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UCLA Shooting With Lesson On How To Spot A Fake Event

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UCLA Shooting With Lesson On How To Spot A Fake Event


I am Ed Chiarini, Dallasgoldbug on YouTube and social media. I’m the founder of WellAware1.com a website where I host my work over the past 8 years exposing the corruption in government and the media manipulators who are the real enemy of humanity.

I’m a trained medical illustrator with two best-selling books to my name. Since serving in the US Air Force I continued my education in the field of bio-metric forensic technology. I use a multi-modal approach when investigating these actors which can range from the ear, teeth, dorsal vein, and facial landmark examinations. To further support my findings we include the examination of the person of interests spouse and family members if images are available.

When you see the conclusive evidence that is accepted in courts combined with eh evidence that their spouse and immediate family members are playing roles as the supporting actors in these events, you know for fact they are who I say they are. Take the information I provide you and use it as the tool to further hold our elected official’s feet to the fire and keep shutting down their perception management operation.

This video uses a school shooting that took place at UCLA as an example for what to listen and watch for, so you will know for fact, regardless of whatever the media is telling you, the event is a hoax.

The staged drills are part of DHS HSEEP grant program, which gives money to the host of a domestic terrorist drill. Active shooting scenarios fall under within this category as they are referred to as an act of domestic terrorism.

You can search HSEEP on DHS’s website and you will see everything I am telling you is fact as well as the forms the actors have to fill out so they may participate called actor wavier forms.

I’ve been exposing these events since the Gabby Giffords HOAX and was the first person to go public with the EXPLAN document that was leaked from DHS. Since I released that information on Joyce Riley’s The Power Hour Radio show I have focused my life on the exposing of the actors behind the productions.

The term The Actor Based Reality, is what I called it. Since we base a large part of our education on what we experience through the mainstream media only to find out everything you see on those corporate-owned platforms is scripted out, and this included the news.

Feel free to comment but as you will learn in this video those with generic avatar accounts with little or no subs and friends will simply get ignored if you attack. We are well aware of the media hiring of bloggers to support their narrative and make comments on the stories they produce in order to give them longevity and therefore more profit. So you will be getting no bonus money here because we will not be baited into responding to your gambit.

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