Wanda Sykes Just Another Government Agent

That is Wanda Sykes, without a doubt.  Go to my facebook page to see the discussion and evidence.

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Ahnis Aura
Ahnis Aura Haha!! Sho nuff..

Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison and sandra bland is serena williams correct?

Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison wow i can clearly see that’s wanda sykes as soon as i google her lol

Tutu Mercury
Tutu Mercury That voice*…

Scott Harrison
Scott Harrison threw this together just now

Scott Harrison's photo.

Pat White
Pat White I’d know that voice anywhere! Was a fan but now that this has been revealed not any more.

Brenda Jo Rodgers
Brenda Jo Rodgers Thanks to information like this, celebs and all their money mean nothing to me, at all. Thanks Ed Chiarini….

Pat White
Pat White I just became aware of all this a little over a month ago. It has made me look at so many people with a new set of eyes. So grateful to Ed Chiarini.

Ana Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez Definitely Wanda Sykes ! That voice

Brenda Jo Rodgers
Brenda Jo Rodgers Hate shots of her with her mouth open. Laughing hysterically.

Alan Ritter
Alan Ritter Wtf hillary is dead? Abc news feed?

Alan Ritter
Alan Ritter It was just below eds post. Then i went online and it is somehow an article from the 16 of September and it was broadcast by mistake. How does that happen?

Veronica Kolbrin
Veronica Kolbrin The mistake was they didn’t want anyone to know. Just like when Paul of the Beatles died and was replaced as quietly as possible

Spirit Halima
Spirit Halima · Friends with Soapbox Joneszen

F*cking silliness. Why would “Sandra Bland’s” mom have this platform? Smh

Vincent Mancini
Vincent Mancini One of the many goals Spirit it to annoy and agitate the real Right. One of the big things real street REPUBs are constantly point out — real or orchestrated — is the hypocrisy of the Left. This fuels the fake RIGHT-LEFT Paradigm.

Ed Chiarini
Ed Chiarini Other reason is they need content

Jenny Sly
Jenny Sly Good work Eddie as usual..😉

Veronica Kolbrin
Veronica Kolbrin Certainly her voice tone, the flow of the speaking, and the humor matches!

El RoJo Johnson
El RoJo Johnson No getting around that, that is her….wow…

Jenny Sly
Jenny Sly They just don’t even care anymore..cuz people are so effing stupid to see, how they just put that shit in ur face so blatantly..if people can’t see this plain as day..wow it’s a sad thing..WAKE THE FUCK UP SMH!

Debra Pletcher Tollstrup
Debra Pletcher Tollstrup An actor sitting down with another actor poking fun at inappropriate, (scripted) behavior and laughing about it. As a woman, if my husband was exploiting women in such a manner I certainly wouldn’t be a party to a public display laughing about my breaSee More

Da Sitter
Da Sitter Using Actors, clearly that is who that is….

Itai Kunonga
Itai Kunonga · Friends with Dean Graham and 1 other

She is a lesbun…who is her man>

Tutu Mercury
Tutu Mercury Covering there
Tracks by admitting
Eileen M. Newman
Eileen M. Newman That’s got to be her….

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