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 So heres the scoop.  Abe had a couple of brothers.  Each of them around 6'5" tall.  If you know your history about Lincoln he was in charge of the northern troops above Grant and Jefferson Davis was in charge of the South over Lee.  Hummm  you see something odd here?  Davis was also 6'5".  The only thing different are the ears and the rest of the facial land marks match.  So we are looking at brothers.  Maybe that's why they tried Davis for treason, but he disappeared before he could be sentenced.  Yeah, right.

So how about the Civil war then.  Well, let me give you the truth about what that was all about.  It wasn't about slaves being free, unless you understood what that meant to the plantation owners of the south that relied on them for their work force.  The Royals of the North who were out founding fathers, wanted the plantations for themselves so they could produce the cash crop Tobacco.  (Note. Phillip Morris the largest Tobacco producer named all of their products after British Cities or Towns.)

Camilla Parker Bowles is playing the role in the UK by Anna Souery, the politician who is pushing to tax e-cigarettes as tobacco products.  There you see the Royals still interested in their cash crop.


Upon graduating from West Point, Jefferson Davis was assigned to the post of second-lieutenant of the First Infantry. From 1828 to 1833, he carried out his first active service with the U.S. Army. Davis fought with his regiment in the Blackhawk War of 1831, during which they captured Chief Blackhawk himself. The Indian chief was placed under Davis’s care, with Davis winning Blackhawk over through his kind treatment of the prisoner.

In March 1833, Davis was promoted to first lieutenant and transferred to the First Dragoons, a newly formed regiment. He also served as the unit’s staff officer. Until the summer of 1835, Davis continued his service on the battlefield against Indian tribes, including the Comanche and Pawnees. In June 1835, Davis married his commanding officer’s daughter, Sarah Knox Taylor. Because his commanding officer, none other than future president Zachary Taylor, was opposed to the marriage, Davis abruptly resigned his military post to take up civic duties prior to the wedding. Sadly, Sarah died of malaria just a few months later, in September 1835.


Booth was the person said to of shot Lincoln
Booth was the person said to of shot Lincoln

All actors all scripted out, and all to create content for their family publications.

In May of 1859, Lincoln would himself become the owner of a newspaper when he bought the Illinois StaatsAnzeiger, a German weekly, for $400. He would later have to sell the paper when he won the presidential election. Lincoln, then, became familiar with the world of newspapers early in his career. He continued to take advantage of the relationships he formed with editors throughout his political life. Lincoln gained much of his national notoriety through the 1858 debates he had while running for a U.S. Senate seat against Stephen Douglas. Lincoln had this opportunity to run against Douglas thanks to four Illinois editors who in April of 1858 arranged for Lincoln to win the Republican nomination.  Newspaper editors could be enormously influential in the political scene, and Lincoln would again receive help when trying to get the Republican nomination in 1860. Horace Greeley, the editor of the Tribune, held a grudge against frontrunner William H. Seward and therefore eventually threw his support to Lincoln, helping to persuade delegates to give him their votes. Lincoln would later remember the usefulness of such tactics, and in 1864, he employed Pennsylvania editor Alexander K. McClure to work at the Republican convention to get Andrew Johnson elected to the vice presidential slot instead of the current vice president Hannibal Hamlin.




Robert Todd Lincoln Abes son
Robert Todd Lincoln Abes son

Look familiar?  Yeah, he should.  So the entire Lincoln assassination was once again BS.


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