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Orlando Night Club Shooting HOAX

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I could go on and on for the rest of my life showing you event after event full of the same actors all linked to each other by blood and believe in a common core that is to never let the public know about the lie and never admit they are part of it.

Shirley Temple black, the Black Dahlia

There is no one on this planet that has solved as many mysteries and debunked as many historical events then I have.  You name the event in the comments, and I'll tell you who I found running that show.  Everything from the JFK Assassination to Columbine, Hitler, to Hillary, you name it I can say who is the actor behind the mask and who is pulling their strings.

This latest attempt to waste your time some by the producers of the staged events themselves.  The Huffington post which we all know I out the owner as an Alred, Greenberg, Kaplan family member.  So, of course, they would offer @25 K to the person who could do the impossible I'm just surprised they didn't make it a million since they know no one can collect it.

This is a trick.  Since these events are not false flags due to no one getting hurt or injured, they fall under the HOAX category.   So you might think you have all the proof in the world, especially if you have seen my site, but you will never see any money because they that are offering the money are part of the scam and know the productions they take part in producing are HOAX and drills that are created with grant money in the context of the DHS HSEEP program.


To date, I have turned into information that proves HOLLY BOBO was not a missing person, and again it was a HOAX that event offered $500,000 for information that would lead to an arrest in the case.  Well, of course, you will never get an arrest because the event didn't happen.

I also solved an alleged murder at an atm in Los Angeles that offered $50K for information that led to an arrest.  But you see the pattern since that event as well was a staged HOAX there will never be an arrest for murder because no murder ever took place.

I have totaled over $700K  that should be paid to me for solving numerous cases, but like I said the reward money is all FAKE.  Unless a lawyer wants to represent me and force them to give up the money because they are actually taking part in a fraud since I took on debt trying to figure out those events and come to find out those offering the money are the ones behind the HOAX.  That should be something a lawyer could press the issue as being false advertising.

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