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Syrian Gas Attacks

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Mark Rockefeller playing the role of Assad

Mark Rockefeller playing the role of Assad



UPDATE on Assad


How do I know this?

Because we see the Greenberg Family members all over it!

The following images, are reported to show a child that has been affected by gas attacks in Syria. This is what the mainstream media uses, as their means to solidify the lie that they create. This lie is produced and propagated by the owners of those networks, and the actors you see within the productions are their family members.

The boy seen here, you might recognize him from the movie " The Child". Or maybe from the Gabby Giffords HOAX shooting, Maybe from the internet as he has a youtube account called GMOCHRISTIAN, perhapse from the clackamas Mall shooting as he played the role of the FAKE SHOOTER. Regardless, the images within this post, come from his portfolio page on the web site Internet movie database.com and shows that he is an actor.. Why I state this fact, is due to his mother, who you see playing the role of the child mother in the gas attacks, filed a complaint against me, with my old hosting provider. BlueHost

Her claims were that the images I used are of an underage child and therefore violate the terms of use of the hosting company. She convinced them to pull my website down (which was simple for her to do since she is related to the billionaire owner that owes the conglomerate that owns the hosting provider BlueHost) This Billionaire I had outed not too long before the event aired that I and discussing here today,. She forced me suffer damages by having me move my site and lease from a new provider, in a foreign country.

This actually turned out to be a good thing. Since this hosting provider stands up for free speech and protects their customers from frivolous attacks

Her actions were actually criminal, my reason for stating this is because she is a pseudonym and therefore is unable to file for a takedown notice. Only a real person can do so. She then proceeded to attack my new hosting provider, but this time she made the mistake of attacking the manager personally. At this point it became an issue that she was the one that was the aggressor and the hosting company decided in my favor. I applaud them for and support them for their of holding not only something that is legal but of course free speech protected. That is one aspect of her attack. And But when you look at it from the perspective that she is one of the family members, and my information that I post about her, her child, and their acts against this country cause her to feel threatened. How would you feel to find out that your loved one that served in the military pay the ultimate price in an event that they believe was free for a cause that was just put in actuality was just a script about event that the multimedia conglomerates created in order to game or share of your viewing time. She doesn't care about that she doesn't care about the lives they lost due to the manipulation that the productions that she takes part in cause the general public. She could care less if you are damaged, all she wants is money and for our family to get more money. What they fear, is that you will find out who they are and hold them accountable for their actions against this country.


Kerry's brother



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