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Acting Sheriff, and Military

As we see him in the above photo, yet another sheriff that’s an actor. You may remember this actor from the TV show magnum PI. He is Jeff McCay.

In the photograph above we see Chris drama Pfaff, who is the cousin of rob Dietrich. Rob of course is the host of the TV show ridiculousness, that is produced by none other than Jeff Tremaine. But the really interesting thing about Chris drama is the fact that he is the son of Tony hawk. And if you recall I matched Tony hawk as playing the role of Robbie Parker when in fact I was wrong. Robbie Parker is Tony hawk’s on Chris drama. Chris gets is drama nickname for good reason as you’ll see him playing many roles in the fake alternative media actor based reality.

In the above photograph we see the individual that is a writer for salon.com Glenn Greenwald, who is actually an Israeli military officer. Along with that he plays the role of Kurt Haskell, the eyewitness to the alleged underwear bomber. Kurt and his wife Lori, or the individuals that attempted to file a complaint on me. You can download that complaint and see for yourself at the following URL http://wellaware1.com/Haskell_Chiarini.pdf

This page will be dedicated to law enforcement personnel and those they claim to arrests. It will also include military personnel and the fake events that they create in order to collect money from you for their charities.

Each time we identify and events as a hoax, we also see that the officials that are involved in the event, turn out to be fake as well. Know what I mean by fake is a the fact that they are being played by actors, doesn’t take away from the fact that they are the elected official and can act according to that position that they hold. This should be of great concern when it comes to law enforcement personnel or elected officials that are in charge of making laws.

As I have stated many times before, these individuals are doing these acts while using a pseudonym. The loophole in the law enables them to do this legally. We have to fix that loophole if we ever want this country to get back on its feet, and ensure that this problem will never happen again. Until that time comes it is our duty to expose these actors, and make it just that much more hard for them to accomplish their acting. The more familiar you are away if the actors face the more they have to work to disguise it the more they have to work to disguise it, the more cost them to pull off the event. Think of these events as investments these individuals invest their time and budget and in two a production that they expect to return from. We can debate to the end of time what that return is, but regardless, the bottom line is until we can as than directly, we can focus our attention on making it that much more difficult for them to remain anonymous.

And don’t forget each one of these so-called arrests that are fake, get put on the books as real. So add up all the fictional events that include a multiple homicide and you will see that the total annual sum of those individuals is much less than we are being told. What does that mean? It means the money that goes into the increased budget each year under the lie that is used to convince you it’s necessary in order for them, to continue catching these big guys, is nothing more and a fraud and a scam to get taxpayers’ dollars in their pockets.

In the above photo we see the creators of the movie Loose Change, the original documentary on the September 11 hoax. With them we see Alex Jones staff member and alternative radio personality Jason Bermas. These individuals also play the roles of military personnel that were killed in the line of duty and of course along with that we see them starting up the charity to collect in their honor. In my opinion that fraud plain and simple, and they should be arrested and tried for this scam. If found guilty they should do some time as well as be made to pay every cents plus damages to the individuals that they scanned.

The image to the left, we see a family business that has been scamming as since the days of the Kennedy assassination. As one generation passes the baton to the next inning to the next we see the corruption and the lack of any moral decency is passed as well. The individual Charlie Murphy, Eddie Murphy’s brother played a very important role in an event that shaped the minds of a generation, as well as stoke the fires between races causing friction in an attempt to ignite a race war. Charlie Murphy played the role of Rodney king. Try son is jay Farrell, the SNL cast member who we all know as one of the heroes in the Batman movie shooting hoax. We see that Eddie Murphy also played a role in a fake event in our history as one of the survivors of the Jonestown massacre hoax. We can see where they both got their acting skills from as any in Charlie’s father is none other than eye witness to the JFK assassination Bonnie Rayy, better known as chuck berry.

You can see that the school skills as down to the children

Make sure you take notice of the other well-known actors, and sports figure, that played roles in that Jonestown hoax.

The man they sell it would be president. The person the movie Rambo was supposedly based on. Is yet another phony actor that you can find beginning his career in soaps. We see him continuing the scam after the character though greats became part two like, and he now claims the role of a serious law enforcement officer. Wolfgang W Halbig, the so-called expert Olin school shootings, is nothing more than another character created by the mainstream media, in used to control and manipulate your belief in your understanding of reality.

We also see the direct link to the family as the individuals that play a role in the ruby ridge hoax namely Randy Weaver, Was played by actor and family member Leon Greenberg. Leon has had quite an extended acting career, as you may also recognize him as playing the role of the son of Sam he also was involved in the event known as the night stalker as the husband of one of the victims with the latest name Carter. He also plays the role of Benjamin Fulford, whose last name should really be full of shit.

This is one of my favorites, since it shows the absolute disregard for any moral decency whatsoever, and it also was approved by the Commander-in-Chief our president Obama himself.

We see the actor Michael David Rappaport playing the role of a injured veteran who suffered a head trama over seas, after being wounded by an IED. The head trauma allegedly suffered by this individual is nothing more than standard special effects used in movies.

As I’ve said many times before, even the best actor will slip up and slip out of character eventually. It’s up to us to be their when they do, so we can catch them. This little display of ignorance can be seen, during the president’s state of the union address. Where the president of course told the story of this individual, and how we should show our support for the men and women like him who served, and still serve overseas.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am an Air Force VET. I come from a family that all served during wartime. So for this actor to deceive the rest of the country in this manner, while wearing a uniform, is just that much more offensive.

Understanding what I know about the fake reality that we believe real, I understand the reasons why we go to war are fabricated with fictitious events. That doesn’t undermine or negate the fact that those that did serve during wartime and paid the ultimate price, did so with the mentality they were doing it for a nobal clause and was necessary to ensure our freedom. They are still heroes, regardless of the lies they trick them into giving themselves to this corrupt government, to be used as pawns in their game.



Steven Spielberg's father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace


Steven Spielberg's father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace
Steven Spielberg’s father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace







Acting Sheriff, and Military