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So many things are wrong with the images we have been shown.  An explosion so large it throws shipping containers but along side those containers it can't bend the street light post?  What about scrape marks from sliding containers on the ground?  Then we have the ever present shadow fail.

shasow-fail china-explosion

So what does that leave us with?  Yet another mainstream media HOAX, that is attempting to start a conflict with china, as we see the alternative media making up stories because we all know they are owned and operated by the Royals who own the raw material production conglomerates that are needed for war.  Over and over they lie and condition you to accept what they tell you without first applying logic and a little college art perspective lessons to the images they use to sell the lie.

Plus a side note I recognize several of the idiots you hear showing you video


of their so called homes in china that were damaged do to the explosion.  Christian Treamure is one of the voices you hear on the Huntington Post videos (Huntington post is owned by his relatives and is the mouth piece fot eh family of actors I have been exposing)  Christian is the actor you might remember fro the movie "The Child"  Well since it was a flop let me reword that to say The actor you dont remember from the flop "The Child"  but recently you can find him lying to the public and playing another acting role on his uncles media outlet Alex Jones Prison Planet.


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