University of Texas Clock Tower Shooting HOAX

Today is the anniversary so just wanted to make sure you are aware of the lie that started the school shooting bs.  This event was the first school shooting HOAX in the country. It set in motion the fear mongering we see the media using today to push legislation and profit from lying to the people. No one was killed, no one died, it was a hoax they have used to get you the public buying their fear porn.

Deadly Kalamazoo, Michigan, Shooting AND SO MUCH MORE!

My comments –
AT THIS POINT, there would be a mistrial for juror poisoning, and to discuss details of a crime before a trial would be grounds for misconduct by the DA. God forbid they said something that causes evidence not to be admissible, and then the city would be responsible and held accountable in the WRONGFUL DEATH SUITS that would then be filed by the families of those claimed murdered. WHAT A JOKE. No lawyer in the face of the planet WHEN DEALING WITH A CASE THAT INVOLVED PEOPLE BEING KILLED would make comments as per the details of the investigation before the verdict rendered. I’m sorry, I have no comment per this case due to it still pending a judge’s decision. No questions at this time, please. THAT would be what you would hear if the case were real.

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