Ferguson Update

The Tracy Morgan acting family, or domestic terrorists, you be the judge because since they are the involved in the Ohio Zoo Gorilla shooting, Ferguson, The Plano Pool arrests, to the south Carolina church shooting. All were and are just actors acting. No laws are broken as the media use the hoax event as their content to scare you and keep you coming back for more.

Brussels Bombing FAIL!

This is how you know it was a staged event.
The following video was posted about an hour ago.  That’s right even before an investigation was finished.  YOU KNOW THAT THIS FOOTAGE if it were real would have been confiscated by the police and used as evidence for any court proceedings.  It would not be released to the public.  I was the first person to post that on the youtube page that posted it and within minutes they pulled the video.  Good thing I saved a copy.  Enjoy and KNOW ITS A STAGED DRILL.

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