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UPS  the media messed up and showed the dummy.


Caught in the act of editing their error.


BRETT GREENBERG is at the Tennessee Shooting playing the role of an UBER driver.  (Product placement is so apparent with this event)







This so called shooting is taking place in a location that is actively trying to revitalize the mall and businesses in that area.  There is an activist group that is associated with the raising of the funds to improve the area.  Therefore, you can rest assured this event is part of the DHS HSEEP program that offers grant money to locations that host domestic terrorist drills.  This is just another chapter in all the schools, mall, and other domestic terrorists DRILLS.  The media loves it because they can report on it as if it were real so there are no chances of getting sued that could happen if they were to report a real event where people were actually injured.

Since there are no injuries or crime committed its none of the law agencies, business how the news exercises their free speech.  It's the end viewer who is damaged by believing the BS that they see on their TV screens.  The Law enforcement agencies get more money from the campaign for increased budgets, so they are pleased and they would say anything.  Then finally you have the government reaction talking about gun control and all the other crap they push.

If you look at the footage you will see its a multi jurisdictional drill.


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