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Marko Rubio, Bought and Paid For By Guess Who?

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<p style="text-align: justify;">If you don't know who Norman Lear is Google it,  and you will see he has been the point man since the 60's fro creating just about ever number one sitcom you grew up with and event you saw on the news.</p>


Before I proceed to blow your mind a bit, I must explain that the information you will find here is from my personal investigations.  You will not find this anywhere else. If you find it helpful, please consider becoming a member is you are not already.   If you do, they got it from me. This information is much too vast for me to show you everything on this one page, but I will attempt to give you the foundation that you will then be able to apply to what you see taking place today.  You will understand that what you see happening in this election has been occurring in every election this country has had.  It stems back as far as the Roman times and the families of those days are the same families today that are the ruling classes.  That term "The ruling classes" is such nonsense because when you actually dissect the word, and I don't mean the etymology of it I mean what it's referring to and apply what I'm teaching you here you will see THEY are the slaves, and we are free, but THEY have tricked you into thinking they are in control.  You are gods.  You are the ruler of your own destiny, and they are a mere side show distraction.  Once you see why I say this and apply the principles, I'm teaching to your own reality the conditioning you have accepted and without your knowledge have put yourself under its control will no longer have that stranglehold on your life.  You will be free to live as you were meant to as long as you do not trespass on others god given right to do the same.

Know this, no matter what you believe about a person power, they are still bound by the same laws that bind you to the corporation known as the United States of America.  All the Capital letters in your name are meaningless.  It's just another distraction.  You are given inalienable rights that no one can take from you, but you are more than capable of allowing others to have them if you give them away.  Know your rights, know the laws, respect others, and never compromise your integrity and you will do just fine.  I never said it was easy to do this, but when you make the effort, you will see all the worldly distractions that you allowed occupying your mind will no longer be of any concern.

The following is a brief, and I mean the short history of the ruling powers from the time of Teddy Roosevelt.  This is by no means all the power plays, but this will give you the basis for the family known as the Kennedy, Carter, Roosevelt, Bush, Ritter, Rockefeller, Greenberg, Rosenberg, Kaplan, Cohen, and Kahn.  These are the branches of the ruling elite.  Their names are as fake as the titles they bestow on themselves.  They are simply people who played the game better than anyone else in the beginning and at some point spread out to infiltrate all corporations.  They started in the Oil, gas and steel.  The raw materials needed for war.  They eventually grew into the technology areas but where they invest most of their time and money is in the manipulation of your understanding of eh reality around you via the media.  They were the first to broadcast TV in Berlin 1933.  They were the pioneers of radio and eventually monopolized Hollywood and NY TV.  You would not know this because you believe the names they tell you are their real family names but that's a lie.  Around the time of 1925 you see Walt Disney building his studios, but what you didn't know is his brother who took on the name Joseph P Kennedy was investing heavily in the other studios in Hollywood. . Later the faction of the family started RKO in NY; that was Tex Ritter.  I believe Tex is also the director John Ford.  But what you don't know is the role he played in the JFK Assassination.  Which if you don't know by now was a HOAX and all the witnesses involved are related, and most of them are members of the music hall of fame and the Grand old Opry.  Watch my video documentary to understand this.

They control the media, and you see what they want you to see.  Do you know how many people are running for the office of president?  Official candidate list  Bet you didn't know it was that many.  Do you understand why it is that you never hear about all the rest?  It's because the people you are turning to, to get that information are all biased to the candidates they have bought and paid for.  They will only show their own and the others of the big six media conglomerates due to an agreement they have with one another.  You show mine, and I'll show yours and whoever get in wins and then can control and produce the made up drama for the next four years.

It will be of great significance as I complete this election scam picture for you.

Rubio, Bought and Paid For.

I would have released this sooner, but I like to see the family members spend a considerable amount of their budget on their candidate while thinking they have a chance to win.  From the people's perspective, it doesn't matter who you vote for you are just giving your endorsement to one of the Big 6 media conglomerated that run the world.

NO, it's not a conspiracy theory its simply business.  It's legal for them to hire an actor and give them a stage name then finance their run for office.  If you don't believe me, just watch this video and ask your lawyer.

Watch this video and you will see real world examples of how they condition you and hear it from their own mouth if you skip to about 11 minutes.

But back to Rubio...
I have been watching him for the past month and catching the media networks mentioning only positive words about him and doing so only after they talk poorly about the other candidates.  When I say mention him they don't say, you should vote for him directly, that would cause the opposite effect on the viewer.  But they merely mention him in passing as if they have nothing good or bad in particular but just mentioning his name as to plant the seed in the viewers mind.

I pick up on all that bullshit.

Knowing that Fox News is a product of the Greenberg, Ritter, Norman Leer creation, and CNN is the Ted Turner Roosevelt connection and all of them beholden to the owners of the Disney Corp.  Who are the descendants of the former Emporer Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany,  who once the family was ousted took on roles in our government as the Roosevelts, Kennedy, Bush, Carter, etc. clan.


wilhelmIIFredrick III I believe is Teddy Roosevelt.


They are the Disney corp and if you don't believe me just watch my videos that show who they were.


Here is a little glimpse into the history of this country.

HL Hunt, Winston Churchill, spouse, WW2


And he is one of Teddy Roosevelt's sons.  But wait, who were the other sons and daughters of Teddy?


Queen Elizabeth II, Gary Morton, Lucille Ball, Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth II, Gary Morton, Lucille Ball, Prince Philip

Lucille Ball, Queen Elizabeth II
She and Desi were Brother and sister, and Desilu production is what you now call CBS.  Get it? "See the BS"?

Diane Disney, Alice Walton, Vanessa Redgrave, Lady Lynn Forrester de Rothschild

You can deny it all you want, but regardless of your disbelief, you will eventually have to come to grips with your emotions and accept this fact.  Once you do, you will see who to focus on and be filled with the energy the world is not the evil place they show you it is on the TV, it's a much more beautiful place than you can imagine.  Its time the people of this world unite and take action against them.  Begin calling them out whenever they're spotted.  Shun them in your businesses.  Outcast them by not buying their products or patronizing their establishments.  Coke, Any Berkshire Hathway owned business.  McDonalds, Disney, Cars like BMW (Which is partially owned by President Johnsons clan and he was the stepson of Herman Goering, who was a Disney/Roosevelt Family member.  Guess who his step sister is?  Hillary Clinton, who is AKA Sherly Jones.  Yes from the Partridge family.  I will be releasing that information next.


He is another son of Teddy.

Then we have Kermit Roosevelt, who is Hitler and is also Walt Disney.

And the last Roosevelt brother.

joseph_quentin copy

Who after the Teapot Dome scandal became Prescott Bush.

We can see that Prescott Bush also played the role of Joseph P Kennedy senior HW Bush's father. If you don't believe me me just look at the spouse
We can see that Prescott Bush also played the role of Joseph P Kennedy senior HW Bush's father. If you don't, believe me, just look at the spouse

His son (well one of them) you know as GW Bush.  He is really Joseph P Kennedy Jr., who they claim died in a plane crash.


John F. Kennedy, Joseph P Kennedy Junior, Ted Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy,
The Kennedy boys (JFK, HW Bush, Bobby) and Ross Perot are visiting their relative Hitler, who was Kermit Roosevelt.

Yes, that's Ross.

HW Bush, Nazis, Hoffmann
HW Bush gets his makeup done by Hoffmann Hitler's personal photographer

GW and HW were caught sneaking into Margaret Thatchers Funeral. She was HW's sister and GW's aunt. Obama at the time said that no U.S. officials would be attending the funeral.

Then there is the other side of the family that comes from Elliot Roosevelt, who played the roles of Taft (Teddy his brother's Vice President).  He was the only president of the U.S. not to be elected and was hand picked by Teddy (well gee go figure).  He also played the role of JP Morgan, who Teddy (his brother) was given the claim to fame, as defeating the Trust Monopoly headed up by none other than his brother JP Morgan AKA Elliot Roosevelt.


The Andrews Sisters

Do you see how it all fits together?  It's very simple once you understand who the players REALLY are and that they are just playing favorites with their own family members.

Now that you know who these players are remember this image?

How do you feel about this election knowing what you know?

Here's another on

Everything you think you know about this country and the world is a complete lie or based on a manipulation by these acting family members.

These actors occupy all aspects of business and are bought and paid for by those in control. Seeing this do you now understand the OJ trial was completely made up and just another media sensation that was used to create an entire network called courtTV? Nichole Brown Simpson is Megyn Kelly on FOX. Search for it on my site. It's very simple when you see her brother was Kato and also played the role of Ron Goldman before his nose job.

Generations after generation each president has been tied to the mainstream media in one way or another.  Lincoln had to sell his newspaper before he entered into office.  What did Jacky Kennedy do after she Played the role of Rosalyn Carter and JFK, her brother, played Jimmy?  She became a magazine editor. What about John John?  Started George (get it?  as in the KING) Magazine.


Princess Beatrix, Paula Deen, Tina Towner, Prince Pinard, Builderberg Group
Paula Deen is also a royal as you can see clearly. She also played a role in the Kennedy assassination Oaks as Tina Towner. If we examine Tina's father, we can see that he is the same as the Princess's dad. He is the person that started the Bilderberg group. So next time you see Alex Jones outside of their meetings. Remember that he is one of them a royal.

You have been manipulated by these royal family of actors your entire life and had NO IDEA; it's all fake.

Just look at this one artist alone, what roles he has played.  Everything from being the King of Romania, a player in the JFK Assassination hoax, Watergate, as well as with the help of his brother cornered the Silver market.  Then to see him once again playing roles that since he has aged is limited to playing.  AGAIN THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY.  It's all completely legal and if you were to detain one of these actors they would claim it's their freedom of speech to act and no one made you accept or believe it.  That decision is on you.  No crime was are is being committed.


What, you don't like hearing the truth?  Well, neither do I so that's why I'm doing something about it.  So attacking me is standing on the side of those that are trying to hijack your reality.  I have been given a gift of sight and intend to use it to expose every last one of these actors whether you stand with me or not.

So save your energy if you think attacking me will do you any good.  Your "How dare you gambits" are useless so don't waste your time.


An article caught my attention talking about a billionaire named Norman Braman was funding Rubio. It spoke about the relationship as being more like a family connection, so I decided to talk a look at this billionaire. Immediately I recognized him as Norman Lear. I exposed Norman as being in the front row of the Mike Brown protest, so you know he was behind that event as well.

If you don't know who Norman Lear is Google it,  and you will see he has been the point man since the 60's fro creating just about ever number one sitcom you grew up with and event you saw on the news.


Come to find out this is Rubio's grandfather.  We see the photos he poses showing who he calls his mother.  This, is not accurate, and they are trying to throw people off.  Just the same is the person that they call his spouse, who is his sister.  This, is the Hollywood secret they don't want you to know that I will be exposing in great detail in an upcoming video.

The children are his sisters children, so he is their uncle.  But best of all is he is the actor known as Michael C. Hall from the show Dexter.  As Michael, he has had two wives, but when you look at them, you can see they are the same woman HIS SISTER once again.  This is called celebrity leveraging, and again I will going detail in the upcoming DVD production.

Just as Halls wife is the same, just changed her appearance, Norman Lears wife is the same as that shown to be Rubio's mother (But in fact, she is his grandmother).   You can see she has had plastic surgery, and I assume embarrassed to admit it. So she created a new person, and they claim they were divorced but that is all made up, and she is probably Lears sister.  See how the pattern of sibling marriage is used to ensure the secret is secure, and the entire family is indoctrinated into the scam?

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This page is being attacked and the images are being removed. Im trying to find out how and why. Ill post when I find out.


Correct. They cannot take what is not theirs. But they will accept if you are offering or giving it up. So your rights need to be understood, and the outline of the laws studied and understood as how reaching they are. I know my rights, and you can see when I stood up for them it cost me but eventually I won. Chiarini V. Texas


I agree we are free and the actors enslaved. However, we must KNOW THIS. We don’t need to “demand” our rights, merely exercise them. Stop being customers of the corporation and think and act for ourselves with honesty and integrity. Peaceably. Knowing what is going on is a huge step. Thanks, Ed for bringing to light.


I agree we are free and the actors enslaved. However, we must KNOW THIS. We don’t need to “demand” our rights, merely exercise them. Stop being customers of the corporation and think and act for ourselves with honesty and integrity. Peaceably. Knowing what is going on is a huge step. Thanks, Ed for bringing to light.

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