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Guess who's Grandfather was a Hearst?


It’s getting like shooting fish in a barrel.






I believe they are shooting all the footage on the Payne Ranch.








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For the baby boomers who lived thru the Patty Hearst saga of her being kidnapped by the Synbolise Liberation Army then confined in a closet and raped and mind controlled by the black leader who turned her into a machine gun toting bank robber………well now you know that garbage was as fake as this Bundy standoff bs. At least in the old scam she used her real name.


Once again I am able to find the video on the Bundy ranch bs but can’t find the video exposing Finicum as the actor Ed Harris and the woman arrested being non other than Patty Hearst and the media running the standoff bs being the Orgonian a Hearst newspaper.


In case my two replies didn’t go through I will repeat. Google Portland Oregon news and on that first page you will find numerous rows of stories with pictures. For future reference the name of the staff was Therese Bottomly and the perp was Kevin Michael Purfield. Notice the strange names often given to characters in fake stories.


For future reference the name of the staff is Therese Bottom and the perp is Kevin Michael Purfield. I notice the often use of strange names for the characters in fake stories.


Google Portland Oregon news and you will find on that page rows of numerous news stories with pictures. You will see the guy accused of all this. Looks like a fake picture along with the fake story.


Today is 1-29-19. A major news story today in Portland Oregon found on the net is about a man arrested for threatening and harassing a Oregonian Live staff accusing her of publishing false stories about mass shootings that didn’t happen. Notice they didn’t include the Bundy bs. Also notice the obvious fake comments that follow the story all supporting the idea that only a totally crazy person could believe such a thing and the comments are full of hate.
I believe this story rose up because of a mass mailing to the Portland area about a month ago that directed the readers to wellaware 1.

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