Arizona Cardinals Coach is AKA Ned Beatty

So why would I be bringing this up when there is obviously more talented individuals to be exposing since there’s a presidential election coming up?  This one perfectly demonstrates what I am talking about when it comes to how the conglomerate protects the company by hiring a CEO.  Employing this type of person to head up the company is a way of building in a scapegoat in case there is a problem.,  They can take the hired frontman and put him out in the spotlight, and fake punish him, then fire them.

Update!! Gary Morton and the Queen of Comedy

There will come a day when the reality that I’m showing the public will break through the outer shell of denial.  When it does save me a front row seat for the show because it’s going to be one for the history books as the people rise and take back the country and their lives from those who are hell bent on robbing you from living the full life you are entitled on this planet.

More United Nations Fiction

The UN is a fiction and a fraud.

Time after time I expose the actors behind the politics. When will the people have enough of this fraud and dismantle the system? Only time will tell but until that time you can be sure you will know the facts by becoming a member of WellAware1.com This site is the only place where you can find the facts that you need to better protect you, your family, and your property.

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