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Why is this forum Empty? Are you a shill Ed? Has your website been taken over by some bitches? Can we talk about some things? Like Quebec?

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240 members and no activity. Ed does a good job he is probably busy. There are many drills and actors. couple channels to follow. Anaconda MaltLiquor   he is new.       Peekay Truth  is ok also.. Of course most are not familiar with the Greenbergs, and many other actors. I would say its an ongoing battle. We must remember, we are all after the truth, so lets work together and not pick on the uninformed. we must communicate in such away to inform not push away the curios. I also was a sheep a few years ago. Seems like it takes a year to convince your brain to think different. If we don't communicate well,  then they keep winning with  LEGAL  PROPAGANDA. Remember what Ed has taught us,  its not a conspiracy, ITS LEGAL .. The news only mentions that they have REPORTS , they NEVER say its real.  Remember, if they say they are on SCENE,  look it up,  that definition, means anything (movie) etc.  What they are doing is not really  illegal.