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A Chartered Reality By Ed Chiarini  


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10/12/2018 6:02 am  

A Chartered Reality
Is an example of how this country is ruled by commerce, the news is a business and therefore bound by corporate charter.   See how one person with just a few words said on air causes the corporations to jump.  Stop thinking you are powerless to the system.  Every person is just as important and can cause those who are operating in the shadows to run for the hills when you expose their game.

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09/02/2019 2:24 pm  

Always keep mind open and never underestimate the enemy. Notice how the magicians have taken the duped conspiracy crowd to another layer of psyop and illusion. They have the conspiracy crowd following fake controlled leaders and chasing their own tails. The magicians are afraid of none of it. They and their controlled opposition will discuss all of it until you come to the one face thing and actor created reality. That scares them. Thats where the awake people play. But don't end up duped and hanging on a tangent because you thought you had all figured out. The history of humanity is that of duped fools enslaved while believing themselves free. We are dealing with masters of deception. Always watch where you stand with snakes in the grass. Until the main stream of fools who buy into this system are awoken we are just preaching to the choir. Wellaware1 isn't going to travel to the main stream fools who are in a coma. They must be brought to wellaware by reaching them without going through the net. Do mass mailing, hand to hand, windshields, etc. The one face and actor created world is taboo on the net. 

Only fools think the magicians will go down without a fight and think the magicians don't have the means to win. They are light years ahead of the herds of domesticated humans. The magicians are cunning and the herds of humans are buried in illusion and delusion. 

Life on earth is illusions within illusions. Be careful thinking we are at the end of those illusions. And what would make anyone think the magicians don't have plan B?