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Cleveland Kidnapper Ariel Castro  

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AGAIN youtube removed the video.

Sorry but we will try to post it back up as soon as possible

Cleveland Kidnapper

Pantera's Vince playing the kidnapper Castro
Pantera's Vince playing the kidnapper Castro

This is again further proof of the DHS planned FSE Full-Scale Events that are then used by the media as a HOAX to fool the people into believing they exist and that legislation should be introduced to stop further events from happening. They are nothing more than domestic terrorists themselves. The actor knowingly participating, to the network heads that propagate knowingly the lie, as well as the elected officials that will claim they know nothing about this but are just doing the will of the people. BULLSHIT. Terrorists, all of them and they should be detained and investigated and if evidence is substantiated then charges need to be brought so they will stand trial.

The links to the documents mentioned in the video.
http://wellaware1.com/docs/Florida_Multi_Year Plan_2012_2014_Final.pdf


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