Trump to Jackass, It’s A Family Business

When you see the same actors playing roles in different unrelated events in the media, know for a fact that these developments you are seeing are scripted out and paid for by some corporate conglomerate.  It doesn’t matter why they are doing it.  Who cares why they justify doing what they do.  If you come home to find your home being robbed by some guy in a priest frock, do you stop and ask him why?  No, you kick some ass and call the cops.  Who cares what he claims is the reason for his actions.  The same goes for this situation as well.

Is Carly Fiorina, Marti Hearst and EXPOSED?

Next time you think your vote counts in the election, think again. The media conglomerates by way of the legal loophole found in the Candidate oath form, which allows a person to run for office while using a pseudonym. But made even more problematic when you see the form gives the option for a third person or party to vouch for the candidate’s identity, allowing them to run for office without having to show any form of ID.

The Acting Terrorists

Along with exposing James Lipton, the creator of the Bravo TV show “Inside the Actors Studio”, (and if you are paying attention to the connection to the family via Martin Landau, please see the “Riley Harmon Party”) we see another role he plays as the Saudi King, whose brother (who we are told dies in a car crash causing him to become the new king) His brother, we see is played by Leon Panetta

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