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You remember the Edward Snowden HOAX?  Well, say hello to the actor that played that fictional character, David Hoffman https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008190181545

His mother https://www.facebook.com/jodi.c.hoffman?fref=ts
Jodi Cohn (Cohan) Hoffman's sister is Susan Cohn Rockefeller.  The Wife of David Rockefeller Jr.  So you all know that the story is officially BULLSH*T  when you see that connection and that the Kaplan, Harmon, Greenberg family members are all behind it.


Edward Snowden is David Hoffman from Plano Texas. He attended Plano North High School and graduated a few years back.




That video tells you the entire story.

What the naysayer don't want you to understand about this is that you can find all his relatives on Hoffman's Facebook page and they are all the same people we have identified in the 2007 Riley Harmon Bat mitzvah photos.  Riley along with all of her relatives Play various roles in the media.  Some are actors, reporters, producers, comedians, musicians etc.  All of them very well-known.  Her family is at the top so to say.  They stem back many many generations in the Hollywood and political scene. 

 If you are unaware of those photos that I exposed you can search for them on my site and see the people like Warren Buffett was there (who you again see at the Dallas gun rally trying to sneak up behind me.  Also there and at the Bat mitzvah was Michael Greenberg, Tony Greenberg, and many others)  So when you see them all at that party together with Hoffman's mother, and father, as well as his aunt who you see is Liz Harmon (AKA Jill Rapport from the today show that is filmed at Rockefeller plaza) and you see that his other Aunt is married to David Rockefeller Jr you know what I'm telling you is correct.


Hoffman attended Plano North Highschool (Gee funny that's where the Harmon's live and that's where Riley went to school) you can easily check out his yearbook and see for yourself.   Also at the party with all the people I mentioned above was Hoffman's cousin Jacob Michael Greenberg (AKA Mark Zuckerberg) and his brother.  

Also in attendance were the brothers that played the roles of the Boston bombers.  See their photos at the party and know the one is named Zach O'Malley Greenberg (a former child actor) but now works for Forbes Magazine.



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