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FBI needs to do their JOB. Condos Dallas, Texas Car Attack #1

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The one you hear crying is Brent and is in the background of this photo, his boyfriend Gilbert Leal is the one in the front, and can be heard coaching Brent in what to say.  All you have to do is listen to the tone of his voice to understand his intent is to make as much trouble as they can.

Pointing the finger? Really? Now at what point do you think it would take for you to actually start yelling and pointing your finger at a person? Think about it. Gilbert Leal in the front and Brent Edmonson in the rear. Both individuals testified UNSUCCESSFULLY against me in court. While doing so they both made fools of themselves, especially Brent who showed up to court with a crutch and managed to force cry on the stand about how afraid he is of me. hahahah The judge wasn’t buying it and tolds us afterwards he was extremely bothered by the act that he had witnessed. His words not mine.
Gilbert Leal sporting his most likely attire as Dallas County Prisoner.

You hear Brent say he got a call from someone about a fight.  Interesting. since he lives further away from the incident and I was called by Carlotta the person they were trying to kill that night, and arrived and they were already there.  BOTH of them and they came up from the far back parking lot, meaning they knew it was going to happen and they were there already in waiting to video it.  Brent and Gilbert both testified against me for my gun charge (which I won in the supreme court) there was talk about filing on them both for perjury but we felt it was not necessary since they have to live with themselves and that is far much worse a punishment then jail.

As for 6’1″ 40 year old Brent and his claim that 5’4″60 something Grandmother Carlotta hit him?  hahahah you do the math and you will understand why it was never even a case.

Since this incident Brent was forced to move out, after he continued to harass every neighbor around him and would go out of his way to provoke people into dealing with him.  Gilbert still lives in his fathers unit since his was taken from him for no payment of association fees.  I guess hes a little bitter about that and the fact that he looks as he does.  Dont blame me , blame your parents for that one .   Gilbert worked on Craig Watkins the District Attorney for Dallas’s reelection campaign, and is the lead problem cause in the complex.  You can see countless complaints to city agencies just desperate  to cause the complex damage.  Its all due to his partnership with the olh HOA president who is on the FBIs most wanted list to this day for 5 Million in mortgage fraud.

Jini Tan the former HOA President that I successfully had removed after discovering her personal lawyers were also the condo complex lawyers which is a complete conflict of interest. After I mentioned that and threatened to file a grievance on the lawyers unless they recused themselves from the condo owners meeting. Within 24 hours they had quit and Jini was ousted. Two things the other owners had been trying to accomplish for a year prior but I was able to accomplish it in 24 hours. But the kicker wasn’t till after she was kicked out, that I found her on the FBI’s most wanted list for Mortgage fraud. She still owns 19 units in the complex and is still attempting to reverse gentrify the property so she can buy it up cheap and sell it to Trammell Crow (a large developer in the area that owns much of the surrounding property)

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