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Parsons Green Terror Attack HOAX

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Parsons Green terror attack Hoax <p>The level of stupidity is unprecedented with this one.</p>
Bucket Bomb

Bucket Bomb

Parsons Green Terror Attack

If you believe this…

Bucket Bomb
Bucket Bomb


Was the left overs of a bomb, then you have reached an all new level of stupidity.   LOGIC people, logic!  Just look at it.  Do you understand what nonsense this is?

This is so stupid that I can’t even believe I’m even writing a story on it.  So if the bomb is a fake what do you think the rest of the story is?  Do I even need to go any further?  No.


But if you are unaware of what I’m talking about here is the official story.


Remember how I have said numerous times to watch for the key words like GREEN?


Hummm where have we seen this actor before?

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