Your source for the facts the mainstream hides.

The following information will cover those we have been told are no longer with us, but once rocked the stage as musicians. This is how legends are created.

I will be filling in the info as I get time. So check back soon.

The Business of Legend making is a big one. Consider the possibilities. The sudden finding of a lost recording autographed in all (plus the sig is genuine because they just signed it yesterday). If you go to Ebay look at the price they get for a John Belushi autograph. Stevie Ray's guitar just sold to Guitar Center for $400,000+ what are you thinking its worth now that they will find out he's still alive and playing shows as St John and the Sinners. I think there will be some explaining to do. As for Elvis you will find out soon enough that it's either him or the twin brother everyone has spoken about. But as the hint states, look in the direction of family member Katie Perry and you might find the answer.

Now remember, the person (the artist) playing the role of a rock god DOES HAVE THE SKILLS, I'm not trying to take away any of their talent, but their lack of morals and ethics is apparent. Just because the record label owns the pseudonym doesn't mean people like Morgan Freeman would be put in any position to lose his reputation if he were to stand up and put his foot down and tell the industry enough with this Bullshit. He has a large enough fan base to do so without worrying about its repercussions. Plus if he did he would find out that he will have a whole new group of followers that will stand by his side in an effort to rid that industry of the evil low life scum that control it and keep others that are just as talented from ever making their way to the charts just because they do not want to play their little game of control.

Here is the link to my Facebook page where you can findmore individualsAnother thing to remember that this is different than a person using a fake name and running for office. That is completely legal, the problem with this type of deal is since the name is owned by the label the licensing of that name and the inflated price they obtain for goods that are being sold under the pretext that the individuals is deceased, come to find out they are not and the item that once was valued at 100X normal value is worthless, constitutes fraud. Since they are knowingly using the pseudonym to defraud you of your money that are definite damages (like the Guitar Center purchase I mentioned) It won't fall on the artist's shoulders since they are under contract, but it will fall straight on the heads of the record execs that created the pseudonym in an attempt to commit that fraud.

Use it as an opportunity to wipe that industry clean of the corruption. If an artist does not use this opportunity to secure a better future for their fellow artists then they are cowards or part of the Greenberg/Rockefeller/et al. The group that controls the industry.

Faces look ugly when your a loan (chase bank get it?)

Chevy playing games then and now as Jay Rockefeller. But more on that in a different section.

The Girlfriend of Jim and the wife of Chevy are the same person. When in doubt check the spouse.

If you can't tell that's Chevy Chase then you are blind.
He is wearing a mouth piece that makes his upper lip pert rude and causes him to lisp slightly , but you can clearly see its Chevy under the acting.

Sir McCartney


Max Igan


John Ritter son of TEX Ritter


Julian Lennon A Sandy Hook Parent

julian Lennon

Elvis is Canadian

Better shot of his son.

Go a head and try to prove me wrong.

Elvis' Manager Tom Parker and Father Vernan

Abraham Zapruder was played by Elvis' Manager Col Tom Parker. You can see him here giving his first interview to Jay Watson. Funny that since Jay is Elvis's father Vernan Presley.

IN addition to those two we also see Elvis' Bass Player Bill Black playing the role of Charles Brhemn and DJ Fontana also playing the role of a reporter that day.

Elvis' Drummer


Elvis' Bass Player was Charles Brhemn

Please go to the http://wellaware1.com/kennedy.shtml

to learn more about the numerous Hall of Famers that played parts in the JFK HOAX

You can see my work on it here.

Lester Flats

You will see his connection to the Willis' and their involvement in the JFK HOAX soon. Flats family is one of the lead families that have been and still are creating the actor based reality you believe is real but is just a scripted out skit they produce. Don't believe me?

Se the girl in this photo? She played the Gabby Giffords Aid that was at the Safeway during the shooting. THE HOAX shooting.

The following photographs as well as the ones above showing the girl, Jeff Hallock, and family, all come from the Online flicker account of the girls (Rebecca's) husbands account.

In the above photos you will find this individual who attended this wedding party.

You might also recognize him in his other role as Michael Palin from Monty Python.

Or as his other role he players as Ron Paul

In that account you will find numerous connections to the alternative media SCAM, as well as links to many individuals that were involved in the JFK HOAX Assassination, who are members of the Country and Western Hall of Fame, The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and The Grand Ole Opry.

Remember Text Ritter (AKA Nelson Rockefeller), and David Kenneth Ritter (AKA Roy Orison, as well as the former Mayor of Beaumont TX) his cousin, both went to UT. UT is the number 1 ranking school for the most private funding. At last count they are at $16Billion.

You can fund plenty of Bullsh*t HOAX events and keep them filling up the heads of those who are unaware of the actor based reality they propagate.

The numerous connections to the JFK assassination are far to many to list them all since Ken Ritter also played the role of JACK RUBY, and is in the Warren report with TEX Ritter and Tennessee Ford , so not paying them af ter they did a gig at his club.

OH but were are not done there...No No No. as they are all family with many well known Country singers and Grand Ol Opry members.

And we see the actors that play the role of Coop and wife also at the wedding of Rebecca.

Check out another sister getting an award from her relative Koope. She is the owner of Zoe Consulting.

She look families? She should.

Here she is in the Plane Shoot Down HOAX story.

This photo is from Rebecca's wedding rehearsal. Rebecca's aunt who plays several roles one you might recognize as Joni Mitchell the singer.

But the person to the left you might recall seeing her face before. Yes , she looks like and is a BUSH family member, but we will get into that later. She also plays the role of Mary Fallin (another pseudonym play on words Fallin, get it? Falling)

And look who we see her presenting an award to....HER SISTER REBA.

This photo was taken at Rebecca's Wedding. The person in it is the Daughter of a Monty Python Member, who plays a role as George Soros. Don't believe me? Take a look at the Makeup Artist who is also his wife. Then make sure you notice the role he is playing at Cambridge along side another Monty Python member as the creators of a US Conspiracy lecture presentation . In that presentation they BASH my work calling whose that think there are actors playing roles in history are delusional. BUT then follow the statement up with Not even Monty Python could write something so silly.

BUT WAIT! we are not even close to being finished with the individuals at the wedding.

She graduated from UT in Austin. and seen here with Jeff Hallock who is employed at UT, but is also the alternative media phony that attacks me Mark Dice.

See the person on the sign with him? You may recognize her from the Giffords event as well as a person claimed was shot twice. Pam Simon.

She look similar to Pam? She should she is her sister.

But you say, "That doesn't look like Koope's wife in the family photos." you are correct that is his daughter playing the role of his wife.

See the photo to the Left where you see Koope and wife? The reason she doesn't play his wife in public is because she is the person they used as one of the GIFFORDS shooting victims. Stoddard. The small photos on top of it is claims to be the Stoddard's from the Giffords shooting.

Recognizer her from the recent Plane Shoot Down HOAX?

More guest of Rebecca's wedding party. (ALL IN THE PHOTOS IN THE COLLAGE ABOVE)

This person plays the role of Dr Greer, a phony scam artist who leads up the scam called "The Disclosure Project" They are all part of the Arizona scammers who run the Project Camelot (More like Project Scam-a-lot)




Brothers or Cousin You Decide

Sandusky Trial Judge is Hank Williams Sr

Yes he is still alive and fake his death prior to the JFK HOAX Assassination. As you can see he played an eyewitness along side of all his other Musical Hall of Fame members. The ears are the give away no doubt.

Ronnie Self


For more Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame, and Rockabilly Hall of Fame individuals who played the roles of the eye witnesses to the Kennedy Assassinations HOAX event, visit this page.

Roscoe Holcomb

Barry Williams and Lou Reed

Check the spouse if you doubt.

Dave Grohl




David Icke and Gary Numan


Back Street losers

After attacking me on my FaceBook page I took a close look at the person doing all the mud throwing and guess who it was.

Kenny Loggins


Johnny Rotten Playing Protester named Phoenix

Charlie Murphy / Rodney King


Perez is Ariel Pink


Peter Criss & Phil Spector



Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain

And yes her partner in the porn business is none other then...

There are two other Real Housewives that are Porn stars as well. But we will save that for a later time.



Keith Urban


Vince Abbott Paul from Pantera


Idris Elba


Sonny & Cher


No Legend For You


Hugo Chavez was Ritchie Vallens


Don't eat the Meatloaf it's bad.


Cant blame the eating disorder for being stupid


Stevie Ray Vaughn (DOUBLE TROUBLE) Hint!

Is St. John Hunt (FB link)

Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990) was an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Often referred to by his initials SRV, Vaughan is best known as a founding member and leader of Double Trouble. Together with drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon, they ignited the blues revival of the 1980s. With a career spanning seven years, Vaughan and Double Trouble consistently sold out concerts while their albums frequently went gold.

He was born and raised in DallasTexas, and for a short period of time lived in Graham, Texas[1] As the younger brother of Jimmie Vaughan, Vaughan started playing the guitar at age seven and formed several bands that occasionally performed in local nightclubs. At age 17, he dropped out of high school and moved to Austin to further pursue his musical career, joining groups such as Krackerjack, the Nightcrawlers, and the Cobras. In 1977, he formed Triple Threat Revue, a band that eventually evolved into Double Trouble and regularly performed around Austin. In 1982, Vaughan and Double Trouble performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, catching the attention of musicians David Bowie and Jackson Browne. Bowie asked Vaughan to play on his upcoming studio album Let's Dance, while Browne offered the band free use of his personal studio in Los Angeles to record an album.

Janna Lapidus his girlfriend.
Remember I have always said if you want to verify what I'm saying "Check the spouse and /or the Kids."

On March 12, 1986, Double Trouble arrived in New Zealand for a performance at the Wellington Town Hall, where Vaughan was sitting outside his hotel room. Janna Lapidus, who was born in Russia, ran into Vaughan on the street and immediately struck up a friendship. In October 1986, while Vaughan was in the London Clinic for substance abuse, Lapidus visited him;[99] they both decided to be together after seeing an older couple in front of them during a walk in Hyde Park.[100]

During Vaughan's last two years before his death, he referred to Lapidus as his fiancée.

Just a nose job and teeth fixed and the change is made from one person to the next personality. Still plays in a band and still is with the same woman.

Here we see Hunt with his wife Mona Arnold


You cant tell me that's not Jana Lapidus.

Now for more conclusive evidence. Stevie Ray had a tattoo of a peacock on his chest. When I looked at some of the photos of Hunt pool side you can make out what's left of the tattoo on his chest that when overlaid with Stevie's you can see its a match.

Jimmy Hendrix

The artist that is better known as Morgan Freeman is also the artist that was known as Jimi Hendrix. His father is an actor as well, and is better known as Nelson Mandela. Get it? FREEMAN, as Mandela was said to be jailed for many years, all of which is just another lie.

Like I have always said, "If you want to verify the information you see on this site its as easy as checking the spouse and/or their children".

We can see in the photo below the artist better known as Morgan Freeman is still with the same woman as when he played Jimi.

Still has the earring hole.

Nelson Mandela is Freeman's Father

Just listen to the voice, you cant deny it.

John Belushi

The artist also known as Michael Lerner is also the artist that played John Belushi. Now Belushi might be better known for his stand up and SNL cast member comedy, he was also one of the members of the Blues Brothers, with Dan Aykroyd.

Freddie Mercury

Again all you have to do is check the spouse to verify the find.

Patsy Cline

This one I suggest you watch my documentary so you understand the whole picture. The connection to Jim Reeves and Tex Ritter are established and the known fact that she was with Tex Ritter the day her supposed plane crashed is your connection to the JFK lie.

Not to mention the fact that Marina's daughter is the same person as Patsy's. Get it? Patsy? Oswald's wife, the JFK patsy.

Skip to 50:00min in.

Jim Reeves

RY the Hatchet Guy




Brothers and much more


Sleigh Bells




Dionne Warwick







And thats Gretta Van Sustren below him in the shades.

Herbie Hancock

NOT A MATCH but so close I will say very closely related.

Will Smith


Pete Townsend


1 Lonely Dixie Chick I B


Tex Ritter

John Lennon

From Apple Records to Apple Computers, this bad apple spoiled the bunch.

The cop that responded to and arrested the murder. hahaha yeah right thats Harvey again. So that in itself is your proof that the event was a scripted out FAKE event. No that you know this realize the millions the record company makes from the inflated prices they charge for memorabilia. That merchandise that can be created whenever they want because he's still alive. What a scam.


Another apple that doesn't fall far from the tree is Julian Lennon who we see here plays the role of David Koresh from the Waco raid.


Tiny Tim

Content to come.

His son Tim Whales is of course Royalty.

Marilyn Monroe

Not Dead Yet

Steve Carrel is his cousin. Here is ALICE.


Is Dave Chapell. Dave also plays another rap star and an additional comedian.

Notorious B.I.G.

Is Cedric The Entertainer

Christopher George Latore Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997), best known as The Notorious B.I.G., was an American rapper and hip hop artist. He was also known as Biggie Smalls (after a character in the 1975 film Let's Do It Again), or Big, and as Frank White (after the main character of the 1990 film King of New York).

Cedric Antonio Kyles (born April 24, 1964), known professionally by his stage name Cedric the Entertainer, is an American actor, comedian and director. He is perhaps best known as the co-star of the WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show, as Eddie in the Barbershop films, and as one of the four comedians featured in the Spike Lee film The Original Kings of Comedy. He currently has the lead role in the sitcom The Soul Man on TV Land.

Lady Gaga is Winehouse

Coming soon






And the wife matches.

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Clint Barry

Ed, John Charles Villiers-Farrow resembles Frank Sinatra. Not the old Frank Sinatra, but the young one. Maybe Frank Sinatra was played by two different people? But if you check out the latest image of John Charles Villiers-Farrow, you’ll see is posing like the young Frank Sinatra.

Mia Farrow supposedly was romantically linked with Frank Sinatra in the 1960’s.

Clint Barry

On Mary Fallin, could Loretta Lynn be the mother of Reba McEntire and Susie Luchsinger?

Clint Barry

On Mary Fallin, could Loretta Lynn be the mother of Reba McEntire and Susie Luchsinger?

Clint Barry

Ed, John Charles Villiers-Farrow resembles Frank Sinatra. Not the old Frank Sinatra, but the young one. Maybe Frank Sinatra was played by two different people? But if you check out the latest image of John Charles Villiers-Farrow, you’ll see is posing like the young Frank Sinatra.

Mia Farrow supposedly was romantically linked with Frank Sinatra in the 1960’s.

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