Chattanooga, Tenn., ACTIVE SHOOTER IS A BUSH

NBC Says it all…Actors….
Tennessee Highway Patrol Trooper Paul Clendenen guards the top of the C.B. Robinson Bridge at Amnicola Highway after a morning shooting near the Naval Reserve Center, in Chattanooga, Tenn. on Thursday, July 16, 2015. Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke said there’s “an officer down” at a military reserve center. (Tim Barber/Chattanooga Times Free Press via AP)

Drew Peterson Murder Case Solved – Royals Involved

Drew Walter Peterson (born January 5, 1954) is a retired Bolingbrook, Illinois, police sergeant and convicted felon who first received national publicity in the United States in 2007 when his fourth wife, Stacy Ann Cales Peterson, disappeared. Suspicion of foul play grew within the public and law enforcement, fueled in part by the untimely death of Drew’s third wife just three years prior.

The Political Godfather of this Country.

This is unfortunately where all the problems began. The year 1900 was a pivotal point in this country’s history. From that point on the Royals really sunk their talons into us.

But wait, it gets a whole lot bigger than what you see here. Get ready for the family tree to come crashing down and used as the wood for the peasants to make their pitchforks, and torches.


Since the powers that be love to label people and create stereotypes so they can use them as pawns to play against one another and the rest of humanity. I’m all for the creation of an independent counsel made up of people who have no conflicting business or personal issues with the mainstream media and those in the video and movie industry. Give them subpoena authority and have them hold public trials of those who are suspected of taking part in the productions that we see our TV are comprised of which constitute Un-American

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