I’ve struggled for some time regarding presenting my research properly. Rehashing the Events, as we have all been made aware of over the past 50 years would be just the same old routine as done with all the rest.  Why my information is different, is instead of using the data THEY have given us, I chose to look at who THEY were and are.  This different perspective shows you a side that you never thought could exist.  I can speak for myself at least, since I was completely sideswiped by the emotions that followed finally seeing the real truth about the lie called The JFK Assassination.

I have uncovered the raw connection, the belly of the beast that is set to slowly devour your ability to critically think, and replace your foundation of reality with an actor based one that they control.  Since the event known as the JFK assassination was designed to be a multifaceted mystery that could be repackaged over and over and over again and expanded on because they write the scripts and control the media outlets that serve it. They can use it as a profit scheme that cranks up the BS each year around the 22 November.  The profits they have generated fro this lie well exceeds a trillion dollar’s..   From day one to simply destroy the lie with a few photographs would be simple but wouldn’t do it justice. For those who know my past you are aware of my involvement with Robert Groden (the leading authority on the Assassination. Who was the chief photographic expert for the Assassinations comity, and due to his showing of the Zapruder Film on the Geraldo Rivera show good-morning America was probably the most influential person that resulted in the case being reopened thus his selection to the comity Some of you view my involvement as a positive means to boos my credibility, but there are some that feel just to opposite. Well, I’m going to set the record straight. I do not have a relationship with Robert and haven’t since we parted ways after he broke a contract with me and my family that pertained to the video documentary that my family invested a large amount of funds giving my grandparent the title of Executive Producers for the video. After the initial sale to Blockbuster I or my family didn’t receive and still haven’t to this day any money that was owed to use and yet Robert still sells the videos using the corporate name that my grandfather and me, own 50% of. There is bad blood between us, but that does not mean that I will lie about my relationship with Robert and his family.

He was almost like a father to me. I hung out more at the Groden residence than I probably did my one home. I was friends with his older sons Robbie and John. Robbie was the one who introduced me to his father at an art showing that I was exhibiting my work. It was at that time that he offered me the job to work on High Treason which after it was finally picked up by a major publishing company went best seller and stayed on the NYT best selling list for 16 weeks and 6 of those weeks at the number one position. I was 16 years old when the book reached that point.

At age 18 I illustrated Robert s second book The Killing of a President. Considered by many experts as the best coffee table book of the events that they claim happened that day ever published. I said CLAIMED for a reason as you will see shortly.

I am constantly asked and argued with whether or not Robert was in on the entire event. I will say it once more for the record. NO, I do not believe he was in on the scam and does believe what he lectures about. Now, whether or not he was given special treatment by Col Fletcher Proudy (the person we believe gave him the second set of autopsy photos) I don’t know I didn’t know him back then I wasn’t even born when that took place.

How can I be so sure he wasn’t involved. I base that on the fact that if he was involved he sure didn’t get paid like the other shill’s that I have found out to be part of the core family group behind the BS event. Now he did have an addiction to music, preferably the oldies Patsy Cline, Elvis etc, Which I mention because I think it does show there was a connection but not to the point that would have him getting paid by the opposition by any means. By the time I met Robert and his family he had been collecting music. When I say collecting I mean collecting. We estimated he had over 40K LP’s, 25K CD’s and DVD and a whole library of VHS/BETA movies and films in his possession. People magazine once wrote an article on him that began with “Robert Groden is a collector… (Then on the following page)… Of everything!  That was his hobby, and claimed he was the only thing he was addicted to.  Even though it made his wife and kids frustrated at times when he would purchase things they didn’t see as necessary but he claimed it was his only release. So be it.

But this addiction puts him in constant financial turmoil, and many times they struggled to barely make ends meet, and that was including his wife’s salary as a bank manager. He had a (British) literary agent at one point who skipped town with $100K then faked his death. That agent lived next door to the musician Gene Simmons (Bass player and front man for the band KISS) they shared a tennis court between their homes (not to name names, but if you know from that info then you know). I was present when the agent skipped and it wasn’t a pretty situation. He got screwed from time to time only because he never had a manager or someone to follow up with the details that needed to be addressed when he would lecture. John and myself stepped in and gave it our best shot and I will say I don’t believe he got screwed after we got involved and kept him on his toes. But back to the situation. Yes, it’s expensive raising 4 kids and a 5 bedroom house, but he did not live a life that anyone would consider extravagant. I’m stating all of this because I do believe it lends to his credibility (even though we are not on speaking terms and he is a very sore topic to discuss around my grandfather, since my grandmother died and never saw a dime only frustration as we got screwed by Robert) But regardless of that animosity I have towards him, I will not allow it to compromise my integrity and lie about it. So to say he was part of the scam would be highly unlikely in my opinion.

But there is the alternative, since he was in the military (Army) he could be associated with an operation that would require having a security clearance to even discuss it. I’ll speak more on that in a moment.

Was he ever offered a payout to become part of the family?

I never witnessed anything directly that would give me the impression that they did, but I do believe during our meeting with Marina Oswald Porter at Abby Rockefeller’s home in Chicago, something took place that began a strange procession of events ending with me no longer talking to Robert and passing on the offer to illustrate his third book.  Maybe he was told the truth about the whole thing or maybe he was in on it and was getting his final script, only he can tell you.  His obsession for the music of Patsy Cline and Jim Reeves, along with numerous other musicians of that era, do make me lean towards his involvement.  Especially after I discovered Marina is Patsy and Jim Reeves played Oswald, along with all the dozens of Hall of Fame Musicians that are playing the roles of the eye witnesses etc.  We will get into the details later on this page, but for now looking back and knowing his addiction to the music of that time is very suspect.  It was on that particular trip that I noticed his demeanor changed. He was showing signs of being less focused and was mentally preoccupied with something, but would not talk about it. Even John and myself had a lengthy discussion about it with each other, but really there was nothing we could do about it other then note it between ourselves. I believe it was during that time if my memory is correct, that Robert suffered a head injury due to slipping on a patch of ice in his driveway, he claimed the concussion was the cause of his increasing inability to quickly recall dates and events as he could before. But what happened next was what I would call the straw that broke the camels back.

The OJ CIVIL TRIAL, and the Bruno Magli show photos.

Robert was asked to be the photographic expert for the defense in the OJ Civil trial. The transcripts are available online so you can see his testimony for yourself. Now looking back on this I did not have the knowledge I do now about the case and how staged and faked it was. How they pull of the class depends on the situation. What I’m talking about is the OJ trial was fake, but could of being presented as real if you were unaware of the behind the scenes and how the players really were. Many of my reasons for how I feel is based on Dr Cyril Whect, a person who I admired at the time and spent time with at his home video interviewing him with 2obert for our video Documentary. We would see Cyril each year at the Dallas symposiums and each time he was very pleasant and as always very impressed with his ability to publicly speak about the JFK case. His accomplishments are recognized when you look at the letters the follow his name. J.D. M.D. LLD A highly intellectual person and is about the only person that would make Robert have to stop him to ask a definition for the words he used as they were way over my head. He is a very impressive person to talk to and I really liked Cyril that was until I found out the truth about some of the events he was the lead forensic pathologist for. One being Ruby Ridge, another The Waco event and the third that really clued me in was the JonBene Ramsay case. ALL THREE EVENTS I have debunked and identified key players Who are all related to the core families I have been exposed were playing major roles in the events. For a person of his caliber to not of been aware that these events were stages is impossible, especially since he claimed to of personally did the autopsy on David Koresh. BULLSHIT I know Koresh was played by Julian Lennon. So now I know he is in on it. Cyril worked on the OJ trial, which I know is fake. When 2obert came to me and tole me he was offered to be a paid expert witness for the trial I immediately felt like it was a bad move. I told him I wanted out of the third book deal if he chose to be part of the OJ trial. HE said he needed the money and that was the beginning of the end of our relationship.

But the next thing that went down, I think was a set up.

Let me tell you why. Robert took the stand and gave his testimony that the two photos of the Bruno Magly shows that OJ was pictured in was a doctored photo. Even after the trial, he said in face that photos were not genuine and had multiple focal points on them (if you know photography since there is one lens there is only one focal point per image. When you can see more than one that means a layer has been inserted meaning it is not genuine.) But what happened on the stand was where it really gets nasty. They attacked Robert education or should I say lack of official training. HE was self taught and had nearly 40 + years of experience working in the fire of photography. He was knowledgeable and event-though he lacked the degrees he was easily more knowledgeable than many who do. But the prosecution tore him apart on the stand and concluded by them pulling out over 100 additional photos of OJ that day wearing the same shoes. They asked Robert what do you say about theory two photos when we just showed you over 100 more with him in the same shoes taken throughout that same day by different photographers. He stuck to his testimony and restated the two images he was asked to examine we altered. (I never got to see the images so I can’t tell you if they were to not, but that is not the reason why I’m telling you this) Looking back on that event I believe he was set up. There is no way the defense would not of had knowledge of those other 100 photos. They would have had to log them in as evidence so the defense lawyers could examine them. They would have been noted in the discover portions of the case. IF they weren’t they most certainly would have been objected to on the grounds that they were not listed in the discovery and the defense didn’t have time to examine them. None of that took place so therefore I believe there are definite signs of Robert getting set up. I have never had the chance to tell Robert this and maybe if he reads this it will trigger some memories that he will then see there is very good reason to believe he was targeted. Why was he targeted? I can only speculate, but I think it had to do with the meeting with Marina. Whatever happed over that weekend I think was a pivotal point in his understanding of the real facts, but that is for him to know and maybe one day write about it.

So that sums up my dealings with Robert and hopefully will shut up some of my idiots that try to lump me in with some BS they attempt to use to damage my reputation. But like all the rest of the family members they exist in a pseudonym world and really have nothing to back up their fake existence up with, other than the spoken word since pseudonyms can’t file court suits all they are able to do is verbally bash me and that really gets them no where because I back my work up with science as you will now see,

Instead of me rehashing an event that I know never happened, and you will too. What brought me to that understanding was the day I decided to have a look at WHO the so called eye witnesses and authors really were. For quite some time I have been suspect of Jim Marrs and rightfully so as he is related to the core characteristic what I was able to unravel about the rest of the players was shocking even to me since I knew many of them and spent time face to face with these people. During the production of the video documentary I produced by Robert we interview just about every eyewitness and medical personnel that was still living and traveled around the country shooting the footage of the interviews which you can see screen shot used in the late book I did with Robert. So what IM about to show you was just as much as a shock to me as it will be to you as they sat there in front of me and lied to my face about the whole thing. I will defend myself by saying I was 18 years old at the time and really had no clue about the inside manipulation and who these people were. I was aware that there were agents that would from time to time, try to start things by commenting in the audience or harassing us to and from lectures, but I kind of expected that since the JFK event has the ability to get people all fired up about it. Regardless to find out that many of the key people I had met and spent time with were and still are in many cases, members of the Royal Families and are the Kings and Queens you can understand my shock. To follow that up if you haven’t seen my video about my relationship with Princess Victoria the future Queen of Sweden you should watch it, because you will see the extent as to their efforts to try and discredit me or cause me harm.

I have had several run in with the Royals and each time I was unaware of who they were but knew something was not right about the meeting. I later would discover their identity and it would all click into place as I hope it makes that same connection for you as you learn the roles they all play.

Whether or not the Royals have any real power is a discussion for another time, but I will tell you that one of the main reasons why I do what I do is because of the infiltration they have made in our government. As a Sir Force Vet my oath included following direct orders from my superiors and that goes all the way up to the President. Come to find out that many of the individuals who are elected and some appointed along that chain of command are, not who they claim to be and some of them Royals, who are loyal to foreign countries was a great concern to me since its these people that at any time could give the order for me to put myself in harms way and at worse take another life. So to find out they are not even American citizens is something that drives me to this day and will for the rest of my life as they should be tried for treason.

You can say what you want about me, I really don t care what lies are spread about me. I know the reason I do what I do and if you don’t believe me and what to claim bullshit then so be it.  But you better make sure you back your claims up because I’m a real person using my birth name and I will hold you accountable and I will make every effort to do the same for the people that you are about to learn about. I hope I’m alive to see the day they pay for their actions, but if not I will die knowing I did everything I could to cause them the most trouble possible and hopefully made it so they will have difficulty playing the same game on future generations.

With that said lets get down to business. As I stated before instead of rehashing a non event, I figure the best way is to present to you the official information as per who the person is and a brief overview of their roles in the event. On one side of the page and on the opposite side present my finding. The official information will come from various publications and Wikipedia as there is little dispute as per who they claim to be in this staged event. My information consists of scientifically verifiable forensics that use multiple disciplines when possible. These findings are easily verifiable to anyone without formal training in forensics as the spouse of the person in questions is almost always standing right there with them. So as I always say when in doubt, check the source.

The forensic used consist of Ear, facial, vein, and other identifying biometrics that are available. Combined with Motive and opportunity along with affiliate connections and you have your dots connecting them all together. When you start to make those connections you will see that many of them play roles in other historical events that are unrelated to the JFK Assassination and that in itself is enough evidence to prove to you the event was not what they claim it was.

So, let’s begin.

The best foundation for any investigation is to first approach it from a legal standpoint.  This will quickly separate the real events from the staged HOAX ones that we are plagued with 24/7 from the mainstream media.  Applying logic and reason to the situation at hand, you will cut through the bullshit and identify who are the bullshit creates, regardless of their attempts to get you side tracked by  creating a creative script.  Using this approach I began to examine the people claiming to be eyewitnesses and experts on the topic of the JFK Assassination, and due to my former involvement in this area was able to put to use my first hand experience having known many of the people involved with this event personally and for many years.  It is with this first hand knowledge, combined with my recent research regarding the media lie and the actor based reality, that I am able to provide you with knowledge that most never thought existed.  The conditioned parameters that THESE INDIVIDUALS create, through their mainstream media outlets have created the conditions that keep the masses in check and easily controlled.  The problem is they got greedy with it, and abuse it.  But still need you to believe it or you will stop playing the game and that means they will no longer be able to fund their operation in order to understand the information I am presenting on this site you mush be able to critically think.  If you rely on your conditioned ways of thinking you will not grasp the full size of this lie and how they manage to contain it when there are so many people involved.  Once you begin to understand the concepts, discuss you will begin a journey that will be uncomfortable at first and may make you physically, I’ll, but ends with you having a weight lifted off your shoulders as you finally understand the world is not as dark as they have tricked us into believing it was.

I will prove to you the individuals involved in this event, are not who they say they are, and are ALL related in some way or another to each other.  Either by family, profession, industry, or by their military/government jobs.  The last connection I mentioned is one that will play out to be the most significant because it holds the key as to why they will never talk about this or mention my work.

Let’s talk reality for a moment. Actors are people who are hired to play the role of a character that was written by a writer.  They have no control over the script and their job is to bring that character to life, whether that be on the screen or in life as a hired manipulator of your perception of reality. They (the person doing the acting) are a real person.  Their birth name is only known to them, and has nothing to do with the character they play that you associate their face and pseudonym too.  When their job is done, they do not own the character they play.  That character is the property of the writer or studio that produced the character.  Therefore, if you were to recognize the actor while they are not in character they are by contract not allowed to admit to you they are the character you believe them to be.  Why is this important?  Because when a studio hires and actor to play the role they own, they are creating an image in your mind.  That image, whether or not memorable due to the content of the character of performance of the actor will generate value in the minds of the viewer.  This VALUE is the celebrity that character is associated with.  Depending on the level of notoriety that character receives, will determine the value of the celebrity, thus a brand is created from that personality that you now believe is a real person but is just a creation that lives just as long as the cameras are turned on.   Since there is a value now associated with that character /celebrity, that property could become damaged if you (the public) were to encounter the actor who plays that character doing something that they (as a real person) might do, such as get arrested for drinking and driving, or gets into a fight with their spouse and is arrested for domestic violence.  If that were to happen, then the value of that celebrity would become damaged.  If that actor does not own the character they play than they would be damaging someone else’s property and be liable for the money that was invested in the marketing of that character to the public.  Therefore the actor will never utter the words that would acknowledge they are who you think they are, even when they are that celebrity you know from TV.  They are not legally allowed to take the responsibility of representing someone else’s property without the permission of the property owner.

Since the character is owned by some other entity, then the actor themselves, they can do what they want with the character they own.  This includes killing off the character in the public eye and in order to create a legend that increases the value of the character and allow for the increased price of the merchandise that was created with that character’s likeness on it, or any product that character endured while they were alive.

Now ask yourself, since we know the military is real and people die during the conflicts that take place around the globe, whether or not the conflict is justified legitimately or if it was tricked into existence by a staged event, lives are still lost regardless.  Since you know this to be a real situation, you can safely assume there are those within those military operations who are trained in the task of espionage  If you needed a person that could get close to a targeted individual, let’s say a leader of a foreign nation, who would you think would be able to get the job done and without causing the enemy to become suspect they are being spied upon?  Would you want the best trained individuals fresh out of the Military Academy, or Law enforcement agency, or would you rather Oprah? I think it’s quite clear that the ability for a celebrity to walk past the security checkpoints and sit right down in the living room of the person you want to extract information from would be the obvious choice.  Therefore, it is safe to conclude that members of the entertainment industry are in fact trained spy’s. These individuals are military personnel who are assigned a character that is not their own. They provide a platform of fame that is manufactured by the use of the military assets within the media conglomerates, which means the person is not real but the talent is.  This also means the everything, I just explained to you would fall under classified protection and you will never get them to talk, and in most cases, if you were their immediate family, you would not even know they were playing the role.  They would have cover jobs that would have nothing to do with their military objectives, and would live normal lives and have friends and relationships just as you and I or your neighbor living next to you does.  You will never know that they are part of a military operative, and they will take that information to their grave, so don’t think just because you are married to them they will tell you what they really do.  EVEN IF THEY WANTED TO they would face a court marshal if they talked.  As an Air Force vet I can tell you for a fact that the contracts you sign when you join the armed service clearly states you are property of the US Government.  You are theirs for the time agreed upon +6 years after your discharge.  (Read the fine prints they can call you back into service after you have served your duty up to 6 years after you complete your agreement)

It is safe to logically conclude that any operation that pertains to the President of the United States would fall under military jurisdiction and regardless of whether or not you agree with the reasons why they do what they do if they have the authority to do so, they have the legitimate power to throw you in jail if you threaten them and do not follow their orders if you are government property.  It’s a little harder to throw you in jail if you are a civilian, but don’t think they won’t if you overstep the law and act in a criminal manner, because they will come and get you and do so legally.  Jail is very real, I’ve been there and would rather stay on this side of the razor wire fence.

Applying this logic I have just presented, to the event we are discussing here, the JFK Assassination.  You can begin to understand the events that took place, whether or not you want to deal with who I say the people are in the roles we see surrounding the event, has to be authorized at some level by a military official.  If that is the case, then you would logically start at the top of that military command structure, therefore that is where we will begin, and examine the Joint Chiefs who served during the time of the alleged assassination.

Accession Number: KN-C22697 Description: President John F.Kennedy poses with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. (L-R) United States Air Force General Curtis LeMay; Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Lyman Lemnitzer; President Kennedy; United States Army General George Decker; United States Navy Admiral George Anderson; United States Marine Corps General David Shoup. West Wing Collonade. White House. Washington, D.C. Credit Line: Robert Knudsen. White House Photographs. John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston Date: 10 July 1962 Creator: Knudsen, Robert L. (Robert LeRoy), 1929-1989 Copyright: Public Domain

Photo available via  http://www.jfklibrary.org/Asset-Viewer/ArMEyC7s902IxHKGLbzwUg.aspx

When I happened to discover this image in the Official Kennedy Image Archives I thought I recognized 3 of the generals, but so far I have been able to verify only two.  But it is these Two that are the most important when it comes to the events that took place in Dallas on November 22 1963.

THE OFFICIAL VERSIONMY RESEARCH AND DISCOVERYUnited States Air Force General Curtis LemayStill working on the identity.
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Lyman Lemnitzer Still working on the IdentityUnited States Army General George Decker

Zapruder was Col Tom Parker
Zapruder was Col Tom Parker

Zapruder was Col Tom Parker
Zapruder was Col Tom Parker

United States Navy Admiral George Anderson

United States Marine Corps General David Shoup

Gen Shoup Dallas Police Chief Curry
Gen Shoup Dallas Police Chief Curry














Everette Howard Hunt, Jr.

(October 9, 1918 – January 23, 2007) was an American intelligence officer and writer. From 1949 to 1970, Hunt served as a CIA officer. Along with G. Gordon Liddy and others, Hunt was one of the Nixon White House “plumbers” — a secret team of operatives charged with fixing “leaks” (real or perceived causes of confidential Administration information being leaked to outside parties). Hunt and Liddy engineered the Watergate burglaries and other undercover operations for the Nixon Administration. In the ensuing Watergate scandal, Hunt was convicted of burglary, conspiracy, and wiretapping, eventually serving 33 months in prison.

In addition to this he plays a role in the 9/11 events.He played Ted Olson

Next individuals was a personal friend of mine who asked Robert and Myself if we wanted to do a  MLK Jr book after we finished The Killing of a president.  I respected this person and always spoke highly of him as did everyone who met and knew him.  Turns out we were all being lied to.

Kennedy researcher and author Jack White.Possible birth name Quinton “Junior” Howard Jones

Admiral Thomas Hinman Moorer

Date of birth: 9-Feb-12

Date of death: 5-Feb-04

Place of Birth: Alabama, Mount Willing

Home of record: Eufaula Alabama

Thomas Moorer graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Class of 1933. From August 1, 1967 to July 1, 1970, Admiral Moorer served as the Navy’s 18th Chief of Naval Operations. From July 2, 1970 to July 1, 1974, he served as the 7th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.



He also played the role of Michael Paine.


Here’s yet another Royal involvedWe have the Queen Mother playing the role of Margarit Oswald. While many other family members play roles right along side of her.  Like her two daughters, just to name a couple.Gene Hill and Mary Moormanthe-queenmother Ruth Hyde Paine (born September 3, 1932) was a friend of Marina Oswald, who was living with her at the time of the JFK assassination. According to four government investigations,[1] Lee Harvey Oswald stored the 6.5 mm caliber Carcanorifle that he used to assassinate U.S. President John F. Kennedy in Ruth Paine’s garage, unbeknownst to her and her husband, Michael Paine.    

David Kenneth Ritter

Tex Ritter, Kens uncle, along with Tennessee Ford are in the Warren Report since Ken tried to rip TEX and Ford off for $200, by not paying them for a gig they did at Kens club. Look it up and you will see the connections to the Grand Ole Opry are so numerous, but we never knew that the rest of the they witnesses’ are all members of the Opry and the country music Hall of fame since they are all using pseudonyms.

So it turns out That jack ruby was played by former Beaumont, Texas Mayor Ken Ritter. The nephew of Tex Ritter. And like I said before whoever was playing Ruby, was related to TEX because he is Nelson Rockefeller.

David Kenneth “Ken” Ritter, 79, died at his home in Beaumont after a long illness on Sunday, December 30, 2007, from complications of Lewy Body Disease with Parkinsonism.

Member of a pioneer East Texas family, Ken was born in the small town of Gary in Panola County on December 12, 1928, (SAME SMALL LITTLE TOWN TEX IS FROM) to David and Claire Dry Ritter. He attended Panola Junior College, then in 1947 moved to Beaumont, where he worked until entering the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict.

He and Yvonne Smith Ritter were married on December 18, 1954, and after his military service they settled in Beaumont in 1956.

Yvonne (WHO CURRENTLY IS THE REALTOR SELLING THEIR HOME) became a teacher and later entered the real estate field, and Ken enjoyed an award-winning 35-year career as a sales and marketing executive with Procter & Gamble Company.

With a natural affinity for people and a desire to serve the community, Ken was elected to the Beaumont City Council in 1968 and served as mayor pro-tem for two years prior to being elected mayor in 1970, serving in this capacity for eight years.

In addition, Ken was an active participant in the national music scene for many years.

While still a teen, he performed advance promotional work for his famous uncle, entertainer and film star Tex Ritter. In Beaumont during the late 1940s and early 1950s, Ken hosted a popular musical program on KFDM Radio and at the same time promoted live shows featuring such singing legends as

Hank Williams Sr. (WHO IS ALSO AN EYE WITNESS) and Ernest Tubb.

During his stint in the military, Ken worked on Armed Forces Radio, and upon returning to Beaumont affiliated with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI). In 1956, he was granted the first music-publishing license here, and at the time it was among the earliest in the state.

In 1958, his first major success came when he co-produced the recording that took J.P. “Big Bopper” Richardson to national fame. With two novelty songs back to back, the “Chantilly Lace” side became a huge hit and sold in the millions. In the early 1960s, Ken discovered the talents of brothers Johnny and Edgar Winter of Beaumont and produced some of the recordings that ushered them toward legendary status in the rock and blues music fields.

Later, with famed music business personality Jack Clement, Ken co-produced a Capitol Records album by Tex Ritter, all songs being recorded in Beaumont.

During the early 1990s, Ken teamed up with music promoter Joe Carter to form Ritter-Carter Management Corp., which managed country music superstar Tracy Byrd.

During his four terms as mayor of Beaumont, Ken was instrumental in the revitalization of the downtown area. Projects included construction of a new police station, a new central library, new municipal offices, the city’s first civic center, and development of River Front Park. He oversaw development and construction of the Fair Park Coliseum and participated in planning and fund-raising for the Babe Zaharias Museum; plus, acquiring of property for the Beaumont Art Museum and improvement of various thoroughfares and public works.

Ken was a member of Downtown Rotary, Sales and Marketing Executives Club, YMBL, Beaumont Heritage Society and Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.

He served on numerous boards and committees, including the Texas Criminal Justice Council, South East Texas Regional Planning Commission, National Board of Small Business Administration, Economic Development Foundation, Leadership Beaumont, being a graduate of the first class, Baptist Hospital Board. U.S. Conference of Mayors, National League of Cities, and he was a former director of Texas Bank.

Predeceased by his parents, his uncles Tex Ritter and B.A. “Booty” Ritter, and his cousin, actor John Ritter, Ken is survived by Yvonne, his devoted wife of 53 years, son Mark Ritter, daughter Cynthia Ritter, brother Gordon Ritter of Beaumont, and numerous other relatives and friends.

The family wishes to express deepest appreciation to caregivers Thelma Loften, Aundria “Bebe” Johnson, Loria Pete, Stephanie Grant, Essie Whitfield, Peggy Savant and Lynette Garrett; to Texas Total Care and staff, and Odyssey Hospice and staff; to Dr. Rachelle Doody and Dr. Joseph Jankovic of Baylor Neurological, and Dr. Sidney Marchand, family physician; to therapists Rodney Shaw and Michael Hayes; and to Yvonne’s American Real Estate Family.

A memorial service will be held at 2 p.m. Thursday, January 3, 2008, in the sanctuary of Wesley United Methodist Church, 3810 N. Major Drive in Beaumont. A reception will follow the service in the Wesley Family Center.

Honorary pallbearers are Don Cash, Tracy Byrd, Joe Carter, Gordon Ritter, Allan Ritter, James P. Ritter Sr., Jim Ritter Jr., Don Jacobs, Bryan Blevins, Joe Johnson, Al Caldwell, Howard Pittman, Gary Lee Love, Jack Clement and Johnny Preston.

Ken Ritter

Oswald / Jim Reeves

Lee Harvey Oswald was, according to four government investigations, the sniper who assassinated John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Wikipedia

Born: October 18, 1939, New Orleans Died: November 24, 1963, Dallas Spouse: Marina Oswald Porter (m. 1961–1963) Children: June Oswald Parents: Robert Edward Lee Oswald, Sr., Marguerite Frances Claverie

This we now know is a lie. As the evidence now shows Oswald was Country Singer and Song writer Jim Reeves.

James Travis “Jim” Reeves was an American country and popular music singer-songwriter. With records charting from the 1950s to the 1980s, he became well known as a practitioner of the Nashville sound. Wikipedia

Born: August 20, 1923, Galloway Died: July 31, 1964, Williamson County Last album: The Ultimate Collection Albums: Twelve Songs of Christmas, Christmas Songbook, 20 Gospel Favorites, More Movies: Kimberley Jim

But even that is a lie.

Marina / Patsy Cline Oswald / Jim Reeves

Lee Harvey Oswald was, according to four government investigations, the sniper who assassinated John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963. Wikipedia

Born: October 18, 1939, New Orleans Died: November 24, 1963, Dallas Spouse: Marina Oswald Porter (m. 1961–1963) Children: June Oswald Parents: Robert Edward Lee Oswald, Sr., Marguerite Frances Claverie

This we now know is a lie. As the evidence now shows Oswald was Country Singer and Songwriter Jim Reeves.

James Travis “Jim” Reeves was an American country and popular music singer-songwriter. With records charting from the 1950s to the 1980s, he became well known as a practitioner of the Nashville sound. Wikipedia

Born: August 20, 1923, Galloway Died: July 31, 1964, Williamson County Last album: The Ultimate Collection Albums: Twelve Songs of Christmas, Christmas Songbook, 20 Gospel Favorites, More Movies: Kimberley Jim

But even that is

David Rockefeller Jr / Jim Marrs / Bill Cooper / Frank Rizzo / Sheriff Arpaio / John Rex Reeves / Walter Wilhelm

~~~Now for an update. I have been receiving calls from a person calling himself Walter Williams via skype (Walter Wilhelm). It is clearly the person that is known as Bill Cooper. His voice is clearly identifiable as well is the signature cough he begins to develop as the conversation went on close to 3 hours. This is the last portion of it.

I decided to search for Walter Wilhelm since that’s the name he gave me during the phone call.

You can hear I’m not very thrilled to have to sit there and not call him out for who I recognized him as (at that time only bill cooper, I had no idea about the Nazi history until he slipped up and gave the other name , as you hear on the recording, and today deciding to search for it).

You will also notice I threw in the Bill Cooper name in the beginning to see how he would react. Toward the end he brings up cooper and tries to pump me for the info I have on him. You hear me laugh when he tries to bullshit me and states “he’s not trying to scam me.” That’s the reason why I’m posting this, I don’t like being lied to, so since he is trying to scam me he gets exposed.

Audio is bad in the beginning for a few minutes (while I get the recorder up to my ear and situated) it drops out a couple of times for a few seconds but overall you get the Idea and can hear his voice. To download the conversation, click here.

This is the Bill Cooper “driver shot JFK BS” you can see his hands and you can see the shine I talk about during the call.

You will hear him persistently push his agenda, which is the Knights of Malta and the Vatican. These two aspects of this entire fight between good and evil may be valid, but when it comes to me and what I investigate, it is not verifiable, so I do not discuss it. If I can’t get people to see that the actors from one TV show are the same actors they see on the news playing roles in events that push political agendas then how am I going to get people to understand a group of individuals that may or may not have existed thousands of years ago?

Joseph M. “Joe” Arpaio is the elected sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. First voted into office in 1992, Arpaio is responsible for law enforcement in Maricopa County. Wikipedia

Born: June 14, 1932 (age 80), Springfield

Spouse: Ava Arpaio Party: Republican Party Movies: American Drug War: The Last White Hope, America’s Toughest Sheriff

Francis Lazarro “Frank” Rizzo, Sr. was an American police officer and politician. He served two terms as mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from January 1972 to January 1980; he was Police Commissioner for four years prior to that. Wikipedia

Born: October 23, 1920, Philadelphia

Died: July 16, 1991 Spouse: Carmella Silvestri Party: Democratic Party Children: Frank L. Rizzo, Jr.


                                        http://wellaware1.com/artwork/large/jfk/altkins.jpg  altkins                                                                               


[dropcap color=”#eeee22″]O[/dropcap]nce you know who THEY are and their REAL IDENTITY, you then can go back through the history books and see the real story behind the lie that was shown to us. When you see the business deals being done by the pioneers of that period KNOW for a fact they are family, and the deals are rigged. They were and still are conducting business using pseudonyms, so they can operate without the fear of being accused of manipulating the markets and insider trading.

It’s key that you understand this, since it’s the foundation on which everything is built. You don’t just make it in this world you are allowed to succeed, and if you are not welcome (like me) they attack you every move you make. My site has been taken down too many times to count. Then I found out the hosting company that my site was being served from was owned by one of the billionaires themselves. So I switched hosts and then encountered more problems which finally led me to host my site in a foreign country to a voice some of their reach. That helped, but would not of bee enough as they continued to attack that new host. Fortunately for me, but unfortunately for the host they attacked the management on a personal level, which caused them to side with me after they finally understood the attacks were unwarranted and were coming from pseudonym people. So I know what I’m talking about having first had experience dealing with them. You can believe me or not its not my problem, but if you choose to believe the bullshit they publish in their books, then you are simply a fool and I can’t help you.

But for those who practice common sense and logic then you will understand the concepts and will be able to apply them you your modern day events that just don’t seem to add up. They shouldn’t because they are all scripted out and are simply made for TV movies.

Still don’t believe me? How about this to put it into perspective. The images to the right are only two of the hundreds of government officials I have exposed as being actors. We seem a large majority of them coming from Canada and are members of the Royal Families. If you doubt what I’m telling you it is simple to validate my work all you have to do is look at the spouse of the individuals in question and you will see that I am correct. We can take it one step further as the individuals playing the role of their spouse will almost always be their sibling or a parent. This is how they keep the secret by ensuring that no one talks.



Everything and nothing at the same time. Once you understand what I have just explained to you, per the history being rigged, you will be ready to understand that the event you have come to know as the JFK Assassination is nothing more than the same old crap as all the rest. The important thing to know about this event is, WHO the people that push the propaganda are and how they are all related to each other. This has been the major oversight that we in the research community have overlooked.

The information/evidence is as they want it to be. Therefore the answers you will conclude from it are simply what they want you to conclude. The legality behind this event is nothing law breaking because the event you believe happened didn’t happen at all.

Now before you start calling me crazy, stop yourself and think for a moment. Apply some logic to this eliged event and lets see where you stand afterwards. This event “The assassination” of a US president, where film was recorded of the event but WAS NOT SHOWN TO THE PUBLIC TILL almost 13 years after the date it was said to of taken place. Now I ask you, if you film a crime, especially a federal crime that involved the murder of a president and the attempted assassination of a Governor, who do you think owns the rights to the film? This isn’t a creative work that you filmed (or was it) because I seriously doubt you would retain possession of the material that would be used in a court of law to determine the party responsible for the act. You most certainly would not be in a position to demand money for the film as it is state evidence in a federal murder trial if not on a grand scale since it was a president. Now from the publics perspective, EVERYTHING you think you know about that event comes from individual’s who claim they were there and people who claim to be experts on the event because of their own personal research and publication’s of the evidence they claim is genuine.

Can we agree on this so far? Good. Now I want you to consider how you would feel if I showed you that all those eye witnesses and all those so called experts are all either relatives to one another, or belong to one or more of the following organizations. They are as follows:
The Grand Ol Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Rock n Role Hall of Fame, and the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

If I show you the evidence are you capable of understanding that these family members all have ties to the major publishing industry, such as Simon and Schuster, and have direct ties to the network CBS which if you know your history was renamed after it was bought from the individual’s known as Lucy and Desi Arnez, of Desilu Production’s. Now what If I were to show you those two have direct blood ties to the Roosevelt’s and members of the Roosevelt’s are the founders of the media empire known as Disney. Do you think you can understand that all of those involved have every reason to keep you believing their bullsh*t because this event is also known as the $TRILLION event. For the past 50 years they have profited immensely from the lie. I don’t think you can name another event that has had more books written about it and more documentaries produced on the topic a this. Additionally, the profits that have been made payable to the city of Dallas as its a point of interest where sight seers from all parts of the globe gather to stand on the spot where it was said to of all taken place.

Are you beginning to understand the other side of the lie? Are you now understanding the level of lie we are talking about? If your argument is well its a crime what they did, my response is what crime would you be talking about? The non event that you believe that the TV shows you? The lie that you believed propagated by those with direct links to the networks and publishing companies that make up the BIG 6. If you don’t know who the BIG 6 refer to, then you should take a look at the diagrams on the right hand side of the page and you will understand that EVERYTHING you see or hear about on the TV or RADIO is owned by these 6 conglomerates. It is in their best interest to condition you into reactionary fools who refuse to stop for one second and contemplate LOGIC and Critical thinking. If you broke free from that conditioned state you would begin to understand the control they have over that you believe is reality. NOT Take that understanding and apply it to a time when there were only THREE channels on your TV to choose from. Do you think those three channels could influence the perception of reality the population believes real? You better believe they do!

consumer goods


[quote font=”palatino” font_size=”16″ font_style=”italic” color=”#dd8500″ bgcolor=”#847e7d” bcolor=”#dd0000″]

Everything you believe to be true about history is either 100% a lie or based on a lie.


They have conditioned you into depending on them to the point that if they were to stop providing you with their business I highly doubt you would be able to survive the chaos that would quickly ensue afterwards.

I consider myself a pretty resourceful person, I guarantee you I would last longer then most but depending on your locations even the best survivor of them all will quickly expire because of the inability to grow their crops fast enough to provide them with what they will need in the immediate two weeks after a collapse were to happen. BUT there is no need to worry about this scenario, as I explain how it will never come to that point.

You are a free person. Some might not agree but they are not seeing the whole picture. Let me explain before you begin to start with the usual bashing. You are free to participate in this society or not. That is the first level of understanding. You can choose to isolate yourself in some distant mountain woods, and provide for yourself and no one will care or come to bother you. If you choose to partially participate in this society by selling your goods to the people that are fully involved in this country (similar to what you would see of the Amish, you will be using resources such as roads to get your goods to places where people can purchase them. This will cause you to partially be responsible for the maintenance of those roads and the services that come with the commerce you are taking part in. Are we clear at this point?

So if you want to live as the Amish do, then you are free to do so, goodbye I’ll come say hello to you on the weekends at the farmers market where you sell your products to the consumers.

But for the majority of the rest of us we don’t have the ability to drop out and in most cases I would argue the knowledge of supporting your self has been conditioned out of you and you rely on the corporations that create this illusion. You think you have a free market economy but in reality the choices you get to pick from are what they have chosen for you. Coke or Pepsi, take your pick. I only half joking about the Coke or Pepsi, but not really when you take a look at the consumers market share and who is at the top.

Here is the light at the end of the tunnel. The corporations that control your perception of reality are bound by their corporate charters. That corporate charter makes it MANDATORY for them to choose Profit over people.

Now hold up, I thought you said this was the light at the end of the tunnel for the people. It doesn’t sound like it so far.

Here are the facts you need to know. They are bound by the same laws you and I are bound by. A corporation is considered a person. That is Fact. Artificial persons. Persons created and devised by human laws for the purposes of society and government, as
distinguished from natural persons. Corporations are
examples of artificial persons. Corporate charter. Document issued by state agency or
authority (commonly Secretary of State) granting corporation legal existence and right to function (i.e., conduct
business) as a corporation; or, may mean document filed
with Secretary of State on incorporation of a business;
e.g., articles of incorporation. See also Charter; Corporate franchise. Corporate citizenship. Corporate status in the state of
incorporation, though a foreign corporation is not a
citizen for purposes of the Privileges and Immunities
Clause (U.S.Const., Art. IV, § 2). Bank o

Blacks law
That person is dependent on YOU AND ME to buy their goods of they will go out of business. Their one and only driving force is the profit they get from the selling of their services to the people. Unfortunately this sometimes means that a few of us will die for them to make that profit but in the long run their requirement for that profit over the people that die along the way is what protects the rest of us from them allowing another person (corporations or Country) from dropping a few bombs on our cities and killing the people of this nation.

Do you see what I’m saying? All the talk about the president pulling the plug on the internet, and all the dooms day people prophesying about the end of civilities is redirect that is created by some of the corporations that make money when you rush out to buy the books that these people produce. The same people push this bullshit on the alternative media outlets again owned by the same corporations that need to keep you ignorant to the truth. If there was a threat to the internet do you thin for a second that Google, Microsoft, Ebay, PayPal, and all the other multi billion dollar industry providers who make 90+% of their revenue would allow that to happen? Are you beginning to see that all this talk of being rounded up and put in FEMA camps is NONSENCE when you look to see the network you are hearing that crap coming from is in fact being broadcast by corporation’s that are selling you things during the commercial breaks and if for one second there was any truth to these claims of being put in work comes were true you would see immediate actions from the corporations that only care about one thing, profit. SO IF YOU ARE NOT THERE TO BUY THEIR GOODS THEN THEY CANT MAKE A PROFIT. If the president was considering pulling the plug on the internet YOU BETTER BELIEVE those corporations I mentioned would be on the door step the following morning demanding his removal. You would see the banding of corporations who’s profit stream being threatened turn into the biggest army pushing to removal of the threat to their corporations life. So the same laws that give the corporation life , the same laws that were created by those in power, are the same laws that protect your way of life.

Are we clear about this so far? I’m not saying its a perfect life, but the possibility is there just as long as you wake up and shake off the control of some of those corporations. Those corporations are the media publishing companies that are in total control of your perception of reality. These same corporations date back hundreds and hundreds of years and the members that make up the owners families and board members are all interwoven with each others business in a way that if you knew who they truly are would throw such a fit that it would cause them to run for the hills in a few days of being ousted.

Now that you have a 30,000 foot view of the situation we are in lets dive down a bit and start at a point in our history that is not so far in the past that you won’t be able to relate to it or see the direct lineage of the members that make up its family tree without some help of a computer and hours of time to invest reading.

A pivotal point in our history cam around the time of President Roosevelt, that’s Teddy not his relative who was in office shortly thereafter and was used as a asset while the members of the family had time to work there way into government here in the states as well as in the nations that were needed during the time of WWII.


To learn more about Teddy Roosevelt and to understand the family tree visit my other pages that focus on the family. As they pertain to the JFK event you will see that “the Family” as I call them are in fact the direct decedents of this Roosevelt, or Van Rosenberg family that stem from Germany, and Holland. There is some Irish mixed in and the influence of the Royal Crown are still at play.

Every one of our Presidents are related to the blood line. Your vote hardly matters since the individuals you are voting for are all related.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the poster to the right an you will see the proof that the Bush family is really the Kennedy family and they are ultimately Roosevelt’s.

Ross Perot’s grandfather is President Taft who is really the Brother of Teddy Roosevelt, Elliot Roosevelt. He also played the role of JP Morgan and if you are aware of the credit given to Teddy for going head to head against the massive empire of JP Morgan, which is referred to as the Trust Busting legislations you will now understand that legislations was simply a way for the Roosevelt’s to cap off their competition while they continues to grow in size and control by the use of pseudonym names to cover the fact that the business deals we believe as the ill-edged deals are in fact just the family creating more layers of corporations to distance you and I from being able to link them all to the family that would be found linked to the same Crown that we as American’s fraught to remove its control of us when we were just colonies on a newly stolen land.

The deals that pertained to the Bethlehem steel and the other providers of the raw materials needed for war, were being put in place while other members of the family were in office pushing for those conflicts to happen. At the same time other members of the family were making sure the fuel needed for BOTH sides of the war were being provided by yet again the same family owned corporations as the steel. The “Propaganda” arm of the event were handed over to yet again another family run business and that would be DISNEY who were given the contract to produce the propaganda films for both the American market and the British market. All while Walt played both roles of Disney founder and Hitler, while the rest of his Roosevelt family members (Brothers) played the top Hitler Nazi. How effin convenient. All this while his cousin Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT who they refer to as FDR just as a way of making it more distant then to just call him ROOSEVELT making it easier to connect the dots, sat as president of the US who lets not forget offered the role of Heads of the Federal Reserve to Joseph P Kennedy SR (who if you are aware of my work know that is Kermit Roosevelt’s BROTHER Quentin Roosevelt. He declined the offer but took up the offer to be in charge of the governing body that would be the ones to go after the family if ever anyone figured out they were breaking the monopoly laws that their father Teddy Roosevelt was given credit for pioneering. As the SEC are the agency that would investigate and charge them with the crimes of manipulating the stock market. Joseph, also accepted the position of Ambassador of the US over in London during the war, and funny he would do so as his daughter Rose Kennedy, a child they tried to remove from the history books by claiming she was retarded and left incapacitated and unable to take care of herself after a botched lobotomy that was authorized by her father, cause them to put her in a mental hospital. BUT in reality when you look closely at that whole lie you will see she is actually Margaret Thatcher who just as the rest of the family played important roles in the war.

Top Rosemary Kennedy, Below Margaret Thatcher. Same person.

ABOVE: His daughter Rose Kennedy (who they claim was left retarded after a lobotomy that her father authorized, and was subsequently shipped off to London because they didn’t want the public to know the truth about what happened to her. BULLSH*T in part true, but they didn’t want the public to know what happened to her because she became who you know as MARGARET THATCHER. bottom photo)

Are you beginning to see who these people are? By the time the JFK Assassination HOAX took place these families were thoroughly entrenched in our government and in involved heavily in the government’s of the nations who make up yet another scam perpetrated buy the same individuals known as the United Nations. But that story is for a different page.

Case in point here:

The Hollywood studios. Disney = Kermit Roosevelt (AKA Hitler), at the same time Joseph P Kennedy Sr (who was really Quentin Roosevelt, Kermit brother) was investing heavily in other Hollywood studio, that from the publics perception were considered competition to the Disney Studios, (But now you see with just that one bit of information, the game is understood, now expand on that knowledge and the fact that those who were in control them have children, and they have children, who have all been handed the free pass by their family members and are funded to the point they have their own businesses and take part in the same game with their other family members who they play favorite’s with. Even to the point of the family who are in government play favorites, which allows them to give their relatives grant money that is funded by your tax dollars. Ultimately above it all they are all the same family.


Thus they are all in the game and on the same side. That side is not the side you are on, but must play by the same rules as you do. IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT as they are equal to you, and just because they have billions at their dispose they MUST abide by the same laws or face criminal charges). Warner Brother = Family. MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer = Family. Then we have the likes of TEX Ritter (who created the film industry in Arizona and

was one of the founding members of the TV networked in NY)When you hear the name Ritter I want you to think of the name Rockefeller, since that straw family is made up of the members of the Roosevelt’s, Ritter’s, . also with the help of other family members from Texas creating what is known as Country music today. If you have seen my documentary on the JFK assassination hoax you know all the players in that event, are ALL members of the halls of fame, Country, Rock, Rockabilly, and the Grand Ole Opry. We see TEX (who by the way is in the Warren report for his dealings with Jack Ruby (HIS SON David Kenneth Ritter, from his first marriage that no one talks about) goes to NY to pioneer the creation of the TV side of the moving picture genre.

Knowing my work on the JFK HOAX you know Oswald and Marina are Jim Reeves (TEX Ritter’s best friend, he grew up with and Marina is Patsy Cline, who TEX just so happens to be the last person she was seen with before her plane crash. HE is also a friend, of all the other musicians who died in plane crashes (the Big Bopper, Richard Steven Valenzuela, known as Ritchie Valens, (was an American singer, songwriter and guitarist. A rock and roll pioneer and a forefather of the Chicano rock movement,), Bob Wills, etc. Etc. Seems plane crashes were Tex Ritter’s favorite scam as you can see who he learned that trick from, but more about TEX in a moment.)

Your proof is in front of you as you can see Marinas Daughter is the same person as Patsy Clines.

That is your proof. They are the same person. 100% SOLID PROOF that confirms my work.


Remember I always say “when in doubt, check the spouse.” this rule of thumb is how anyone without any training in the field of forensics can plainly see what I’m saying is fact all that is required is the understanding of common sense and logic. If you lack any of those requirements then I feel for you and the profession of ACTING that you are probably part of must be one of internal drama causing your need for drama to cause nothing but misery for you. (I’m only partially joking)

All kidding aside as if you have made it to this point then you most likely are getting the picture and will be in need of some solid facts to base your new foundations of reality upon.

Kennedy Carter comparison


Clearly when you compare the ears of the person known as Jimmy Carter to that of the person known as JFK you can see they are the same. As mentioned previously the further matching of their wives is the icing on the cake. This proves without a doubt they are the same individual.




















Ear Biometrics

Using Biometrics as tools for the investigation, we find the use of ear Biometric image evaluation very promising, especially since the subjects are people that are photographed frequently. From the point of view of image processing, ears offer several advantages over complete faces: reduced spatial resolution, a more uniform distribution of color, and less variability with expressions and the orientation of the face. These advantages together with its identification richness, make ear images appropriate to be used as an identification method. When we take those findings and combine them with Handwriting analysis, facial landmark evaluation, and other personal biometric traits, you can see the matching of the individuals is unquestionable. But the additional evidence of their spouse matching and children just adds to the mountain of evidence against these individuals

Handwriting Evaluation

Using Biometrics as tools for the investigation, we find the use of ear Biometric image evaluation very promising, especially since the subjects are people that are photographed frequently. From the point of view of image processing, ears offer several advantages over complete faces: reduced spatial resolution, a more uniform distribution of color, and less variability with expressions and the orientation of the face. These advantages together with its identification richness, make ear images appropriate to be used as an identification method. When we take those findings and combine them with Handwriting analysis, facial landmark evaluation, and other personal biometric traits, you can see the matching of the individuals is unquestionable. But the additional evidence of their spouse matching and children just adds to the mountain of evidence against these individuals

Jimmy or Jack?

Jackie / Rosalyn / Monroe

We can clearly see the measures taken to conceal the true identity of the person in question. We see the makeup techniques used to give the illusion its foundation. Where the fantasy fails is when you hear the voice and see the handwriting plus include the evidence surrounding her spouse and the case is made.



After you view the video of both individuals you clearly see with your own two eyes and ears that we have been deceived on a scale almost incomprehensible. But when you realize how simple it was for them to pull this off you see how the same techniques have been applied across the bard with regards to our believed history of this nation as well as many other foreign nations that we consider allies.




So on the other side of the family (the side branching from Elliot Roosevelt, Teddy’s brother who becomes Taft His Vice president, and later played the role of JP MORGAN The person Teddy went head to head with to get the Wilson Act in place Was JP Morgan AKA Elliot Roosevelt, his brother. Who was also Taft, his Vice President (what a scam) Taft was hand selected by Teddy to take the presidency when he stepped down. The only president, in history that the former president hand selected, and put in office without an election (hahahah more CRAP) So that branch of the tree is where you see Perot (A known successful banker) comes from (remember Kermit Roosevelt was also known as a Banker and was the top one in Argentina. Coincidentally is where they seem to always locate the Nazi war criminals. That family today owns a large .Cattle / Dairy farm there today, as I located MAX Kaiser the internet talk show host who is known for his background as a banking guru, lives. (Ahahah whatever). Joseph P Kennedy a banker Teddy a banker, TAFT = aka JP moreGAINS a banker, and so on and so on)

The Lie that Shaped a Nation.

On November 22, 1963, we the people were fed a lie that would shape this nation for generations to come. The lies that, we’re told, and the people that told them, are still in a position today,

The individuals that we were told are the experts, as well as in the so-called eyewitnesses, share common connections that if they were known to the public, this game would be exposed. All the individuals have ties to one or more of the following organizations;

Country Music Hall of Fame, the Rockabilly Hall of Fame, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and The Grand Ole Opry.

When I first discovered this connection to the music industry I was shocked to see how blatant some of these individuals were, especially during a time when they were pretty well known. But by the use of lens distortion and just the naiveté of the common viewer they were able to pull this delusion off and continue to keep the lie covered until now.

They don’t call this the $1,000,000,000,000 event just for the hell it. It has made many individuals rich and has supplied them with a source of constant revenue stream their entire lives. It has given the city in Dallas billions of dollars in revenue as people flocked to Dealey Plaza every November 22. The Dallas police department benefited as well, but the who benefited the most you might wonder, that would be the news networks.

It’s time now to see the truth with your own eyes and apply those facts to reality in hold these individuals accountable for the lies that they perpetrated on this country for the past 50 years. This one single event was a turning point for this nation and the lie that shaped the mentality of the culture for generations to come was based on a fictional events. In my research it has come to my understanding that every major event that you see in the history books or see on TV has been scripted way in some way manipulated by the same individuals that were involved in these event.

Keep in mind you are talking to a person that was the medical illustrator for two JFK Assassination books one sat as number 1 on the New York Times Best selling list for 6 weeks and in the top ten for 16 weeks. So this information was as difficult if not more difficult that any of the findings to date.. But I will say that when compared to all the other evidence it ranks among the top due to being proven not just with Ear Biometrics of one individual., we have the hand writing of the individuals involved as well as supporting evidence that make this event 100% proven to be a fiction.


The Voice is the give away.

Please remember this content is original. You will not find it anywhere else. Its has taken hundreds of hours of digging and documenting archival data to make this all possible. If you find it useful in any way please consider supporting wellaware1.com. Its your support that makes it possible, and you see the results, unlike other media watchdog sites that claim to be looking out for the people but never seem to have anything to show for their claimed work.



The photographic evidence is clear. The only thing people have a problem with is understanding how simple it was for them to pull it off. After all its not like today where you can watch an event live on the television. The events that transpired that day were simply told to the news media and they repeated it. There were no news media in the plaza, it wasn’t until 1973 when Groden and Dick Gregory show the nation the Zapruder film on Geraldo’s Good Night America show, for everyone to finally see the assassination (hoax) video. Everything you know you got from the media and so called “eye witnesses”. THEY LIE, and many so far have been shown to have affiliations with the “Family” or “Families” I have been investigating.

As you watch this documentary you will understand who the individuals are that are behind this. As per why they did what they did , that is a question you will have to ask them (at lease the ones that are still alive and their children that are continuing the lie.

Thanks to all who donated and made the part II of this series possible.

JFK Assassination EXPOSED II section 1-3




JFK Assassination EXPOSED II section 2-3

This contains the video that was removed without my permission by the DVD manufacturers. Once I discovered this, I decided to release it for free to spite their attempts to stop the video from being released.



(Pay attention to when Bobby walks up to the tall man in his office. Listen as he calls him “Tipper” You will understand why as you watch it.
JFK Assassination EXPOSED II section 3-3



The evidence is as follows:

No he is not Jack ruby but is related to him. David would be his Uncle.


The Three Tramps

danny dill

Harold Lloyd Jenkins


Whitey Ford

Westley Buel

Westley Buel, AKA many.

As you see in the photo above we caught Wesley down at Dealey Plaza the week before the Anniversary. Mr Buel is not telling you everything though..

Ken Ritter

Without question they are the same individual.

Ken Ritter

Ken Ritter

Ken Ritter

Ken Ritter

Ken Ritter

Ken Ritter


Ken Ritter


The file containing the mug shot was found in the JFK documents in the Dallas Archive .

Next time you listen to Garrison, think of Orson Wells and you will see they are the same individual.

. Ken Ritter

Ken Ritter

Even his daughter matches.

James Finley

Amos Lee Euins

Marina Oswald Porter

Marina and her husband Kenneth Porter AKA Rupert Murdock, Lyndon Larushe

Lyndon’s wife as you can see is Marina


You can deny it all you want, but you cant deny it based on the photographic and scientific evidence since that is fact. The reason many disagree is simply based on their inability to understand how the process works. Claiming this as your reason is like saying “I don’t know how to perform brain surgery, so therefor it must not exist.” As ludicrous as that sounds that is precisely what you are saying when you disregard the photographic evidence that I talk about. Even more so is the offence when you don’t even look at the evidence, and have a wall of illogical disbelief built before I finish my sentence.


UPDATE June 13th 2014

Zapruder Identified as Col Tom Parker Jay Wagner is Vernan Presley

Elvis’ Father and Manager both playing JFK roles

Abraham Zapruder was played by Elvis’ Manager Col Tom Collins. You can see him here giving his first interview to Jay Watson. Funny that since Jay is Elvis’s father Vernan Presley.

IN addition to those two we also see Elvis’ Bass Player Bill Black playing the role of Charles Brhemn and DJ Fontana also playing the role of a reporter that day.

Bill Black – Elvis’ Bass Player


All the EYEWITNESS’ are members of musical hall of fames

Elvis’ Drummer DJ Fontana

Finally they are all EXPOSED

That is Ross Perot Jr.

TEX Ritter is Nelson Rockefeller

Ken Ritter

Ken Ritter

The photo above shows Tex Ritter and the Ritter brothers Gordon and David (Kenneth) together working in the studio. As you read the right up to the left you will see that he was responsible for producing some of the big Bopper as music.. This is key because as you will find out that every person involved in the JFK assassination hoax are members of the Grand Ole Opry.

James Tague EXPOSED

Ken Ritter

Officer Tippit was Carl Perkins

Ken Ritter

As the pieces finally were uncovered and placed together we begin to see the Hoax for what it really was and the connection that all of the eyewitnesses had with each other. This is the reason they wont talk but that’s OK, we can verify it by ourselves.

Ronnie Self

We can see Ronnie outside the School book depository after the hoax took place, then we see him inside the jail hanging around. He was then put in the line up with oswald as we see him handcuffed to him.

Ken Ritter

With the image above we see a person that looks similar to Ronnie Self. Since I cant find any good photos of his ears to use in an evaluation we can resort to using his son’s ears. We can see the genetic traits are passed down to the children, and the only difference is the blending of the parents. So you get a little of each parent, sometimes one more than the other but you swill see the traits passed on, and we can use that as a base for our investigation.. As you can see the traits are visible so we can confirm this is Ronnie Self via his sons ears.

Dallas Patrol Man

Ken Ritter

Marina Oswald was Patsy Cline

As we discovered and reported in my last documentary, Marina was played by patsy Cline. If you don’t believe me then take a look at the next photo.

Ken Ritter

To verify it all you need to do is look at the daughter.

Ken Ritter

Patsy Cline’s husband was Cowboy Hawkins who was supposed to have died in the plane crash with her. But as we see Mr. Dick is in fact Cowboy.

Ken Ritter

Desilu Productions AKA CBS


One of the eyewitnesses that day was Carlos Bringer. Carlos was an activist from Cuba whose testimony states that he witnessed Oswald with the sign saying, Viva Castro. He also states that Oswald tried to infiltrate his group.

Carlos was actually played by Desi Arnaz, the alleged husband of Lucy. The production company that they started, called Desilu, is now current day CBS.

Clay Shaw

Eddie Benavides Tippit Murder Eye Witness

Ken Ritter

Mr. Benavides was an eyewitness to the Tippit murder. But was actually played by Porter Wagoner. Porter, it was the host of his self-named show, had all of the participants in the JFK assassination hoax as guests at some point or another.

His relationship with Dolly Parton, who was one of the Jack Ruby’s dancers, is well known, and just like all the rest of the individuals involved in the JFK event that day, share a common link as they are all members of one or more of the following organizations. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Country Music Hall of Fame, Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and The Grand Ole Opry.

Hello Dolly

Ken Ritter


Did you know that Dolly Parton was one of jack ruby’s girls? Yes, she was. As we see or hear she played the role of Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Phil Willis is Speedy West

Ken Ritter

Phil Willis, an eye witness , who I interviewed personally, can be seen on the video that I shot which the screen shot is taken from. He is the musician known as speedy west. So again we see the connection to all the rest of the musicians are involved and that day.

Additionally, his wife who I also interviewed, which this screen shot is taken from, is none other than Grand Ole Opry member, Kitty Wells.

Ken Ritter


Hawkshaw Hawkins


Ken Ritter

On the left is Harold Franklin Hawkins (December 22, 1921 – March 5, 1963), better known as Hawkshaw Hawkins, was an American country music singer popular from the 1950s into the early 60s known for his rich, smooth vocals and music drawn from blues, boogie and honky tonk. At 6 ft 5 inches tall, he had an imposing stage presence, and he dressed more conservatively than some other male country singers. Hawkins died in the 1963 plane crash that also killed country stars Patsy Cline and Cowboy Copas. He was a member of the Grand Ole Opry and was married to country star Jean Shepard.

On the right is the person who was the first at the scene of the plane crash. They are the same person.

Eyewitness to person in the window with a gun


Ken Ritter

On the right is an eye witness to the Assassination. On the left is Janette Carter, on of the Carter Sisters. Members of the Grand Ole Opry. They are the same person once again.


Ken Ritter

ON the left We have another Eye witness to the assassination and we see the same individual. as a member of the Grand Ole Opry, just like all the others that played a role in the staged HOAX assassination.


Ken Ritter


Ron Reiland, the WFAA reporter who reported a man with a shotgun was spotted running into the theatre where they claim to have arrested Oswald. (Note the hair line, and you will hear the voice is a match when you view it in the video.)

Eye witness in the plaza


Ken Ritter

Yet another Music related eye witness.

Ken Ritter

When you watch the video, you can clearly hear that he sounds exactly like Eddie Murphy. That was why I began to look for Eddie’s father. When I found him you can see he has the scar above his tip lip just as Chuck Berry. They are the same person.

Ken Ritter

Skeeter Davis is still alive

Ken Ritter



Ken Ritter

Buddy Holly and the Crickets

bobby and tommy

Bobby Kennedy Possible Tom Lasorda

Each time I look into these cases I see more and more connections to Baseball, Government, and foreign operations into Cuba and the South Americas. I would imagine what we are seeing is the CIAA that was headed up by Nelson Rockefeller (who we know was Tex Ritter and behind the planning of the HOAX known as the Kennedy Assassination. Nelson was on stage with Bobby just moments before they claim he was shot. He was the last person seen with Patsy Cline (marina Oswald ) before her plane went down. He grew up with Jim Reeves (Oswald) and Jim had a plane crash. Also we have Buddy Holly and Richie Vallens and several others that all seem to have connections to Tex Ritter/Nelson Rockefeller.


John Rex Reeves was born and raised in Panola County, Texas. He grew up listening to country music on the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, Louisiana. He was first inspired by Hank Williams and later by his uncle, the late and great Jim Reeves. After graduating from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas with a BS degree, he served in the U.S. Army as a member of the White House Staff and performed as a singer whenever the opportunity occurred.


TEX Ritter

That is your proof right there

D.B. Cooper / Laurence Spelman Rockefeller

D.B. Cooper Identified as another BS Rockefeller money making scam. Just as all the other fear porn they create so the rest of the world will eat it up and buy their documentaries and books, all while they laugh all the way back to their Chase bank with your hard earned money.

Chevy Chase / Jay Rockefeller

Unfortunately we have been playing their game for a long time. Well that’s about to come to an end as the people now see who these liars are and will be able to hold them accountable. The use of a pseudonym goes both ways, but ultimately its use is a way to avoid accountability as they operated without any attachment to their deeds.

This image was brought to my attention. After reviewing it I can say it is a fraud do to the following reasons:

It contains multiple focal points. By that I mean the person closest to the camera is in focus, the people on the podium are in focus, the woman holding the umbrella is out of focus, then the background is back in focus. This is physically impossible since the camera only has one lens therefor one focal point.

Update, brothers or nephew, and uncle. Either way both liars.


He got in trouble for being such a shady businessman, that he ruined any chance of him getting elected to office in the US (his reputation was that bad) So he creates the person PRESCOTT BUSH. (Hell If he can’t get into office, he will make sure his sons will, and yes I said Son’s) His 1st son they claim died in a plane crash (oh what a coincidence, that was how he killed off his first identity Quentin) was Joseph P Kennedy JR = who is now HW BUSH. His other son JACK Kennedy

More History REMEMBER 1933 (33 Club at Disney, their favorite number) is when the first broadcast TV hit the public. WHERE WAS THAT? – OHHHHhhhh BERLIN Are you connecting the dots now?

This is not photo shopped and is a photo that anyone can get from numerous archives. That is Ross Perot in the German Uniform. You can see the photos below that show him and HW Bush together posing for their photos at Hitler’s house.

So in the election that you have Clinton, HW Bush and Perott You know now they are all from the same family. So it didn’t matter who you vote for. They don’t have to rig the count , they don’t care because who ever you pick is still the family. They win no matter what.

And you thought old Billy Boy Clinton was from an outside family. HA! All the same!

So Perot is HW Bushes Cousin, which means the presidential election where you have HW Bush running against Perot, and also Clinton, ARE ALL FAMILY! SO IT DIDN’T MATTER WHO YOU VOTED FOR.

They don’t mess with the ballots, all that talk is a bunch of bull. THEY DON’T NEED TO WHEN ALL THE CANDIDATES ARE RELATED.

Skip back again to the time of the Great Depression (yet another slap in the face because it was Great for them only) and the years of prohibition

(inhibition. Definition 1. Conscious or unconscious lack restraint of a behavioral process, a desire, or an impulse; the opposite of inhibition.

Again a slap in your face as they use their media assets to keep you in a state of fear, causing you to be reactionary to their lies) HUMMMmmmm who owned the rights and still does to this day, many of the major alcohol labels starting with Dewar’s Whiskey? That would be Joseph P Kennedy Sr again. Who made countless millions while his relatives in the White House waged the FAKE war on the Alcohol, which drove the black market consumption of the product. In turn increased its value translating into HUGE TAX FREE MONEY for those overseas, where the liquor was being produced, and largely by the family members, who, as I mentioned, were in office. They also created the depression, and were just about the only people to make a profit during that time?


WHO started the CIA? And before that the CIAA? (Disney was put as the lead of the CIAA) but who put him there? Nelson Rockefeller

(AKA TEX Ritter)



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