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UPDATE! London Terror Attack Is A HOAX

When an event is real there is no need to fake anything.  This means eyewitnesses included.

Watching the live footage streaming in online I recognized one of the eye witnesses as a well known BRITISH Comedian Colin Mochrie.   If you see this video clip pay attention to the reporter who mentions the name COLIN as he is talking to a person standing off camera.

Suppressed Assassination Footage Of JFK

This documentary produced by Ed Chiarini AKA Dallasgoldbug founder of http://wellaware1.com is the footage that exposes the massive lie the media conglomerates created and forced on the people in an attempt to profit and control out perception of reality.

It’s now time to dismantle the monopoly and take back mankind’s hijacked humanity.

Contact Ed at dallasgoldbug at gmail dot com if you would like to have Ed lecture at your event or as a guest on your show.

New JFK Assassination Witness Identified

This person was told to us to be a witness to the murder of Officer Tippit, who we have identified as really being Carl Perkins, a Rock n Roll music legend. Who was from Tiptonville Tennessee. That’s how he got the nickname Tipper according to Bobby Kennedy, who we can hear him call Perkins in the video of entering his office on the first day he was a senator. This nickname is also where he gets the Tippit from.  If he actually was a Dallas Police officer we will never know, but I highly doubt it since almost everyone involved in a officials capacity for that event just so happened to of taken their position just a few weeks prior to the assassination.

Update From Fort Hood To Fort Lauderdale The Shooter Identified

There has never been a school shooting in this country, there has never been a mall shooting in either.  There has never been any postal office active shooter event that is broadcast on the news that was real. They have all been scripted drills that the host of the drill gets grant money from the DHS’s HSEEP program.  Go to their website and look it up.

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