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Active Shooter in Hialeah, FL July 23, 2013 Was a Training Exercise Drill

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This is the official authorized backup channel for the work of DallasGoldBug, Ed Chiarini, Jr. at http://WellAware1.com. I have written contracted permission to upload this material. During 2015, his videos are being re-released from the WellAware1 resources vault. Comments are inactive on this channel as content is for educational purposes and not for debate.

If you wish to communicate with the author or comment on this material, his email is: DALLASGOLDBUG@GMAIL.COM and his Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/dallasgoldbug.

Mr. Chiarini presents biometric comparisons of individuals seen in public roles who are counterfeit personalities.

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. This video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Contents: Abbott, Dimebag Darrell; Abbott, Vinnie Paul; Active shooter; Apartment 408 on fire; Arias, Jodi; Armstrong, Neil; Armstrong, Taylor; Arselmo, Phil; Astin, John; Astin, Val; Aurora Theater Batman Movie Shooting; Australia; Bachelorette TV Show; Bar Mitzvah; Bassett, Angela Evelyn; Bayreuth Festival; Berry, Amanda; Black, Rebecca; Blagojevich, Rod; Boston Marathon Bombing; Brickell, Robbie; Bridges, Beau; Bridges, Emily; Bruckner, Wilhelm; Bush, George H.W.; Bush, George W.; Castellano, Talia Joy; Castorf, Frank; Castro, Ariel; Castro, Arlene; Chef on South Park; Christy, Barbara; Clapton, Eric; Claypool, Les; Cleaver, Beaver; Cleveland kidnapper; Colins, Shanna Dophalene; Coon, Tanner; Cosette; Crow House, The; Curro, Marta; Curry, Tim; Davis, Wendy; Dawson, Ryan; De Vincent, Alexandria; De Vincent, Richard; Denatalie, Richard; DeVincent, Richard; Disney ABC; Disney, Walt; Disneyland; Dixon, Niall; Dorsey, Barbara; Drugs Inc. Meth Boom Montana; Eisner, Michael; Elba, Idris; ExPlan; Facebook; Farrell, Etty Lau; Farrell, Perry; Filner, Robert Earl ‘Bob’; Firebrand Director; Florida Multi-Year Training and Exercise Plan 2012-2014; Fonda, Jane; FSE; Full-Scale Event; Genspace; Ghormley, Robert Lee; Giffords, Gabrielle ‘Gabby’; Gill, James R.; Glaze, Terry; Goring, Hermann Wilhelm; Grammer, Kelsey; Green Party; Green, Christina Taylor; Greenberg, Michael; Greenberg, Rebecca; Greenberg, Vicki ; Gregg, Angie; Grimm, Michael; Gristina, Anna; Guillen, Silvana; Gund, Agnes; Harmon, Liz; Harmon, Riley; Harmon, Tanner; Harmon, Todd; Hayes, Isaac; Hernandez, Daniel; Hess, Marlene; Hialeah, FL.; Hitler, Adolf; Hogan, Frank; Hoover, J. Edgar; Hughes, Russell; Igan, Max; Ingraham, Bernard Sir; It’s a small world after all; Jackson, Paris; Jane’s Addiction; Jerome, Jeff; Jones, Alex; Jones, Terry; Jorgensen, Ellen; Kaplan, Glenn; Kaplan, Liz; Karloff, Boris; Kelly, Raymond W.; Kennedy, Carolyn Bessett; Kennedy, Joseph Jr.; Kilmister, Ian Fraser; Koran Burning; Lady Gaga; LaLonde, Larry ‘Ler’; Lander, David; Lander, Natalie; Lane, Jay; LaPiere, Georganne; Lear, John; Leave it to Beaver; Ledger, Heath; Martin, Trayvon; Mathers, Gerald P.; Mayor of San Diego; McCain, Cindy; McCormack, Catherine; McGilvary, Caleb; Mcrrill, Jane; Medyedev, Dmitry; Menard, Emily; Menard, Ricky; Meytal Cohen; Middleton, Carole; Millionaire Madam; NAZI hoax; New York City Police Department Active Shooter; Newsy; Nobobilski-Heenan, Gina; Orbach, Elaine; Orbach, Jerry; Owens, Paul ‘Pope’; Owens, Robbie; Palin, Bristol; Palin, Brystol; Pantera; Parker, Trey; Phillies Manager; Philtrum; Pisciotti, Italo; Pisciotti, Samira; Pisciotti, Shamira; Poison the jury; Pope John Paul I; Pratt, William Henery; Primus; Prins, Nomi; Quigley, Barbara; Quigley, Michael ‘Mike’; Radonski, Henrique Caprules; Rapapport, Jill; Real Housewives of BH; Replaced at Birth; Richard Wagner’s ‘The Ring of the Nibelung’; Ring Cycle; Rob Zombie Bass Player; Rockefeller, David Sr.; Roda, Chris; Rolling Stone; Roosevelt, Theodore Jr.; RT; Russia Today; Sandy Hook School Shooting; Scenes from a Gift; Silverman, Sarah; Sinclair, Carly; Snowden, Edward; Snowden, Lon; Sonny and Cher; Sopranos; South Park; Spiegel Online; Squiggy from Lavern and Shirley; Stand Your Ground Law; Suspended student; Teal, prescription pill addict; Teapot Dome Scandal; Texas Plant Explosion Waco; Thatcher, Amanda Margaret; Thatcher, Margaret; The Rocky Horror Picture Show; Tisch, Jamie; Tittle, Logan; Today Show; Tucker, Jim; Ty the Hatchet Guy; Vargas, Pedro; Venezuelan; Wallach, Joel; Walton County School Shooter; Walton County Sheriff’s Department; Weiss, Dave; Weiss, Lizzy; Wenders, Wim; Williams, Bentley; Wilson, Kisha; Winkler, Henry; Winkler, Stacy; Winters, Jonathan; www.SecondChanceCampaign.org; Yseult, Sean; Zamora, Pedro; Zogby, Carl; Zuckerberg, Mark; Zuckerberg, Randi

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