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Rick Meet Jim, Where Are All The Trolls?  

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When I exposed these two as being the same person I was laughed at and called every name in the book.  But now look at the comments.  "I always thought that", or "Of course they are, its all fake."  But when I said it first all I got was hate.

Well I'm tired of getting shit on then work stolen, and claimed by others as their own.
I'm going to start calling out the thieves and letting them know I'm not playing. If I have to, I will bring a case against them since I have registered all my work with the copy write office.

They even have the same girlfriend. I mean come on.


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NBA draft1984, Boston Celtics (Round: 3 / Pick: 70)
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Imagine a small relatively inexpensive airplane dropping hundreds of thousands leaflets about wellaware1 over any city. Would love to see how the media would react. The truth would go far and wide beyond that city. Somebody please take up this task and don't suggest I do it after all I'm already doing all the thinking here.