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As I have stated many times the corporate straw man (the CEO) is the tool of the controllers (the Board of Directors) It's his or her job to be the front man for the corporation and to take the fall when the corporation gets caught doing something they shouldn't.  This diverts the attention of the shareholders to the individual instead of on the corporation and processes that let up to their poor decision.  That's just one reason for the fake Officer level employee.  There are many reasons why they would do such a thing but to bottom line it does it matter the reason?  It's the act of this deception that the shareholder's must address.  When is it a good time to deceive the investors?  NEVER unless you have ulterior plans for the company that the shareholder's have no idea of.  Whatever the case, this corporation is now exposed, and I hope the shareholder's have their way with the actors that have deceived them for so long.


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