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Elvis Does in Fact Still Live.

The Music industry is such a corrupt environment that you should just expect to be lied to when they tell you a famous musician has died. The business of legend making is a very profitable one. Just take a look at his current home.

UPDATE 9/9/14

ONE day after releasing this information, Celine Dion canceled all her future shows, and are no longer performing (she claims family illness) Yeah, I would be sick if I suddenly was shown to of faked my death and for years allowed people to purchase memorabilia at inflated legend prices. (I'm sure he makes a nice size check from generating new/original memorabilia that the label owners can "suddenly find" in a vault and continue to milk the public.) They also began to immediately liquidate all his assets at Graceland.

If that's not telling then I don't know what is.

Celine Dion's Las Vegas Show Canceled After Many Successful Years

Clearly, Linda Thompson is her mother.

So when I tell you they keep it in the family, this is to keep the secret safe. When they travel around posing as husband and wife, there is no second look as it would be completely normal for a daughter to stay in her dad's hotel room. They are not married and there is nothing more to it than just a cover story so he can remain hidden in plain sight.

As for his photos of him when he was younger not quite matching Elvis, that's simple. They claim he was friend with Celine's brother. Possibly, but in reality that brother is really HIS brother who was his twin. This is where you get all the stories about the grave stone being spelled wrong.

What, do you think someone can't spell the name of a deceased person when getting their headstone? OH like the engraver wouldn't make a new one if they accidentally made the mistake on their end. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE.

So the images said to be him being of his brother, all while he was in the states doing the Elvis gig. Remember Elvis never wrote a single song. Every song he ever did was someone else's.

And He's Not Even American

So Rene is lying about his age, by 8 years. Which I have seen many of them do and even more than 8 years, so it's well within the range.

Of course Rene is an accomplished Singer (gee, could of guessed that) and musician. Funny they didn't lie and say writer, since Elvis never wrote any of his songs.



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Even his Mother matches

Where my interest comes into play is the members of his family and band mates that played several roles in the JFK Assassination Hoax. You can see my work on it here.

Elvis' Father and Manager both playing JFK roles

Abraham Zapruder was played by Elvis' Manager Col Tom Parker. You can see him here, giving his first interview to Jay Watson. Funny that since Jay is Elvis's father, Vernon Presley.

Addition to those two we also see Elvis' Bass Player Bill Black playing the role of Charles Brehm and DJ Fontana also playing the role of a reporter that day.

Bill Black - Elvis' Bass Player

Elvis' Drummer, DJ Fontana

Drummer DJ Fontana a CBS reporter during the Assassination

All the EYEWITNESS' of the JFK Assassination are members of musical halls of fame.

And if you are not aware of the roles they played that day in Dealey plaza, then you need to watch my documentary.


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So hang on, this all may well be true………but who fathered the kids that look like Elvis / Rene ?…. and what about Priscilla Presley, any info there? Could it be incest…..and why would Celine stay single and parade about with her dad / Elvis / Rene pretending to be her husband. Ive seen videos of them kissing lots of times, and to be honest if they are father and daughter then iit makes me feel very uncomfortable.
QUESTION,,,,UN RELATED, is Marc Bolan David Essex?..and Gloria Jones is Garce Jones……then is also Fred Astaire is he Peter Otoole????



Jersey Girl

Also found this video on YT in a playlist entitled Celine Dion sings with her husband. It’s an American Idol clip where Celine is singing and Elvis comes out and sings a duet with her. Mockers. Hidden in plain sight. Can’t find any footage of “Rene” singing.


Jersey Girl

Oh my gosh Ed your work is just BLOWING ME AWAY. Mind blown. Officially. I just watched Larry King vid of Dave Dave talking about Michael Jackson after he “died”. That voice is so obviously Jacksons! And now you’re telling me Elvis was Celine Dions husband, who they killed off again once you exposed him. AND THE MOTHER MATCHES!!! Un freakin believable. But I do believe as your work is well documented. Thank you.


do you have a link so we can see it?


I heard on a news brief today…1/14/2015 that Celine Dion’s husband(father)passed away.Could you confirm this or is he going to be doing another acting role?

Clint Barry

Ed I found a photograph of Elvis with Nancy Sinatra during the filming of “Speedway” . In that photograph are Vernon Presley, Nancy Sinatra, Elvis, and Nelson Rockefeller. I noticed Nelson Rockefeller resembles Vernon Presley. Then I found another photograph of Elvis shaking hands with Nelson Rockefeller. Could Nelson Rockefeller, and Vernon Presley be brothers? If so, that makes Elvis the nephew of Nelson Rockefeller. Can you check out those photographs?


Michael Jackson attended his own funeral. He is Dave Dave

karen anderson

when Michael Jackson did the death show, a form opened up and we did a lot of work on the hoax’s. so it was not hard for me to grasp this stuff. he was telling their secrets in the music and video’s….. so my point is…. got to watch his video ghosts . he shows how the makeup is done, and makes himself up to be a middle aged white fat man. ghosts..


Unfortunately it’s not up to the actor to do so. They are hired to play a role. They don’t own the character they simply follow the script that the writers give them. Then there are the situations where the lie is protected by a security clearance, so not even the writers can tell you even if they wanted to. Levenworth is not a fun place to find yourself from its majority sexual predators that are serving time there.


To the “actors”- People aren’t stupid and we are now using the technologies designed to take advantage of us financially to our advantage in finding out who you really are. I hope to see justice done and these bogus events you are playing
“starring” roles in exposed once and for all to see. Your fortunes will sink to new lows so you might as well just come out now and tell the truth and be hailed as heros instead of zeros. Have a nice day defrauding your public. 🙁

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