This category pertains to actors who are playing the roles of our elected officials. Meaning, a person can run for office using a pseudonym. But what makes matters worse is that a person can have a third party vouch for their identity, so they never have to show any form of ID.

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a person can have a third person to vouch for their identity

More Royals Attacking the States

As I have shown countless times over the past four years, there have been many events that have been produced by the acting Royals of several countries.  Whatever their intent, and we can only speculate, the majority of them seem to push towards some destructive movement ranging from gun control to race war fearmongering.

Yo Canada! Check Out Your Prime Minister

Some might ask, “why does it matter?” So what if he’s Brent Gretzky, brother of the famous Wayne Gretzky? Well, it means 1. he’s lying to you about who he is to his constituents. 2. Do you think it’s just a coincidence he is your Prime Minister, or is it more like he was chosen not by the voters of your country but hand selected by the media conglomerates that control the people of this planet?

More United Nations Fiction

The UN is a fiction and a fraud.

Time after time I expose the actors behind the politics. When will the people have enough of this fraud and dismantle the system? Only time will tell but until that time you can be sure you will know the facts by becoming a member of This site is the only place where you can find the facts that you need to better protect you, your family, and your property.

Is Carly Fiorina, Marti Hearst and EXPOSED?

Next time you think your vote counts in the election, think again. The media conglomerates by way of the legal loophole found in the Candidate oath form, which allows a person to run for office while using a pseudonym. But made even more problematic when you see the form gives the option for a third person or party to vouch for the candidate’s identity, allowing them to run for office without having to show any form of ID.

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