Boston Marathon Bombing Update

As the actors change roles and enjoy their opportunities presented to them from the powers that be in payment for their taking part in the massive lie, we see one of the Greenberg Brothers, working for the family business at RT but of course reading the scripts written for him by his talented comedian family members.

Orlando Nightclub Shooting Shooter

Can you guess what I’m about to say?  Of course, you can you know it’s the Greenberg family behind the staged event.  In fact its the same Greenberg that played the role as the Boston Bomber, and the Airport Bomber, et al. Yes again and again, and again, we see the same old actors playing the same old boogie man roles.

When will the public say enough is enough with this ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service BullSh*t.  Deporte this family and then deport the owners of the media conglomerates and you will find you would be a much more enjoyable less stress filled environment.  Then change the loophole that allows a person to run for office and use a pseudonym that isn’t even registered to their person and is hiding behind a third party identifications, and you will eliminate much of the problems you believe are affecting the world that you live in.

Brett Greenberg Spotted Again

Brett Greenberg at occupy Wall Street

If you are not aware who Brett Greenberg is, you can review some of the videos that I did about him in the early days of my investigation. His cousin is Tony Greenberg. The person that was the lead when it came to the majority of these alternative media hoaxes events until I exposed his identity. So they quickly put an end to his alternative hoax career. That, of course, left them with the need to find another point man, and Brett seems to be that person. He actually works at the White House for Obama as we see in this video above, and the connection that he has to Obama is through David Axelrod, who was the former advisor to Obama and is married to a Greenberg.

48 Hours Fake Murder

You must understand that all these shows are fake.  EVERY STORY you see on them is fake. They cannot show you real events with real people, or they would get sued.  You must understand the laws that restrict the content they can air to you.  Once you know the rules, you will know the TV is fake, and all the content on it is scripted out THIS INCLUDED YOU NIGHTLY NEWS.

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