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The Actor Based Reality in Canada  


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18/02/2019 12:01 pm  

I'm often asked if the "Actor Based Reality" exists in other countries outside of the US. the answer is yes.  It most certainly does, and here is just one example for you to think about.

The following is from a 2008 murder investigation and the 2010 Canadian Documentary about it.

Dennis Farina was an American film and television actor, TV presenter and a former Chicago police officer. He was a character actor, often typecast as a mobster or police officer. He is known for roles such as mobster Jimmy Serrano in the comedy Midnight Run and Ray "Bones" Barboni in Get Shorty. Wikipedia


This story originated in Canada.  You can watch the show here.

This just demonstrates that what you see on TV is fiction.  EVEN THE SO CALLED REALITY NEWS SHOWS are all Fake.  Dateline, Hard Copy, Unsolved Mysteries, Cold Justice, all FAKE.


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