Orlando Nightclub Shooting Shooter

Can you guess what I’m about to say?  Of course, you can you know it’s the Greenberg family behind the staged event.  In fact its the same Greenberg that played the role as the Boston Bomber, and the Airport Bomber, et al. Yes again and again, and again, we see the same old actors playing the same old boogie man roles.

When will the public say enough is enough with this ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service BullSh*t.  Deporte this family and then deport the owners of the media conglomerates and you will find you would be a much more enjoyable less stress filled environment.  Then change the loophole that allows a person to run for office and use a pseudonym that isn’t even registered to their person and is hiding behind a third party identifications, and you will eliminate much of the problems you believe are affecting the world that you live in.

Brussels Bombing FAIL!

This is how you know it was a staged event.
The following video was posted about an hour ago.  That’s right even before an investigation was finished.  YOU KNOW THAT THIS FOOTAGE if it were real would have been confiscated by the police and used as evidence for any court proceedings.  It would not be released to the public.  I was the first person to post that on the youtube page that posted it and within minutes they pulled the video.  Good thing I saved a copy.  Enjoy and KNOW ITS A STAGED DRILL.

Gary Oldman International Terrorist? No, Just Acting Like One.

With his ex-wife cashing in as she writes the book about living with the terrorist.  They profit from your inability to separate fiction from reality and believe whatever the news media tells you.  To this day, I have yet to find a real documentary that is distributed by a mainstream distribution network.  They are all fiction claiming to be reality.  What a joke.

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