Freddie Gray HOAX

When you see the officials involved are the same person as a well known DEAD rap star, and that persons Spouse is really her brother who is playing several roles including that of Freddie, combine that with the fact that even her sister plays a role and you can say without a doubt this event is nothing more than another fake trial to get the people stirred up and reactionary

Brett Greenberg Spotted Again

Brett Greenberg at occupy Wall Street

If you are not aware who Brett Greenberg is, you can review some of the videos that I did about him in the early days of my investigation. His cousin is Tony Greenberg. The person that was the lead when it came to the majority of these alternative media hoaxes events until I exposed his identity. So they quickly put an end to his alternative hoax career. That, of course, left them with the need to find another point man, and Brett seems to be that person. He actually works at the White House for Obama as we see in this video above, and the connection that he has to Obama is through David Axelrod, who was the former advisor to Obama and is married to a Greenberg.

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