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The Truth Will Set You Free

When you are ready and you have reached the level of understanding, where your conditioned state begins to lose its grasp on your perception of reality. You will begin to see the truth that has been hiding in plain sight all along.  Resist your knee jerk response and examine the facts.  Look between the lines of lies they fill the history book with and you will find what you are looking for.

Youtube Take Down

If you have been following my work for the past 6 years, I’m sure you are aware of the numerous time the video hosting companies have taken down my work.  AND YET NOT A SINGLE LAWSUIT HAS BEEN FILED AGAINST ME.  What does that tell you?

Boston Marathon Bombing Update

As the actors change roles and enjoy their opportunities presented to them from the powers that be in payment for their taking part in the massive lie, we see one of the Greenberg Brothers, working for the family business at RT but of course reading the scripts written for him by his talented comedian family members.

Founding Fathers The Real History Of The US

As I have stated numerous times in the past, the history that we have learned from the beginning of this country is far from factual.  What I found is conclusive, and it is based on detailed biometric evaluations of the visual evidence. It does not use the words that we have been told as it’s foundation.  What I mean is, people lie books are written with those lies in them and we the people believe what we are told, or what we read in history books.  But when you skip ahead to present day where we have newly available technologies in the realm of biometrics that we can use to identify individuals, the real history starts to paint an entirely different picture.

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