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Paula Deen

Princess Beatrix, Paula Deen, Tina Towner, Prince Pinard, Maria Goos, Bilderberg Group

Maria Goos is an actor. She plays many roles one of which is the actor known as Paula Deen. In addition to that role she also plays a role as the royal Princess Beatrix. As a child, she and her father played parts in the Kennedy assassination, which we now know was a hoax. She can be seen on the Zapruder film as Tina Towner. If we examine Tina’s father, we can see that he is the same person as Beatrix’s father. He is the person that started the Bilderberg group. So next time you see Alex Jones outside of their meetings. Remember, he is a royal.

To validate they are who I say they are we can look at Prince Bernhard’s mother. She plays the role of Tina’s mother but is actually her grandmother. They keep it in the family so the lie is safe.

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