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Due to the numerous attacks, myself and my site have had to endure recently, you may find that some links are broken and in some cases, videos are missing. 

Its clear when you put them side by side. Hitler was Disney.

Due to the numerous attacks, myself and my site have had to endure recently, you may find that some links are broken and in some cases, videos are missing.  This is mainly due to Youtube taking down my content and channel.  I have a backup channel that is being used but that means I have to go page by page and relink the links to the new video location.  This takes time for me to do so please be patient.  The missing content is slowly being filled in but I can’t do it all myself.  So I’m relying on you to let me know when you see a page that is broken or content that doesn’t quite make sense since it’s been modified by whoever hacked the site last.

We do not keep your transaction history on our site.  All transactions are done through PayPal and are secure.  Nothing on this site other than your email address and user name are hosted in our database.  If you have experienced strange activity on your account please let me know.

We did have an attack that took over one of the user’s accounts and began posting spam to the comments.  Fortunately, we stopped it and fixed the situation without them having time to do real damage.

The objective of WellAware1 is to present the facts about current events that are used to manipulate the perception of the general public. Throughout history, we the people have been lied to by our leaders. This is a fact. Lives have been lost due to these lies. That is also a fact. When we see events unfold on TV, that is immediately used to further a political agenda; you should immediately question its authenticity. Any unanswered questions about things that don’t make sense must be answered before we can expect to move forward as a nation.

Words directly from our founder.

What we have discovered through the past 9 years of our investigation of the news, and historical events, is that they are either partially influenced, completely scripted out, or fictional but claimed to be factual and produced by the same individuals. When scripted out they will employ actors who are related to approximately 5-8 families. These families have been at the core of historical events since the beginning of this nation and more than likely longer. They are the owners of the media conglomerates and pass down the knowledge from generation to generation and use their connections to continue propagating their lies. They use pseudonyms and straw families to generate the character they need to play the roles as our elected officials and benefit by the lies they generate. When caught, they kill off the character and change roles, and the pseudonym use make it impossible to track them down and hold them accountable.

To date, we have identified numerous U.S. and foreign elected officials as well known Movie and TV actors, and some are even Royalty.

A simple tool you can use that doesn’t require you to be trained as we are, is to take our findings and look at the person of interests spouse, and siblings and children. If the person is playing a long-term role (such as a senator), then you can expect to see their immediate family members playing their supporting cast.


PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to agree with who I say the actors are, but you must understand that if even ONE is correct, then we have a MASSIVE problem on our hands, that needs to be corrected.

Rather than fight amongst each other, focus your intentions on getting the legislation changed that will finally close the loophole that allows a person to have a third party individual vouch for their identity, and never have to show any form of ID to run for the office of an elected official. On top of that, they are legally permitted to use a pseudonym name that is not registered to their person. They are not bound by any law that stated they must disclose this to their constituents.

A CASE IN POINT. Jessie Ventura. He states himself that it’s not his legal name and it is not even registered to his person. He signed official documents while he was Governor of Minnesota. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE IS, AND YOU VOTED FOR HIM.

The pseudonym use, allows them to avoid any accountability and that in itself is the foundation of the problems that we see in our world today.

Don’t believe what I just told you is true? ASK YOUR LAWYER, and THEY WILL VERIFY IT.

Or download it for yourself

Look at the bottom of that form, and you will see the “Personally Known:” option. This allows a person to present the form to a notary and show their ID and vouch for the candidate’s identity. The notary’s job is not to fact check documents but to verify the identity of the individuals who are asking them to perform their job. Therefore the candidate can run for office and uses the person who personally knows them as their means of validating their identity. DON’T BELIEVE ME, LOOK IT UP FOR YOURSELF. This is the problem that is bipartisan and affects EVERYONE in the country where it is being used. I have found that almost all NATO countries are being plagued by this loophole.

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I want to make clear when I speak of sovereign individuals I am not in any way connecting that to sovereign citizens. Citizen automatically denotes organization and those sovereign citizens are just as deluded as the rest of the herd.
Also a reminder: every organization given enough time will exist mainly to perpetuate the organization and benefit those at the top. That is the nature of organization. Humans have not figured out how to control the organizations unleashed on us and our march to total and complete slavery and then extinction will continue until we understand that.


It is unnatural for humans to be involved in politics. As herd animals we pick leaders to take care of the small stuff while the herd gets on with life and grazing. It usually works out well because it is a natural system until it comes to humans. Humans are smart enough and some devious enough to exploit weakness of a herd system. Notice how humans have domesticated various herd animals while at the same time humans have also been domesticated with what is called civilization. It’s a slave system.
It is natural for us to ignore the political system and try to get on with life. And that is what we do. Few are going to spend a life time fighting over never ending issues and fake controlled politics or any politics.
We and all life are designed for natural systems that self regulate. Nature always seeks a balance and in a natural system the swinging of the pendulum is much shorter in distance and duration at the extremes.
To be a society of sovereign individuals we must forbid organization. It is unnatural. Organization and freedom are mutually exclusive. And we herd animals are not going to do what is necessary to control organizations including political ones or any other organization or state. We will turn the whole thing over to the antihuman psychopaths and the duped fools who vote.
Not our fault because we human herd animals are also cursed with the astounding ability to be deceived. Herd animals play the odds. When alerted to danger we run if possible and hope the odds are in our favor. Herd animals don’t understand that the herd could stop then turn and stomp the hell out of the predators. The predator problem would soon end. But that isn’t in our nature. We let the predators lead us.
Organization minded people are fools. We are so organized that we are closer the same organization as the social insects and we have moved far from being just herd animals. Individual social insects are so specialized the individual can’t survive outside the organization. We have walked through that door and about to close it behind us.
Technology always destroys and enslaves when it arises out of systems of organization minded people because it is created by organizations mainly for organizations. Any benefit to the individual is secondary and that type tech always produces serious problems then causes more problems by using that same tech for solutions.
A benign technology is created by individuals for individuals in a natural system meaning no organization. A great problem to freedom is the myth that government or any organizations are necessary. And the failure for humans to understand where organization will always eventually lead us. Just look around. The USA government is a clear example of a somewhat good organization in the beginning to this current horror show. All organization moves in that direction and most of it is tainted before the organization begins. Organizers are usually looking for power and wealth over others.
The only exception to no organization is a adequate self defense for societies of sovereign individuals as long as nations of organization minded people exist because those nations will come after anything weak. Organization is always stronger than the individual. Only the wisest of peoples can have a strong military and not be taken over by it. That is what organizations do.


The great deception that is upon humans is not so much a legal matter. We are in a war that few recognize because it isn’t conventional war. It is a war against the people a war against humanity. It is a war for the mind and uses deception as the main tool and weapon. For us right now the war is in the wake up the people stage. We are in end game and still trying to wake up the herd that a game is being played. And we were born into a totally controlled system of lies, deception, illusion and delusion. That system along with all the rest of the world will not be changed by working within a totally controlled system. These systems that control the herds of humans are all interconnected world wide. They are systems within systems within the system. These systems can’t be changed or fine tuned by the people for the people. There is no significant place in the system that will significantly help the people. Every significant organization world wide and every significant position is controlled and is family or minions. Been so for centuries and includes big business, politics at all levels, religion, government, education, police, military, etc.
By the time you find wellaware1 or soon after you should along with many other new skills be able to recognize a slave system even those using mainly deception to control which is all of civilization. Don’t limit your understanding of slavery to black skin, plantations, leg irons or handcuffs, etc. Like they say the world is a plantation or reservation.
The system is unchangeable from within. It’s not even our system. It belongs to the magicians and slave masters and the people are enslaved using mainly deception. The fools in the USA not only think they are free but think they are the most free in the world.
Wellaware1 has busted the show wide open and just look at the cops and sheriffs standing there with their pants. You will find the biggest of police forces right on down to some of the smallest forces involved in the never ending psyop crap being used on the people. And I assume that nearly every cop in the country would see the many obvious irregularities such as multiple agencies. And I’m sure the word gets around in the brotherhood. This is fairly obvious stuff that should confirm who controls the police and why none of them stand up. The evidence is right there for all to see.
What can’t be proven is the horrendous gang stalking program that is being run by the police state. As a past Targeted Individual I give you my word that state and local police along with sheriffs and some military are directly involved in gang stalking program. I was daily gang stalked by the array of multilevel multi agency drug tasks forces along with the many citizen types from all walks of life. And the local police and sheriff used their marked vehicles along with the rest of the Nazis mentioned before to all stalk me together in the same sick gang stalking program. From what I have directly seen I believe that nearly every cop in the country has heard of the gang stalking program because so many of them are involved in it. As said the stalking program is designed so anyone describing their experience will sound crazy. It is also designed to cause the TI to commit suicide and/or homicide. Good cops out there my ass.


I think money is a secondary reason for these actor ran psyops. It looks like mind control is the primary reason for these events and much of that game is trauma based from the assassination of a president right on down to the violent fake events produced by the local news. Much of that garbage is created out of thin air including the constant abuse and death of children. Shit does happen but nothing on the level portrayed. Sure all these games make money and keep the herd coming back for more but mind control is the real name of this game. If you want to keep it on the level of business perhaps you won’t find any laws broken. But this game is full on into mental, emotional and physical abuse. The crimes against humanity are stacked miles high. And these same game players along with their linage are responsible for the deaths of many many millions of innocent humans plus countless suffering. Hey Ed why do you choose to linger around the not guilty of anything illegal when we are dealing with antihuman psychopaths who are masters of deception light years ahead of the dumbed down mind controlled domesticated herds of humans. Fk what the law says, the law belongs to the magicians who control it along with everything else and I mean everything else. There is enough reason to go after the slave masters in every way possible and the law need not be a factor in correcting this overwhelming control of humanity leading us to extinction. Humanity is in deep trouble and it is end game. The law causes foolish people to ask is this legal instead of asking is this right. And only fools will let the law stand in way of correcting this greatest of all threats ever that is upon humanity. Deception is a real bitch.

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