SCRIPTED OUT REALITY Verifies Wellaware1’s Work

I must give credit to Andy for having the guts to validate my work and publish his findings on I don’t know Andy, have never met or spoken to him and have no affiliation with

I hope that he and Gawker continue to report on the rest of the candidates I have exposed so that one day the people of this nation will realize the loophole in the system that allows a person to run for office and never have to show any form of identification. Furthermore, they are not bound to disclose this to their constituents.


Just like all the rest of the scripted out made-for-TV news stories, this Bundy Ranch situation is nothing different. The mainstream media lies and makes up events to turn you into a fearful reactionary consumer of the shiny goods they sell you on the TV. There will never be a day when they come to take you away making you unable to spend your money at the mall, buying crap you don’t need. Now whether or not T. Boone is a billionaire, just another actor, or both, we may never know. But one thing we do know for sure is this story is as phony as the rest of them.

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