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HOAX School Shooting in Georgia, Alleged Gunman in Custody




Here we see once again, the mainstream media taking advantage of your trust.  This school shooting, as with all the other school shootings we have seen in the past, is no more than a drill.  The individuals that are responsible for these drills, or the department of homeland security, the local law enforcement of that area, in combination with the mainstream media.  As the incentive for these events to take place, and that the officials remain silent, grant money is offered to the hosts of the drill from DHS.

The grant money is only for those who host events that pertain to domestic terrorist issues.  This active shooter exercise, has been the theme of every school shooting that we have seen to date.  The use of the columbine school shooting, was their favorite reference when referring to these events, but after we exposed them as a fraud, and they stopped referring to columbine.  So now they refer to the sandy hook shooting as their favorite reference, to keep the illusion alive. In your mind.

How do we know this is a hoax?

Simple.  Since these events are fictional they need to use actors to create them.  In order to do so and keep the event quiet, in addition to the grant money the actors incentive comes from their ability to create fake charity websites, for the actors that are not in positions to do this we typically find they are family members to the officials and/or the Greenberg clan of actors we have been exposed.

We see the same actors again over and over being used in different, unrelated events, therefor concluding that these events are staged and scripted.  There’s no denying when looking at the columbine video that I’ produced.

This video that was shown only once, but was cut in the middle, and ½ played on one network, and the other half played on a different network.  When I discovered this I put them back together to form the one long cohesive video that you see posted to my YouTube account.  That evidence alone is unquestionable it clearly shows that the officials that they were dragging a dummy and positioning it around the school for the photo OPS period.

The officials that are seen clearly dragging this dummy prop are the lowest of the low, the scum of the earth, and need to be dealt with severely, and made an example for the rest of the individuals who think it’s OK too corrupt your reality with a fear based on.  They need to hear your voice loud and clear.  It will take a unified voice to get them to react so do not allow yourself to become bogged down in their gambit that they throw at you in the form of irrelevant facts of this non event. They are designed just to keep you in a constant argumentative state with one another.

For this hoax shooting in Georgia we can conclude that this is a hoax due to the fact that we have found previously identified actors as an individual being interviewed. She is the spark [person for the county, but in reality she happens to be the daughter of Don Cheadle the actor. We identified him and her at the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman trial outside the courthouse. We are told he plays Cephus Johnson, father of an individual that was allegedly beaten to death by police in Los Angeles while he was handcuffed and face down.  So fortunately for us since they use the same actors over and over again for different, unrelated events it allows us the ability to prove without a doubt both events are HOAXs.

Yeah, real distraught looking aren't they?

  • If this girl can scam nearly half a million dollars from a nonprofit fund benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, just imagine what kind of money THESE FAMILIES are generating w/this and other hoaxes.

    26-year-old Audrea Gause is accused of scamming nearly half a million dollars from a nonprofit fund benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.    More details: http://bit.ly/1dLXTUs
    26-year-old Audrea Gause is accused of scamming nearly half a million dollars from a nonprofit fund benefiting the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.






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