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George Floyd - FAKE, Actor Cop Identified  

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NO he is not the actor from Cash Cab.  He is 6'6" and is a giant of a man.  His chin is way wider then the fake cop.

But yes, you do know this actor and have seen him and his family of domestic terrorists who work for DHS causing problems for many many years now.

Columbine to sandy hook this family is there.

So he lost weight since you saw him last but dont let that fool you.

HELLO Mackenzie Alexander Astin.  You're back I see.

Again we see the same actors changing their appearance and taking on new roles.
Again we see the same actors changing their appearance and taking on new roles.

When you examine the ears you see a strange roll along the lobe edge.  This is prosthetic attachments.  The CIA have numerous videos on you tube explaining their methods of disguises.  Remember they will Photoshop images and use outdated ones that were taken long ago when the actor looked different.  There goal is to blend in and be like a chameleon.


The reason why he is facing the wrong way in the mug shot is because Mackenzie Alexander Astin  has a chunk taken out of his ear and he sometimes wears a prosthetic to hide it.    If he showed the other side we would surly pick it out.

More supporting evidence.
Mackenzie's step mother is Val Astin (Who is Asian)  I imagine that's where we will find the actor playing the cops Asian wife.  He also just got married so we are told and I believe he is using his new brides last name with the first name Michael.  This is so he can remain hidden.

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Stellar work Ed. Knew it was a fraud from the get go.

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that makes sense