bet they were trying to confuse you with the musician Seal with the facial prothetics.  Fooled me at first but seal is much taller and his voice along with teeth and ears are much different.


Its called a nose job.


And we see her playing another role as one of the snipers victims  (photo right)