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Technology That Should Concern You

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Recently I've had a number of followers contact me via email asking about statements that I know I never made. 
The AI Future Is Here

The AI Future Is Here

Recently I’ve had a number of followers contact me via email asking about statements they heard me say was valid.  After they brought me up to speed, I reassured them I did not make the statement they were referring to.  They said they heard me say it in a video.  Again I reassure them I had no knowledge of the video and most certainly would never make the statement in question.  The statements are so inflammatory I’m not even interested in showing because I don’t know how widespread these apparent attacks are. Many were removed prior to me viewing them but a few I managed to file for their takedown.

That still does not address the person who created it in the first place and chances are they will simply create more.


Links to the software mentioned in the video.

Pix2pix software they mention in the video  https://affinelayer.com/pixsrv/

Google Software they mention  https://deepmind.com/blog/wavenet-generative-model-raw-audio/

NVIDIA’s Deep Learning software  https://developer.nvidia.com/deep-learning

I can say for sure that some of the individuals who contacted me are verified friends, so I know they’re not making things up.  I can’t say that about the rest so there’s no way I can confirm how widespread a problem this is, or if they are merely isolated attacks on my reputation within a particular platform.    (As a means to have my youtube channel removed)

This technology is not new and has been used for the past 15 years by military/governments.  Remember this is the domestically released version, you know there are much more advanced releases they keep for military use only that we may never know to exist.  But this domestic version is more than capable to produce a devastating personal attack.

As a person known for my willingness to take on the government, Royals, and big industry personally, (See Chiarini v Texas)  you can understand my concern that something along the lines of this technology is responsible for the situations I’m dealing with.  Its exacerbated by the number of individuals stealing my work while Youtube chooses to not protect my ownership of the videos I created, that they took down when they removed my channel.  But they allow others to continue hosting the same videos while also allow them to make money from ad placement on them.  If I try doing that they deny my video during its upload to their server.  I would say that’s a lawsuit waiting for the right time to be filed.

It’s difficult to defend yourself from attacks you don’t know to exist.  So character assassination, which we all know is a tool the government has relied on to target someone they identify as a threat.  They don’t kill people because that can create more problems than its worth, especially if the person they disappear has followers that suspect the government’s involvement which results in the message they were trying to silence is given an even larger stage then before.  As an alternative the creation of a video where the targeted individuals appear to depicted them taking part in a shameful or criminal act.

I know that 99.9% of the people reading this have nothing to worry about.  As long as I am walking around, chances are you probably have nothing to fear.  People that claim the government is watching them have to pause and realize that the government does nothing without a budget to fund that activity.  This translates to whatever it is you think the governemtn would be interested in that you are doing, will make them money if you are not doing it, then watch out.  If drug dealing is your current line of employment and you are moving weight, and by arresting you they will generate more money then it costs to pay the salaries for all the individual needed to facilitate your capture and prosecution then you might consider a different career choice.   You won’t know your being investigated until that 6 am cop knock followed by it being kicked as they come to extract you.

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Henry Ford

Not shocking. I don’t doubt they have more surprising “secrets” like this one, but having been in the “Truth Community” for 4-5 years, I know a bit about this. Nonetheless, I thank you for your crucial content.

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