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ATTENTION: Please do not send me information that pertains to actors playing roles in movies or TV shows, THAT'S WHAT ACTORS DO. It's expected of them to use pseudonyms, and play different characters as entertainment. I'm not in the business of matching actors, but what I am interested in, is those actors that cross the ethical bounds and become paid domestic terrorists. Those individuals that take part in staged events that they know will be used to push legislation that threatens our civil liberties. Any attempt to manipulate your perception of reality is artificial social engineering, and will not be tolerated. They do not have the right to impose their views on society whether perceived as good or bad. Your life is your life, as you should be free from conditioning, especially from those who are paid to act, and have no accountability for what ever damage they cause. So if you have information pertaining to these corrupt individuals, I welcome your contact t.

The objective of WellAware1 is to present the facts about current events that are used to manipulate the perception of the general public. Throughout history, we the people have been lied to by our leaders. This is fact. Lives have been lost due to these lies. That is also fact. When we see events unfold on TV, that are immediately used to further political agenda, you should immediately question its authenticity. Any unanswered questions about things that don't make sense must be answered before we can expect to move forward as a nation.

What we have discovered through the past 4 years of our investigation of the news , and historical events, is that they are either partially influenced, completely scripted out, or fictional but claimed to be factual and produced by the same individuals. When scripted out they will employ actors who are related to approximately 5-8 families. These families have been at the core of historical events since the beginning of this nation and more than likely longer. They are the owners of the media conglomerates and pass down the knowledge from generation to generation and use their connections to continue propagating their lies. They use pseudonyms and straw families to generate the character they need to play the roles as out elected officials and benefit by the lies they generate. When caught, they simply kill off the character and change roles and the pseudonym use make it impossible to track them down and hold them accountable.

To date we have identified numerous U.S. and foreign elected officials as well known Movie and TV actors, and some are even Royalty.

A simple tool you can use that doesn't require you to be trained as we are, is simply to take our findings and look at the person of interests spouse, and/or siblings and children. If the person is playing a long term role (such as a senator) then you can expect to see their immediate family members playing their supporting cast.

The Source of the Problem

PLEASE NOTE: You don't have to agree with who I say the actors are, but you must understand that if even ONE is correct, then we have a MASSIVE problem on our hands, that needs to be corrected.

Rather than fight amongst each other, focus your intentions on getting the legislation changed that will finally close the loophole that allows a person to have a third party individual vouch for their identity, and never have to show any form of ID to run for the office of an elected official. On top of that, they are legally permitted to use a pseudonym name that is not registered to their person. They are not bound by any law that stated they must disclose this to their constituents.

CASE IN POINT. Jessie Ventura. He states himself that it's not his legal name and it is not even registered to his person. Yet he signed official documents while he was Governor of Minnesota. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE REALLY IS, AND YOU VOTED FOR HIM.

The pseudonym use, allows them to avoid any accountability and that in itself is the foundation of the problems that we see in our world today.

Don't believe what I just told you is true? GO ASK YOUR LAWYER, THEY WILL VERIFY IT.

Or download it for yourself


ONE day after releasing this information, Celine Dion canceled all her future shows, and is no longer performing (she claims family (her husband's) illness) Her "husband" Rene is the character we all know as Elvis. Yeah I would be sick to, if I suddenly was shown to of faked my death and for years allowed people to purchase memorabilia at inflated legend prices. (I'm sure he makes a nice size check from generating new/original memorabilia that the label owners can "suddenly find" in a vault and continue to milk the public.) They also began to immediately liquidate all his assets at Graceland.

If thats not telling then I don't know what is.

His mother is what caught my attention as I was looking at Vernon's role in the JFK assassination as well as Elvis' manager Col Tom Parker who played Zapruder.

And if you are wondering about the age difference between him and his wife its due to her really being his daughter. Her mother is Linda, Elvis confessed girlfriend.

As for him not looking too much like the photos when he was younger and sinning, that because you are being shown photos of his brother, who they claim is Celine's brother who Rene grew up with. So you see the truth within the lie as he did grow up with him (but thats because he was his brother) but this also answers the questions about the grave marker being spelled different and is where his twin was buried. It all makes sense when you dig past the Bullsh*t.

Twins run in the family I see.

ELVIS page is updated!






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If you call me crazy then YOU are the problem.


And one for my patriots in other countries, as we the people are the same the world over, also shared is the common enemy that believes in the concept of:

If it works in one country then it will work in the next.



You don't have to take my word for it just look at the former spouse.

We are being scammed!

How about one of the Sandy hook actors that you should recognize.

Ferguson anyone?

How about the ROOT of all the problems, Israel and the connection to Hitler and the JFK HOAX.

How about Ex Vice Presidents?

Again if you don't believe me look at the spouse!

As my opposition tries desperately to divert you from the facts I present here, by trying to mislead you and say this side is satire, they know it is not and they are simply showing that I am striking them where it hurts and they have no recourse other then misrepresenting the facts and outright lying to you on their various websites and blogs. Beware of those who claim to be me, and/or claim that I said something that I haven't. There are MANY out there attempting this, so when you come across them and their claims sound odd, make sure you come here and ask me directly. If you don't see it here or on my Facebook page then question the person and make them show you where they got their info from. (If its not on my site then call their BS)


UPDATE NOV 14th 2014
Ebola Survivor? Nope That's Obamas Half Sister.


UPDATE NOV 11th 2014
Julian Lennon - A Sandyhooker Parent and Waco
ELVIS page new information

UPDATE OCT 12th 2014
Royals page updated

UPDATE OCT 9th 2014
Rothschild's Attack


UPDATE OCT 5th 2014
Rosa Parks Bus Drama a FICTION

UPDATE Aug 31st 2014

By the Supreme Court of Texas!

The final decision can be seen here.

The previous decision.

That is a massive win for the people. Hopefully other states will use this case and set a precedence for you to protect your property, regardless if you are a partial or whole owner of it. Up until this decision you did not have the right to walk outside your own home with your handgun if you were a Co owner (say husband and wife) You could of been arrested. NOW it is case law that protects your rights and even if you are 180th shared owner of your property like I am (as an owner of a condo) it means the common grounds are yours as well as all the other owners to protect by open carry if you so choose. THAT'S of course, if you DON'T have a concealed handgun license. If you have one you're out of luck and must have it concealed.

Special thanks go out to my BAD ASS Lawyer Brian, and to the NRA for backing my case and protecting the rights of people in Texas, as well as helping with the legal fees.

Read more


UPDATE Sept 26th 2014
Yet Another Senator is EXPOSED as a FRAUD


JFK Assassination EXPOSED III
What they don't want you to know.

Is nearing completion. You still have time to reserve your copy at the discounted rate.


Since Jim Garrison was played by Orson Wells you can see how big this discovery truly is.

UPDATE Sept 9th 2014
Terry Gilliam Busted and connection to the JFK Assassination along with many other staged events is clear.

ELVIS page is updated!

UPDATE Aug 31st 2014

UPDATE Aug 29th 2014
The Mike Brown Hoax. Who writes the script?
Michael Brown shooting solved.

UPDATE Aug 27th 2014
Michael Brown shooting solved.

UPDATE Aug 23th 2014
The Ferguson HOAX 3rd video
Michael Brown shooting solved.

UPDATE Aug 20th 2014
Brown Shooting is a DHS Sponsored Drill

UPDATE Aug 14th 2014
1. Elvis has left the building. Celine Deon Cans her future shows, due to family illness. RIGHT more like her husband is sick to his stomach knowing he has been outed and might be held accountable.

2. Google's "Don't Be Evil" something they need to rethink?

3. Brown shooting is fake and a drill

UPDATE Aug 06th 2014
More MTV Jackass BS Don Shipley is outed.

UPDATE Aug 04th2014
Bill Cooper Located and connected to the Greenbergs

UPDATE Aug 02nd 2014
Occupied HOAX
Jamie Kennedy is Gavin Creel
Mark Zuckerfraud AKA Jake Becker,
    Jacob Michael Greenberg

UPDATE July 27th 2014


SANDY HOOK Update 06/10/14
Tie in with Portland's school shooting hoax

The WellAware1 Database Available Online Soon...

Yes, as soon as we raise the funds to hire a Database GURU. (I tried to get the time to work on it but there are not enough hours in the day so I have to admit defeat.) We will make our database available.
We collect and archive massive amounts of evidence each day and want to make those finding available to other researchers since our history books are flawed, and without knowing an accurate frame of reference looking back, then looking forwards becomes very difficult. Archives like ours are rare as it gives you a shocking look back in time at some of the most well known events that shaped this nation.

The sooner we get the funding the quicker we can offer it to you. http://www.gofundme.com/wellaware1

Thanks to everyone who has contributed not just with money but by sharing your free time educating others about the truth.


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Thanks to the AdminBee for all the hard work.

This is "THE place to find the summaries for the latest actor or individual family members playing a role in the main stream media lie/illusion. Visit it often for the ground-breaking, newest exposures. Evaluate and perform your own research on the latest importers and staged events. Remember their faces, for you will see them again. Without this information, you may be fooled and manipulated into emotionally reacting to faked news events. You will never watch the news the same way again. The world is a much better place than you have been lead to believe.

"When reading this material and judging the research, information, diagrams, and photographic comparisons presented, there may be times you feel the truth is more frightening than any fiction. It is part of what Ed describes as "the roller coaster ride" of emotions that people experience when someone discovers that what they thought was history is a sham. The generations of f aux leaders and actors thought we were fools when we gave them our greatest gift -- our trust. Let us prove ourselves now wise by laying claim to our own destiny with the real truth once again."

"Note: There is no charge for access to Ed Chiarini's website, his videos or his supporting materials. Feel free to share the link to his website with others. As long as you do not change the material or charge for the information, you may freely distribute his videos and photo comparisons. No one should ever have to pay for the TRUTH.

A Lesson in Ear Biometrics

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Lighting how it changes the face.



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Behold the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


Rumsfeld is Stef Wertheimer

Latest Hall of Shame Video


CLICK HERE to learn about Ed's Supreme Court Case that involves your rights as a property owner. Consider contributing to his legal fund. Since the outcome effects your rights possess a firearm.


UPDATE July 27th 2014
1. Max Igan Exposed Prince Michael of Kent
    Princess Michael of Kent (his wife) Actor known
    as Susan Michaela Sullivan (from falcon Crest)

UPDATE July 25th 2014

UPDATE July 24th 2014
1. BOMBSHELL!! John Ritter Lives. (as of 2009)


UPDATE July 22th 2014
1. Neil Bush and Tom Udall Exposed

UPDATE July 20th 2014
1. Plane Shoot down HOAX UPDATE
One of the exposed HAS QUIT HER JOB AT RT

2. Marvin Bush Exposed and part of the Sandy Hook HOAX

UPDATE July 19th 2014
1. Cliven Bundy Ranch HOAX page up.

2. Plane Shoot down HOAX UPDATE

3. Gov Dan Malloy Sandy Hook Hooker.

UPDATE July 18th 2014
1. Malaysian Plane Crash

UPDATE July 14th 2014
1. Elvis is alive and not American
And his involvement with the JFK Assassination HOAX
2. Music Legends Page updated

3. Dr Greer of the Disclosure project Identified
4. Kennedy Assassination page updates
5. Sandy Hook page Larry Birkhead involved
6. Alex Jones Outed
7. Shills and liars page updated

UPDATE July 9th 2014
1. White House Press Secretary EXPOSED
2. Giffords shooting Update

3. Governor of Oklahoma Caught

UPDATE July 7th 2014
1. TONY Greenberg Caught FORGING
2. Tony's Father Michael Greenberg Caught

3. Greenberg Family et al. All the pieces together
4. Updated Radio Page for new interviews
5. The Young Turks Anna Part of the Family
6. Mark Dice page updated with Jack Blood

7. Ed's lost GODLIKE PRODUCTIONS interviews FOUND

Got to love how GODlikeproductions are cowards. They ban me from defending myself on their site but let people bash away like little children. HEY GLP GROW SOME BALLS and reinstate my account so I can educate your viewers as to the reality you keep from them.

UPDATE July 6th 2014
1. Erin Brockovich FRAUD
Cher's Sister FRAUD

UPDATE July 4th 2014
1. Kennedy Page Updated
2. Jonestown Massacre HOAX page updated
3. Jeb BUSH exposed
4. Marvin BUSH exposed
5. Sandy Hook Updates
6. Bush Family page updated

UPDATE July 2nd 2014
1. Orly Taitz and the birthers page added
2. Mark Dice page added
3. William Lewis AKA Mugga page added

UPDATE June 27th 2014
James "Jim" Fetzer Exposed Opposition

UPDATE June 24th 2014
1. Reynolds High School shooter HOAX
2. BUNDY ranch Busted T.Boon Bullsh*t
3. Numerous Pages Added, check top menu

UPDATE June 23th 2014
1. Sandra Bullock page added
2. The Night Stalker page added
3. Saddam page added
4. Qaddafi page added
5. Bill Bixby page added

UPDATE June 21th 2014
Boston Bombing HOAX updated

UPDATE June 15th 2014
SANDY Hook Hoax Robbie Parker BUSTED!

UPDATE June 14th 2014
Sheriff's, Military, and Criminals they incarcerate.

UPDATE June 13th 2014
JFK Assassination Update

UPDATE June 11th 2014
1. Vegas Shooting its a HOAX

2. Youtube Video for VEGAS HOAX

3. PROOF is who sets up the donation site

UPDATE June 10th 2014
PORTLAND Shooting June 10th 2014 its a DRILL

UPDATE June 5th 2014
Canada Shooting June 5th 2014 its a DRILL

UPDATE April 29th
Do to the problems we encountered with the company manufacturing my most recent DVD (see the long story on my Facebook page) I have decided to release my latest documentary for free.

It includes the footage THEY, removed from my master, which you will understand its importance when you see it.

So here you go.
JFK Assassination EXPOSED II part 1-3

JFK Assassination EXPOSED II part 2-3
The missing footage

JFK Assassination EXPOSED II part 3-3

Funding for part III begins

I have begun the outline for part three, which I'm very excited to share with you, especially after I uncovered footage of the Oswald fake shooting that led me to a possible identification of JIM Reeves /Oswald. (Hint he was/is right in front of us and has been taking a hands on position ensuring the BS continues to be the focus . Bet he is starting to worry now that he knows I know his secret.

The Columbine Dummy Footage
100% Proof the event was a DRILL! Click here for more

03/19/14 JFK Page updated
      SNL Page Updated
      Royals Page Updated

01/31/14 Hitler and Kennedy pages Updated

     Kennedy page updated

01/29/14 Gaga is a Bush
01/24/14 Three Tramps Identified.
01/05/14 Kennedy Assassination Updates
11/05/13 Another Senator Exposed
11/04/13 STALIN, Douglas MacArthur, Truman EXPOSED
11/03/13 Mayor Garsetti Another SNL SHILL
11/01/13 Obama ID update
10/29/13 David Icke exposed AGAIN
   more SNL SHILLS
   More Senators outed
   Lou Reed very Brady
   More Boston Bombing Disney Games
   Chris Brown event is a hoax
   Paulson EXPOSED

10/28/13 AstroNOT McNair Identified
     Ted Cruz Other Wife.
10/25/13 Ted Cruz & wife are LIARS
10/16/13 Disney and the Boston Bomb HOAX
    Alex Jones Crew Busted

10/15/13 Phil Spector and Peter Criss fro KISS
   Charlize Theron BUSTED

10/14/13 Johnny Rotten being rotten
   Officials page updates
   Music Legends Page updated
   Kennedy Page updated
   Bush Family page updated

10/12/13 Murders of Channon Christian and
Christopher Newsom SOLVED HOAX

10/10/13 John Lennon murder HOAX UPDATE
09/29/13 Steven Spielberg EXPOSED
09/20/13 TREYVON PROOF it was FAKE

09/19/13 proof of the NAVY HOAX SHOOTING

09/19/13 Nancy Pelosie EXPOSED

Paris "De Fraud Greenberg" Jackson at it again
Judy Clarke Fictional Lawyer NOPE UPDATE
Buck Mckeon Robert Gibs Busted

09/16/13 Rodney King EXPOSED
    Cornel West Exposed
    Stephen Baldwin 9/11 Exposed
    Jacky / Monroe Exposed
    Rudolf Hess Exposed
    Princess Victoria and Sandy Hook
    Adam Kokesh Not in Jail?
    Trent Lott in a lot of trouble
    Anthony Weiner EXPOSED
    Chuck Hagel
    Senator Kane Exposed
    Perez Hilton Exposed AGAIN
    Elected Officials Page updated
    Officials Updated
    Royals Page Updates

09/12/13 Bill Kristol EXPOSED
09/11/13 WellAware1 Founder Eats Meatloaf for Breakfast. and a little Jack Black for dessert.
Len Horowitz Attacking Wellaware1 Founder with letter to the Police. (Len left his name in the preferences DOH!)

09/08/13 SNL Fail again
09/07/13 Attorney General of PA BUSTED
don't forget about these officials as well.
09/06/13 U.S. Reps Gary Shandling busted
09/05/13 Syria

09/03/13 U.S. Reps
09/03/13 Boston Bombing HOAX More of the same actors.

08/29/13 Syria
08/26/13 Royals Page Updates with audio

Yes I took down my FaceBook page due to the number of death threats I was receiving as well as it becoming a distraction. Plus why should I just hand the opposition all the intelligence they would normally have to work hard to obtain? Already we have identified several persons that have exposed themselves as shills. But don't worry the WellAware1.com forum will be up soon.

08/23/13 Lindsey Lohan Busted and Camilla Bowles

08/23/13 Georgia School shooting HOAX
08/23/13 Music Legends Page Updates
08/22/13 Scroll down for more updates
08/16/13 Camilla Bowles Busted!
08/12/13 Found Innocent of gun charges.
08/02/13 OBAMA
07/10/13 Bachlorette Scam watch out for the Pitt
07/09/13  Another Major League Pope Exposed
                Heath Ledger Located
06/30/13 Alex Jones Page updated
06/28/13 Vindicated AGAIN
David Rockefeller Sr sends message
06/20/13 MEDIA LIARS (Scroll down)
06/11/13 HOAX NSA Security Edward Snowden
06/06/13 Bush family page updates
06/05/13 Too many to list
06/04/13 Tim Bosma Murder BS
Benghazi BS HOAX
05/08/13Many new sections added
05/05/13 Royals Up to it again.
05/02/13 Bush BOMBSHELL
04/29/13 The white house fires back at Wellaware1
04/29/13 Boston Bombing Father & Mother IDENTIFIED
04/28/13 Boston Bombing Mass Gov is a fraud.
04/26/13 AstroNUTS and the moon fakers
04/24/13 Boston Commissioner SLIP UP
04/24/13 Boston Bombers and Jamie Kennedy update.
04/22/13 Hitler Page Updates MUST SEE
TX Fert Plant Explosions (JUST ANOTHER DRILL)
MAJOR Exposure in the Marathon HOAX
04/15/13 BOSTON Marathon Mayhem HOAX
04/15/13 Hitler page Updated MUST SEE
Alex Jones page updated
04/13/13 Music Legends page updated

03/30/13 Video Library indexed and search-able
Thanks to AdminBee for all the hard work

03/28/13 David Rockefeller page posted

03/27/13 Hugo Chavez IDENTIFIED and EXPOSED
Music Legend

FaceBook Fraud Page posted
03/23/13 Rockefeller Kennedy Page updates Bobby Kennedy ID

03/16/13 Chelsea Clinton is Natalee Holloway BUSTED!
03/15/13 AdminBee's ear biometric lessons
03/13/13 Pope page posted
3/04/13 Chris Christie EXPOSED

003/04/13 Wellaware1.com tee shirts

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Sheriff Who?

Is your sheriff really who they claim to be?.. Coming soon

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From Chevy Chase, and Chris Rock, to Rachel Dratch, Steve Harvey, and Nathan Lane in Drag, ALL THERE  .. Coming soon

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Short Clips that focus on a single person of interest, giving researchers a foothold to begin their personal investigations

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Gov and Mayors

Are your State leaders who they claim to be?.. Coming soon

US Reps

US Reps - Not who they say they are, and need to be investigated for TREASON.. Read more

Benghazi BS HOAX

Check out the distraction being use once again by the White House to divert your attention away from the IRS and the upcoming release of WHO OBAMA REALLY IS. .... Read More

Holloway Murder HOAX

While her mother Hillary Clinton was on "BUSINESS" it looks like her daughter AT THE SAME ISLAND played her role in the MADE FOR TV HOAX that was shown to the public as a real event. My question is did the TAX payers front the cost of the production?... Read More

Boston Marathon BOMB HOAX

More actors acting poorly, but best of all we find a familiar face that we believed was dead, so the day wasn't a total waste of time.... Read More

Post Pic

The FaceBook FRAUD

Simply put, If you lost money with the FaceBook IPO then you need to look at this.... Read More

Officials Exposed

The Pope's a Joke (well really and actor and not funny)

That brings the count to three of the last Pope's to be exposed as actors.. Read more.

Colorado shooting hoax


My discussion with James Fetzer regarding the events of 9/11 (World Trade No Planes, and Pentagon)... Read more.

Colorado shooting hoax

Columbine the Shocking Evidence for Prosecution

See for the first time the evidence that is unquestionable that the events that took place that day were nothing more than a drill consisting of actors. NO ONE WAS KILLED, they are all actors. If you don't believe me then see the footage for yourself. Once you do think back since that day and recall all the news stories that use that event as a platform to further their control over your right to own a firearm... Read more

Colorado shooting hoax

MTV's Jackass. Lives up to its name.

MTV's Jackass creation was for its time unique, but what was it's real objective. This investigator believes that the facts show they are more then meats the eye. (Get it? The Eye? The all seeing eye the alternative media claims is that of Lucifer and the Illuminati. When in fact it ACTUALLY stems from the Pinkerton's Investigation Agency that were the first Secret service and became the foundation for what we know as the Private eye. Their motto "We never Sleep" is what that EYE really originates from" but enough about that lets get back to the problem at hand.
... read more

Colorado shooting hoax

Alternative Media HOAX

As they (the opposition) begin to feel the people respond to the mounting evidence that clearly demonstrates their role in the attack on this country and your persona civil liberties, the wolf in sheep's clothing analogy is appropriate when describing many who have attacked the messenger. Good thing I have thick skin...Read more

Colorado shooting hoax

Who is Paul Ryan? UPDATED 10/19

Yet another actor exposed and this time they are working over time to achieve another Greenberg puppet implant into the White house. They miscalculated thinking that Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (Tina Fey) Palin could achieve the task but they failed, so if at first you don't succeed, well you know the rest. Something tells me the fact that he is Royalty plays a big role in the future wars since its been all Standard Oil Co's that have profiteer, I guess BP wants their turn ... Read More

Colorado shooting hoax

Branch Davidians EXPOSED!

The entire thing was a staged drill. Find out who David Koresh really IS. Yes I said IS... Read More

Colorado shooting hoax


Robbie is Hawks son. You know him as. Christopher"Drama" Pfaff from the TV show "ridiculousness"
Again we see the connection to the Greenberg/Rockefeller families.. Read More

Colorado shooting hoax


This is the event they used to further the gun grab, and silence free speech across America. Learn the truth about what happened, and the lies that were told to further the political agenda of a handful of individuals who are not loyal to this nation. They will not stop until you stand up and make yourself heard. Your awareness of who they are and what they are attempting to accomplish will be the necessary tools that are required to stop their evil New Social Order plans... Read More

Colorado shooting hoax

CLACKAMAS MALL Shooting HOAX AND Middle East Gas Attack

Read More

Colorado shooting hoax


Taft High school shooting was an OBVIOUS DRILL. They even say so themselves. But for those who still don't get it here are the same old actors with a Rockefeller front man that we have see OH so many times before...Read More

Post Pic

The Sandusky/Giffords HOAX confirmed. UPDATED 04/03/13

Involved in this scam are not only Kevin Costner';s FATHER, but Ted Nugent, Michael Mckean, James Cameron, and several other well known individuals That's not to forget the usual suspects, as we see the Greenberg family connection once again.  Why did they pull this stunt?  Your guess is as good as mine on that one.  I guess we will have to wait and ask them that one.   But until that day the evidence is as follows:... Read More

Post Pic

The Death of Caylee Anthony / Casey Anthony EXPOSED!

Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – 2008) was a FICTIONAL American two-year-old girl who was reported missing in Orlando, Florida, in July 2008, whose FICTIONAL skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near her home in December 2008. Her then FICTIONAL 22-year-old mother, Casey Marie Anthony, was tried for the first degree murder of Caylee but was acquitted. She was, however, convicted of misdemeanor counts of providing false information to police officers  BULLSHIT..... Download PDF HERE

Update: The bar that they shot the Casey Anthony party scenes, is the same bar that you see Tony and Anne Greenberg, Kenny and Alissa Blumberg and all the gang partying at on Halloween in the family photos is Planet Rose in NYC.

Post Pic

The Obama Deception EXPOSED!

Will the real Obama please step forward? The evidence is mounting, and it's not looking good for the Obama's or David Rockefeller Jr. who has very close ties to the couple; in fact, ties to the whole family..... Click here to learn more.

Post Pic

SNL and the Chicago iO Improv the new CIA?

The Chicago Improv Theatre has been the backbone for talent that finds its way to you prime time TV shows. Names lie: Tina Fey, Tim Meadows,, John Belushi, Eddie Murphy, and a host of alumni have and still continue to get their beginnings at this seemingly harmless theatre. But that is not that case, and you need to know this information because they not only make up the TV shows you watch, but also the position of elected officials that you believe your vote is cast and counted to elect.... more.

Post Pic

Kennedy/Roosevelt Scam

Learn how you have been deceived on a scale like no other.  Those who are responsible come from a long line of families and they continue to pass down the objective to the next of kin.  If they don't succeed today they will try tomorrow, if not tomorrow, then the next. They do not care how long it will take as long as they are doing what they can they believe eventually it will happen.  That was until I I cane along and found out what they were doing....... Read More

Post Pic

JFK Assassination Hoax/Kennedy Roosevelt Scam

The continued investigation...... Read More

Post Pic

Arpaio/Rizzo/Rockefeller/Marrs EXPOSED!

Joseph M. "Joe" Arpaio is the elected sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. First voted into office in 1992, Arpaio is responsible for law enforcement in Maricopa County is not who he says he is.... Read More

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This is the event they used to further the gun grab, and silence free speech across America. Learn the truth about what happened, and the lies that were told to further the political agenda of a handful of individuals who are not loyal to this nation. They will not stop until you stand up and make yourself heard. Your awareness of who they are and what they are attempting to accomplish will be the necessary tools that are required to stop their evil New World Order plans. ... Read More

Added new video identifying the Christina Taylor Green Mother.

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Roosevelt/Hitler/Disney EXPOSED

My investigation into the activities of the actors who role play in today's faked news events mirror the intrigue and plans outlined in the book "Pawns of the Game" . The tactics being EXPOSED today resemble the historical patterns identified in the 1958 book release by author William Guy Carr. Since reading Carr's book, I can say I concur with many of Carr's concepts. His own conclusions and discoveries, when combined with my present day research clearly reveal a painstakingly planned and executed scheme for control and power on a global scale. He defines the AT THE TOP controllers under a classification he coined as the "New Worlders and the International Money Barons"....... Read More

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The Winston Churchill Lie

From Teddy Roosevelt to FDR the use of Actors to fill positions of power is a practice that must come to and end.  The scam is not just one played here in the states but as you can see in countries across the globe."....... Read More

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The Royals, the Greens. Tomato Tomäto

Learn how what you think you know about the Royals and our Allies is not what we have been let to believe real.  The Actor based reality and their conditioning is in full swing globally not just in the US  or are we just being shown as world that is specialized for our eyes only, The same goes for the people of other nations?  Who are the BBG.gov and why does the president of the United States have to choose them while the rest of us don't even know who they are or what they do.....Click for more

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Israel's Three Amigos

Murdock busted

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The Bush Family Fraud EXPOSED!

Will the real Bush please stand up? This was a surprise for me when I discovered the truth about the Bush family, or should I say the fiction called the Bush family....read more

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The Kaplan's EXPOSED!

Just one of the families behind the fake news you believe is real. From the 9/11 Pentagon to the Batman Movie Shooting HOAX these are the individuals you call on to act in your staged hoax. Members of this family have been trial lawyers for the Nuremberg FAKE trials, are Royalty, and some have stars on the Hollywood walk of SHAME. There's even a Fake CEO of a social media site the recently went IPO, but fortunately for us his arrest this year gave us insight as to who is really running the IPO that will cause many an investor to loose their shirt as they......read more

The other families have been added to the Menu, and as I get time I will fill out the data and descriptions.

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Missing Children Charity Scam

After investigating the Bobo event it didn't take long before the usual suspects were showing up and along with that comes the charity looking for money from unsuspecting kind people. It was an unconfirmed number that they profited over $60,000 form tee shirt sales along the first month. ...read more

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The lies we have been told has enable the tellers to generate billions of dollars pushing their books, documentaries, made for TV movies, big screen films, charities etc. etc.
They fail to see the damage they have done to society as the people believe the tales of the impossible and remove their common sense and logical thought process, and replace it with a fake actor based reality that causes them to make choices based on that false logic and that is why you see the degradation of society get to the point where we are at today.
We believe the characters we see on screen are real people and we adjust our natural thought process to take into consideration the fear factor that comes with the lies...Read More

Moon Landing HOAX (finally proof)

If you know me, you know I like to approach things a little differently then others. So when asked what I thought about the Moon controversy, I thought to myself should I show the flag waving with no one toughing it? Should I show what a 10,000Lbs Hydrazine Rocket looks like and explain they want you to believe that they sat on top of that as they landed and you couldn't hear a peep from the jet vibration in their microphone, then show there was no dirt on the landing feet or crater under the craft? But that's been discussed before and people still don't seem to get it. So I went digging to see what I could come up with and I think the point is finally made.

WITHOUT A DOUBT, if we went to the moon, then the images we have been shown are BULLSHIT.

If you believe that the images we were shown to represent the lunar landing are authentic then that means you believe that they sent Kirk Douglas into space. What am I talking about? Take a look at the wife of Buzz and Douglas. End of story.

Or is it? click here for more

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