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New Characters Alias Names Exposed Including Harry Link & DaveJ, January 2015

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Contents: Adventure Unlimited Press; AMC; Armed Forces Radio; Atha, Michael Wayne; Baldwin, Carol; Ball, Lucille ‘Lucy’; Baptist Hospital Board; Beaumont Chamber of Commerce; Beaumont City Council, TX.; Beaumont Heritage Society; Blevins, Bryan; Boone, Carole Anne; Brando, Marlon; Breaking Bad; Broadcast Music, Inc. BMI; Bundy, Johnny Culpepper; Bundy, Theodore Robert ‘Ted’; Bush, John; Byrd, Tracy; Caldwell, Al;
California State Prison; Capital Records; Carow, Emily T. Carter, Joe; Carter, Lillith; Cash, Don; Chantilly Lace; Childress, David Hatcher; Clement, Jack; Clinton, William Jefferson ‘Bill’; Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; Cowell, Eleanor Louise; Cranston, Bryan; D2NWO.com; Dave J; DaveJ; Davis, Ed;
Davis, Paul; Dearden, Robin; Death to the New World Order; Democratic Governors Association; Downtown Rotary; Drama Beats; Dyrdek, Gene (Rob’s Father); Dyrdek, Patty (Rob’s Mother); Dyrdek, Rob; Economic Development Foundation; Epstein, Jeffrey; Ferrero, Giovanni; Ferrero, Michele; Fissolo, Maria Franca; Gackle, Kathleen; Gary in Panola County, TX.; Grand Duke of Luxembourg;
Gerrero, Maria Franca; Governor of Kansas; Green, Jeff; GTFO; Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg; Hardcore Harry; Hawk, Tony; HHS Health and Human Services; Hill Street Blues; Hill, Jean;
Hitler, Adolf; InfoWars; Jacobs, Don; Jacobs, Robert Professor; Johnson, Dave; Johnson, Joe; Jones, Alex;
KFDM Radio; Khan, Jemina; Knights Templar; Korean Conflict; L.A. Police Chief; Lady Killer; Leaderships Beaumont; Link, Harry; Lloyd, Kathleen; Loder, Ted Dr.; Love, Gary Lee; Maars, Jim; Magnum P.I.; Manson, Charles ‘Charlie’; Manson’s Tattoo; Mayor of Beaumont, TX.; McAdoo, Lee Ann; Middleton, Mickey; Moorman, Mary; National Board of Small Businesses Administration; National League of Cities;
Nicholson, Jack; New World Order NWO; Occupy Wall Street protestor; Orbison, Roy; Oswald, Marguerite; Palin, Sarah; Perkins, John; Pfaff, Christopher ‘Chris’ ‘Drama’; Pittman, Howard; Poston, Tom; Preston, Johnny; Prince Andrew; Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg; Prince Joachim;
Princess Iman AL-Hussein; Princess Margaret; PrisonPlanet.com; Proctor & Gamble Company; Queen Elizabeth II; Queen Mother; Queen Noor; Ridiculousness; Ritter, Allan; Ritter, David Kenneth; Ritter, Gordon; Ritter, James P. Sr.; Ritter, Jim Jr.; Ritter, Tex; Ritter, Yvonne Smith; Ritter-Carter Management Corp.; Ritter-Carter Music; Rogue Archaeologist; Roosevelt, Alice; Roosevelt, Archie; Roosevelt, Ethel;
Roosevelt, Quentin; Roosevelt, Ted; Roosevelt, Theodore ‘Teddy’; Roosevelt, Theodore Jr.; Root, Steven;
Ruby, Jack; Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay; Sales and Marketing Executives Club; Sasquatch; Sebelius, Kathleen; Sheftall, Stephen; Soros, George; South East Texas Regional Planning Commission; Tate, Sharon; Tesla, Nikola; Texas Bank; Texas Criminal Justice Council; The Campus Killer; The Missouri Breaks; The Mixtape; TruthBroadcastNetwork.com; Tubbs, Ernest; U.S. Conference of Mayors; UFOs;
VLADTV; White, Walter; Williams, Hank Sr.; Winter, Edgar; Winter, Johnny; Wulfawitz, Linda Nurse;
Yelawolf; Yeti; YMBL

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Robert Egan
Robert Egan

You are on to them … Keep up the great work Ed…

Robert Egan
Robert Egan

You are on to them … Keep up the great work Ed…

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