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We live in a world that is part reality, the part we know is real), and part we think is real but is not.  Our thoughts and perceptions of events that we see via television (that are not real) contribute to shape our overall personality.  Our morals and how we apply them to the situations we encounter in reality, therefore must be called into question.  Knowing now that many of those values we place on events are a combination of fiction from TV combined with input from parents and friends who also may have used the TV as their source without knowing it’s fiction, is a serious problem, that must be understood and corrected.

The media makers of those networks know this, and they create content with the intention of making it as psychologically attractive as they possibly can get away with. That doesn’t exclude making it up entirely as the laws as they are written clearly fall under the freedom of speech of that content creator.

But what they know doesn’t mean they have to tell you, you just assume they are not lying to you.

This keeps you coming back for more as you believe you are learning necessary life skills from the misfortunes of those you believe are real people on the TV.

This is just one example of such fictions that permeates the pop culture, but is nothing more than a glorified cartoon per its effect on your reality, that is unless you let it.

Judy Clark meet Judith Clarke
A simple addition of a letter makes all the difference when searching for images via google.  Who knew she was right there all along.

Understand that all cases that the character Judith Clark is said to be part of, are fiction.
THAT INCLUDES the Weather Underground

judit clark-and-daughter

judith clark


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judy clark weather underground

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