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tim mcveigh

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Elected officials breaking bad.
Not only is Robert running as someone else, he already hold the position of Att. General of Kansas.  NOTE he talks about Sketchers which is a Greenberg company
Here is Robert Kardashian, they don't even try to change his voice

Ron Paul Items moved here.

More Actors over stepping the ethical bounds of their art and using their pseudonym as a means to disrupt your perception of reality then disappear without being held accountable
The moral and ethical bounders are further exacerbates when they take the leap to paid domestic terrorist. Taking part in an event that you know will be used to scare people into changing legislation all while your family profits from the insider knowledge is not only wrong morally its a crime.

Fake wife is actor associated with the Greenberg's, and Corky Ballas (Mark Ballas' Father)

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is David Rockefeller Jr, who also was Frank Rizzo former mayor and Police Chief of Philadelphia.
You might be wondering where he got the pseudonym Arpaio, it comes from the following:
AR = Arizona, PA = Pennsylvania, iO = The Chicago Theatre Company's abbreviation.

The following individuals (in bold) have direct ties to the Occupied movement and some are direct organizers and family mambers to the individuals I have been investigating.

  • Neil Flynn
  • Rich Fulcher
  • Bill Hader
  • Angela Kinsey
  • David Koechner
  • John Lutz
  • Jack McBrayer
  • Adam McKay
  • Tim Meadows
  • Susan Messing
  • Seth Meyers
  • Jerry Minor
  • Mike Myers
  • Masi Oka
  • Amy Poehler
  • Danny Pudi
  • Andy Richter
  • Rick Roman
  • Mitch Rouse
  • Eric Stonestreet
  • Miles Stroth
  • Jason Sudeikis
  • Vince Vaughn
  • Stephnie Weir
  • MSN today on the front page, now desperate for you to believe the lie. So I though I would do a little front page of my own.  Do not fall for their gambit.  Know the Truth

    You cannot deny this.

    BUT THIS IS A LIE.  Randi is not Randi nor is she a Zuckerberg.  She is Liv Kaplan Jacob's Aunt.  Liv's sister is Liz (Kaplan) Harmon (AKA Jill Rapaport from the TODAY SHOW) and their other sister Jacobs Mother is none other than Ann Coulter of FOX News.
    So not only are they lying across the board about who everyone to their shareholders and the world but they are engaging in insider trading not to mention I'm sure some the issues with this family and their connection to the presidential candidates and their portrayal on networks like FOX and CNN. This story get a whole lot bigger than this, believe me, but for now the SEC will get that scoop first.

    mark zuckerbergs arrestmark zuckerbergs arrest

    Additional Dual Role Playing Celebs messing with you mind.

    Another Fake actor running for office in Arizona.

    Not to mention DEAD actor and DEAD mother. 
    The use of Pseudonyms by people running for office must be stopped.

    Monica Lewinski a family member actor

    More MTV Jackasses

    05/04/2012 Alex Jones confirmed Opposition

    As most of you already know I have exposed Alex Jones' crew (namely Aaron Dykes) as being associated with Pima country actors and known individuals the are playing huge roles in the medias deception and falsification of the news. His close ties with the Company Radian Helix Media and actor Eddy Bolero (as seen in the photograph) clearly leave little to the imagination. So when I presented this information in one of my videos on you tube, I made sure as to not accuse anyone other than Aaron of wrong doing. My question to Alex and his staff to this day has not been addressed and he is WellAware of me and my work as he gets occasional call ins to his show from legitimate listeners who marly ask his to address my findings, to which is usually plays dumb and hangs up on them in typical Alex fashion.

    So when I went back to review the photos I took of the Occupied movement that came to Dallas on Oct.. 6th 2011, I found this image. After performing an forensic ear examinations comparing the landmarks to a know photo of Alex, the findings are conclusive.

    This is Jones in disguise an in attendance as were the rest of his crew but they admitted to being there, except for Paul Joseph Watson who clearly is present but refuses to admit it.

    Remember "Don't Taze me Bro!"  Aaron Dykes was there. That event was staged, the two security/police officers are both in the Pima County Sheriff Dupniks Annual Awards Booklet like all the rest of the Family members we have been exposing.

    05/03/2012 ATTENTION
    By Mark himself
    Link to his mug shot page.


    As I have said many times before the world you believe is real is nothing more than a scripted out Hollywood production performed by actors. Yes, the whole world really IS a stage.

    I have provided over 5000 personal family photos of the Greenberg's and their immediate family members and have shown countless news event that they appear in, that you believe are real events. People still have a difficult time understanding they are being lied to, and deceived by these people. You are using logic you believe founded in fact but in fact that is not the case. Your entire life to this point you have been the victim of their conditioning.  It has removed your ability to logically think and filled your memory with fake events that you now rely on as your frame of reference to make decisions.

    Its time you wake up and see the reality that I speak of and take your first trip on the emotional roller coaster ride that stands between you and becoming WellAware.

    Zuckerberg Update

    Zuckerbergs first gig as an actor, playing in a hoax news
    event in Ft. Worth TX. Look who's reporting the story,
    Nancy Grace, who is also using a pseudonym.

    mark zuckerbergs arrest

    CHECK OUT its getting populated each day so make sure to check it out

    (as I don't know if the laws are the same in other countries but let me know if they are and Ill include them here)

    This is the DallasGoldBug PLAN.
    Taking Back our Sanity.

    This is your homework for the next week or two, or however long it takes, and lets see if we can really make a difference.

    FCC rules are that any free broadcast signal (radio and TV) have to make sure that the information they propagate is (as far as they know) truthful. Cable and Satellite are subscriptions so they can lie their asses off and wont get in trouble (unless they cause a riot and someone gets hurt while they broadcast KNOWINGLY false information)

    Therefor: When you see a fake story or hear about one that hasn't made it to you town yet, OR just like the Giffords event they continue to use over and over in an attempt to push their agenda, you need to send each local network a REGISTERED letter (this shows they received it) telling them that the story is fake and showing them the proof via photograph or pointing them to WellAware 1 (if I did a story on it or your blog if you did a story on it etc) THIS NOTIFIES THEM SO THEY KNOW so if in the future the story crumbles apart and you can show they knew it was fake and you have the proof they were notified they can loose their license.

    Thanks Gina for the inspiration.

    The following rule is found on page 13 mb/audio/decdoc/ public_and_broadcasting.pdf


    The broadcast by a station of false information concerning a crime or catastrophe violates the FCC's rules if:

    • the station licensee knew that the information was false,

    • broadcasting the false information directly causes substantial public harm,

    • and it was foreseeable that broadcasting the false information would cause such harm.

    In this context, a “crime” is an act or omission that makes the offender subject to criminal punishment by law, and a “catastrophe” is a disaster or an imminent disaster involving violent or sudden events affecting the public. The broadcast must cause direct and actual damage to property or to the health or safety of the general public, or diversion of law enforcement or other public health and safety authorities from their duties, and the public harm must begin immediately. If a station airs a disclaimer before the broadcast that clearly characterizes the program as fiction and the disclaimer is presented in a reasonable manner under the circumstances, the program is presumed not to pose foreseeable public harm. Additional information about the hoax rule can be found on the FCC’s website at

    THE case for CONspiracy EXPOSED!  1

    THE case for CONspiracy EXPOSED!  2
    The history you were never told.  

      Click to enlarge

    Maricopa County Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a fraud.

    March 4th 2012

    After looking into Mr. Arpaio's past combined with being from Philadelphia I recognized not only his face but his voice is unquestionably that of Former Governors and Police Chief of Philadelphia Frank Rizzo. Officials story is he died suddenly of a heart attack in 1991 after two failed attempts to get reelected. This pattern of staged deaths is looking to be quite common as there are connections to the staged death of MTV's Jackass TV show member RYAN DUNN who is now trying to say he is Jessie LeGreca (OWS protestor that gave a fake FOX news reporter a hard time, and gained notoriety when talk show host John Stewart reported on it) Then we have the fact that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is also playing the part of Secretary of the Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius. You can bet I will be discussing this and the Department of Homeland Security's connection in an upcoming video.

    Additional audio evidence to support my claim.

    05/18/2012  FACEBOOK Caught committing fraud. Not only are they lying to the shareholders about the companies beginning, and about the identity of the CEO who was arrested in Feb. of this year for Drug Possession, and that Jacob Michael Greenberg is really 23 and not 28 as they claim.  Using a pseudonyms is perfectly legal and is not the problem until you find out that they are using the fake name to cover up the fact that Mark Zuckerberg is the Great Grandson of Maurice Greenberg the EX CEO of AIG and the CEO of VC Starr the largest Insurance underwriters on the planet. Link to his mug shot page.

    In addition to that act of fraud, they also continue the lie, with a person they list as their Director of Marketing.
    I guess you have to keep those who are close to Jacob family members so they can keep the secret from the rest of the legitimate employees who are being scamed as well. 

    From Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org

    Randi Jayne Zuckerberg[4] (born February 28, 1982) is an American internet entrepreneur. She is the former marketing director of Facebook, and older sister of the company's co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

    Ranked among 50 "Digital Power Players" by the Hollywood Reporter in 2010,[2] Zuckerberg organized and also was a correspondent for the ABC News / Facebook Democratic Party and Republican Party U.S. Presidential primaries debates in 2008 as well as the CNN/Facebook Inauguration Day Partnership in 2009 and Comcast’s Facebook Diaries.[5] Zuckerberg also was a correspondent at both the Democratic and [6] she told the Wall Street Journal that her Facebook journalist team was treated at the DNC "like rock stars."[7] On the evening of November 2, 2010, Zuckerberg worked at a "town hall" assembled by ABC News as part of its television coverage of U.S. national midterm elections.[6] The full seven hours of this event were webcast in their entirety on both ABC's website and Facebook.


    May 2nd 2012     BREAKING NEWS  5:42am


    This one I cant delay. I have finished the evaluations and confirmed one of the biggest lies relating to a once thought Patriot now I don't know what to call him. Jessie Ventura former Gov. of Minnesota is playing an additional role. One that is of great concern to me and should be to you. He is General Ray Odierno. Once again we see the play on the name since Jessie claims to live in Mexico so the play on his name sounds like "Denario"

    As I get the video finished I wanted to release this so you can have a head start verifying and doing your own analysis.

    Update 05/02/2012 Added to the graphic, GEN Martin E. Dempsey Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, is Harvey Keitel.

    Peter Schiff EXPOSED but not by himself this time.
    The problem with this Country is the lack of morals, allowing people to sell their integrity for a buck. Living that dual life, that two faced lie must eat at you night an day. The ability for those in the public eye and more specifically those who are elected to office should be made to step down if they are convicted of a felony, and if they are caught lying to their constituents they need to get docked a certain $ amount from their pay check.  That is the only way to get these people to listen is to make put in place a set of standards and if they choose not to agree with them that guarantees they will be voted out the following term. So it should be a voluntary agreement that they will want to sign if they want to keep their position.  Your thoughts?

    Although this next clip end with a piece that's produced by RT (Russia Today)
    Ill over look that part since the rest of the video is important to know.

    Since it keeps disappearing out of my channel that means it must really be pissing the opposition off.  Therefore on the front page it goes!

    April 29th 2010  UPDATE on ZIMMERMAN HOAX

    Yet another person associated with the Treyvon Martin HOAX is shown to be associated with the MTV Jackass TV show.  Get the word out to everyone you know so you can stop this madness before its too late.  Write you local Networks and sent the letter registered.  Make sure you follow the instructions at the top of this page and hopefully you will see this story disappear.

    Be sure to catch the rest of the evidence Treyvon Martin and the Stinking WildRos…


    April 29th 2012 Larry Silverstein and the 9/11 Lie EXPOSED


    This one is conclusive there is no wiggle room out of it.  From the spots on the lips, the creases in around the mouth, the teeth, to the ears we have a match.

    April 28th  2012 Yet another Saturday Night Live /Chicago/Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (aka Tina fey, Sarah Palin, Sonya Truthergirl) co actor/personal friend identified as playing the role of a person running for office. 

    Not only is she a Tina Fey friend, but has appeared on 30 Rock with Jennifer Sextons cousin Steve Carroll (real name Tim Whale). She also has associations with MTV and the TODAY show, etc.  All of which are Greenberg family friendly.

    April 26th  2012  Treyvon Martin Case is a HOAX.  Proven without a doubt.
    The photos that show Zimmerman in court with the bald headed bailiff standing next to him is more important than you realize. That bailiff is Corey Stoll from Law and Order LA, and lets not forget Zimmermans lawyer is non other than Rock Star/Actor Roger Daltry.


    April 20th 2012  US Presidential Candidate FRAUD
    Rick Santorum is the person that plays David Vidder the US rep caught with the DC Madam, and the DC Madam herself is a Greenberg, we now see who Mitt Romney is under the mask.


    David Vidders and wife announcing the DC Madam Scandal   (left)

    Rick Santorum and Wife.(right)  Look familiar?

    April 19th 2012 Who are the Green Party Leaders?

    Christina Applegate EXPOSED as Christine Milne.  But that's only the beginning  As I further my investigation into this fraud I find that Bob Brown is actually one of these Family member Actors as well. Are these people actually in power or are we as Americans being shown a false perspective due to the governing of the (Broadcast Board Of Governors)?

    April 14th 2012  BIG DAY!  Still cant access my Youtube Account so don't send me any comments via that account.

    Crazy sequence of events today have let me to a real eye opener as I'm sure it will be for you too. The discussion on my Facebook page was about True Crimes in our History. I stated I have a difficult time finding REAL True Crimes to date. All of them have some event that took place with in the story that brings question to the entire events authenticity. Someone asked about Jim Jones, and Jonestown. So I started to dig...

    1. Jim Jones was actually Congressmen LEO Ryan. The Congressmen that was assassinated on the Jonestown runway, just prior to the Cool Aid event.

    2.  One of the 9 survivors I have identified as LEO Greenberg.  Leo who also plays the character known as Benjamin Fulford, and also plays the Zodiac Killer.  For the Jonestown event he plays Tim Carter.


    Keep reading to see Leo Playing yet another incestuous part in this entire Bulls hit fear mongering campaign.

    Jamestown survivor identified as Eddie Murphy

    This would have been Eddies first appearance around 18-19 years old before his Saturday Night Live debut with Poetry from the Penitentiary"  (C. I. L. L. My Land lord.   Cracks me up every time I watch that.  C.D. Watch dog, Do he bite? hahahah)


    Jamestown survivor identified as Whoopi Goldberg
    Thanks to Wirenetology - Oregon Herbalist for the Whoppi info.

    This would have been Whoopi Goldberg's first appearance on Television.

    Take note of her thumbs they are very large compared to the rest of her digits.

    Jim Jones son identified as the Night Stalker.

    In the video (above right)
    As one of the "Night Stalkers" victims we see Leo Greenberg playing yet another part.
    Here is additional updates to the Night Stalker (Richard Ramirez) Bullshit.
    Note the Victim with the beard - Leo Greenberg (AKA Benjamin Full-ofshit-ford) But best of all is who is reporting the story. That's Steve Caroll (real name Tim Whale married to Amanda Whale). If you don't see the connect he is the nephew of Liz Harmon (aka Jill Rapaport from the TODAY show) and also played Gabe Zimmerman for the Gabby Giffords event. And if you have been paying attention you would know Gabby Giffords is really Jennifer Greenberg Sexton , Tim's Cousin. She is also the actor that is better known as Tina Fey (truthergirl Sonya, Rebecca Joy, Jennifer Rio, and many others) 

    But you havent seen even half of it as Leo trades in that costume for the next, and plays the role of Tony Alamo.

    But then the really good stuff was brought up.


    Here is my post ...
    Thanks for the Ann Rule comment. I had never heard of her (I'm not into the words I like the photos and video) but nevertheless I decided to take a look at this Ann Rule and wouldn't you know....The chin is the give away. So realizing this and knowing she was at the Dallas Party with all the rest of the suspects, I decided to take a look at some of her other books. but just as I was getting ready to do an image search I happened to notice a photo of one of the missing women I exposed way back in the beginning of all of this, Susan Powell. As I started looking I realized that Ann Rule just signed a deal to write the book on her (fake missing ) story. Then thinking to myself HUMMMMMM funny that this Ann who is at the party with the other countless persons that are taking part in this massive Disney mind #uck perception management scam, I then noticed the persons photo on the same google search Ann's by the name of Rebecca Babcock

    HUMMMMM seeing that she looks a lot like Susan Powell I decided to find out who this Babcock was and why she was pulling up when I did and image search for Ann. Well come to find out she is the daughter of another person who she nick named Princess Die, and who happens to be another person Ann wrote a book about, and just who happens to be standing along side of Babcock and who both are in the same group as ANN at the same party for their relative Riley Harmon, Liz Harmon, aka Jill Rapaport from the Today show) daughter. 

    But Princess Die I already Identified as Linda Joslin from the UK radio show I did a few times. THE UK YOU SAY? HUMMMMM princess Die......Well I decided to do the ear analysis. MATCH. Voice analysis MATCH. That will be heading your way shortly.

    Stay tuned!

    April 9 2012 
    Thanks to The Celtic Rebel, for giving me a platform to share my views and work with his audience
    If you missed it you can catch it here. 

    April 6th 2012
    Due to complaints from unknown (Yeah right) individuals my youtube account is now limited. Although some people have said they can see it, I am still
    being blocked out of accessing it.

    April 4th 2012 Youtube channel is now reinstated and all the strikes removed

    April 3rd 2012
     Thanks again to the folks over at GodLikeProductions for giving me an open platform to get the word out.

    April 1st 2012  Email is back  but Youtube account is still gone.

    March 31 2012 Youtube just pulled my account and they also pulled my dallasgoldbug email. So if you are trying
    to contact me via that account you wont be able to. I'll update you with the new contact info as soon as I get something situated.

    March 31 2012 Royals Prince William attempting to stir up problems in the US.
    March 31 2012 Ron Paul / Sir Ian Solid Proof

    March 30 2012 Kennedy Carter Update - Funny how the critics are no longer laughing.

    Youtube account has been reinstated!!!! 
    Thanks to the hard battle fought and supported by TheUnnamedAdmin that kicked ass.
    The bogus copyright claims and complaints are no longer being taken seriously. They know they are wrong and
    I am right, but this war is far from over.

    DAVID ICKY Update!
    Davids wife (seen on his documentary) Is none other than Mark Ballas'(from dancing with the stars and the Iraq Marine sentenced to
    death)  mother.  Who is also the ex wife of Corky Ballas (aka John Walsh, Dr. Len Horowitz)  But his real name will be released shortly. But just looking at his face you know who he is related to and what that implies.  OH not so HAPPY DAYS at the Ballas house.

    Special thanks
    to the folks at Godlikeproductions.  Great show last night and I look forward to future collaborations.

    Listen to previous pod casts mentioning my work here.

    My Latest Release

    Part 1                                                                                 Part 2a

    Part 2b


    This is the series that got me banned from Youtube and my 240 videos pulled and censored.

    To show our thanks for donations above $25 we will send you a DVD version of "The Truth EXPOSED", It's a three part series that runs 2h 45min.  You can use the link at the top, and Please be sure to include your mailing address in the note section. 


    Here is a part of the series that I fought and got put back on youtube under a different name since my Dallasgoldbug account was terminated.

    Thank you for your support.  

    John Walsh is Americas Most Hated


    This is Corky Ballas                                             This is Dr Len Horrible Horowitz

    Post production the audio a little and what do you have? Another one EXPOSED If he would like to contest then he is mote then welcome as are all the individual I expose to submit a high res digital image of their ears including the profile of the face in an uncompressed format along with posting the Hash Sum so the integrity of the image can be verified and there is no way of altering on my end without that Hash changing.  They can send it to my e-mail address or put it on a Picasa album and send me the link.

    ATTENTION After lasts nights attack by Mike Vara and his family members, it became quite obvious as to why they

    would attempt such a display of their ignorance.  Slander is a punishable offence.  Therefor the first time they did it I warned them but now the second time they better lawyer up.

    Make sure to call Michael Vara (AKA ADAM WALSH and JOEL BALLAS & Glenn Canady - Late Night In The Midlands dial-in number: (858) 683-1309, and you can go to their main page for instruction on how to hear the program.

    Mike Vara host of Late Night In The Midland

    Maybe you would know him better If I call him by his real name Joel Ballas (brother of Mark Ballas who is a cast member of Dancing with the stars) OR You might recall one of his first performances on TV as ADAM WALSH (Yes the little boy we were all told was kidnapped and Murdered in FL 27 years ago. We were also sold on his father campaign to capture Americans Most Wanted was the results of that Kidnapping and Murder. So for 27 years he has been scaring this nation and pushing his fear mongering down our throats.

    About the only truth to the story is that the person that plays John Walsh is the father of the person playing the little boy Adam.But the rest of it is yet again another Made for TV movie, at your expense might I ad.Maybe Corkey Ballas AKA John Walsh AKA DR. LEN HOROWITZ AKA Dancing Protestor from the FAKE arrests at the Jefferson Memorial Dancing staged event,  needs a taste of his own medicine when you make him AMERICAS MOST HATED.

    On top of it all the missing little boy Stanley Patz wiki/Etan_Patz Thats Mark and Joel's other brother who is also on the dancing with the stars Derek Hough

    Etan Patz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Etan Kalil Patz (October 9, 1972 – unknown; legally declared dead in 2001 is Mark Ballas' Half Brother.  Both dance on
    the TV show Dancing with the stars.

    On May 7, 2009, Lisa R. Cohen published her book After Etan: The Missing Child Case that Held America Captive"

    Cohen is another family member of this group.

    Here is Corkys father sitting the rest of the family Michael Greenberg is sitting next to him Dustin Hoffman is on the opposite end.

    Independent examination of my findings here.


    A Slightly Cryptic MESSAGE TO THE "New Worlders""See what happens when you threaten my family? My family fought for this country, and took the same oath I did.   If you think "Tony want a be Bauer", and his fake Haskell wife Lori's little threat will stop me, then by all means continue providing the fuel for my fire.

    Your "New Worlder" family, and their attempts to create the event extremes, then divide and concur, will not work.  Funding both sides and getting them to fight each other while you hide in your Key Largo hide outs, is now exposed.  Your efforts to force a UN based centralized government and monetary system run by your International Money Barron associates is now falling apart in front of your very eyes.

    If you think I'm bluffing here's something to chew on.  I know about and about Disney, Kermit, TRjr, Hoffman, Morgan, Van Rosvelt, Carter, Coughlin, Fegelein (you are next), Braun, Beneš, John Walsh, ADAM Walsh, the list goes on and on.  I KNOW ABOUT Paul, Romney, Rick  Santorum (is Sen. David Vitter, R-La  the DC MADAM STING SANTORUMS  wife is  Jeanette Maier, former madam of a high-priced New Orleans brothel, poses for a photograph in Gretna, La. Jeanette Maie Pasted  from,2933,288868,00.html ), and Riley.

    I AM THAT PERSON, THAT WILL SET YOUR PLANS BACK  3000 YEARS.    You know what I'm talking about.

    Jeff Rense from - a 3x ACADEMY AWARD WINNER?  REALLY?

    Click to enlarge

    AND  on top of that he is one of the family members I have been exposing, as he is married to Alyssa (Greenberg) Blumberg, the Granddaughter of Maurice Greenberg the Ex CEO of AIG.  So that makes Jeff Rense, Kenny Blumberg, who is also the Chairman of the Board for The Independent Film Association of Souther Arizona who goes by the name Cliff Low Priest (I know where that name comes from, fool).  He is also the three time Academy Award Winning Cinematographer Robert Richardson, who just so happens to of been the DP for the Oliver Stone movie JFK. Funny thing is, the book Oliver use to write the movie was High Treason.  That's the best selling book written by Robert Groden which is the book I was the medical illustrator for, when I was 15 years old.


    Some other facts about Mr. Blumberg you might want to know...

    He has two brother-in-laws that are CEO's  One is Jeffery Katzenberg CEO of Dreamworks (who's real name is Patrick Sexton) and the other is Patrick's brother Michael Lynton the CEO of Sony.

    He is co owner of Radian Helix Media. A film video and CGI production company in Arizona, that were the go to company behind the Giffords Hoax along with EPIC productions Sheriff Dupniks Production Company.

    His Sister-in-Law is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (AKA Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Gabby Giffords, Rebecca Joy, Sonya Truther Girl) she is the mother of Samantha Sexton (AKA Christina Taylor Green character for the Giffords hoax)

    He's related to David Rockefeller.  His Father-in-Law is Michael Greenberg (AKA Dallas Green of the Philadelphia Phillies)  His niece is Rebecca Black the scam singer of the son "It Friday", another niece is ANA from The Young Turks. Another Brother-in-Law is MAX Keiser from RT's the Keiser Report. But best of all his buddy and, additional Brother-in-law is Tony Greenberg, who we all know all too well.


    Click to enlarge


    I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ONE SINCE DISCOVERING THE PARTY THE FAMILY THREW FOR HER BAT MITZAVUH.   If you don't know who she is, well...Her mother is Liz Harmon AKA Jill Rapaport from the Today Show.

    OH YOU SAY Is n't Jill having marital problems, since you see that story on the TV? NO that is the make believe world of TV land. She has been married to Todd Harmon NOT THE GUY THEY SHOW YOU ON TV AS BEING HER EX, for at least 14 years and they have three kids.



    You will see the truth about who they are, where they come from, and what their entire game plan is in my upcoming video.  Its time their BANKING roots get up rooted.

    Do you feel the same about them knowing that?

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    Click to enlarge

    EXPOSING Benjamin Full"ofshit"ford again for the 3rd time. Son of Sam is all a scam

    March 15th 2012

    Again we see the BS flowing from the alternative mainstream media assets. As we have stated before and shown the facial forensic analysis but still people can't connect the dots.

    Let me break it down to you...

    When you hear a person talking about "NINJAS" KNOW IT IS BS.  The "NINJA" character was created by Hollywood in the later 60's early 70's.  PERIOD. END OF STORY.

    But for those who still need more, we again see the actor that plays Benjamin and others personalities, and you guessed it he like all the others I've exposed has a connection to the core families that are the source for the talent being used for the actors. Leon Greenberg, Son of Maurice Greenberg (Ex AIG CEO) is now shown to be the Son of Sam made for TV FAKE staged event. But If you ask me he doesn't look like the original person, but we can clearly see he is the person they are now claiming to be that person. Whatever they are attempting to pull of it really doesn't matter because you now know its a total bunch of crap. Do let it in you head.


    Click to enlarge

    More BS Fear Mongering from the world of Alex Jones.

    March 14th 2012
    Like I said if it comes from the infowars or prison planet you can almost bet its a bunch of mindless BS intended to get you all upset about nothing.  Its just another way they condition you to fear everything and act out irrationally.

    If you want to see what I mean call Alex Jones during his show and ask him why he doesn't address Wellaware1 or Dallasgoldbugs evidence about him being COINTELPRO. You can sit back and listen to him explode or play dumb and hang up on you.

    Is that how someone acts if they are innocent? No that is a cowards reaction that cant hold his own against someone he know, KNOWS all about him and his past.

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    Click to enlarge

    Blogger Andrew Brietbart Fakes His Death.

    March 2th 2012

    After looking at the landmarks of the ear, we can come to the conclusion that Andrew Brietbart is not who he claims to be and is actually South Carolina Panthers Head Coach John Fox

    The latest distraction attempt is the release of Brietbarts phony pimp (played by Malcolm in the Middle actor Erik Per Sullivan), and prostitute (played by Lindsey Lohans little sister Alli Lohan) encounters while talking to an ACORN employee that looks and sounds a lot like US Representative from Houston Sheila Jackson Lee. Further analysis is being performed as we speak, so make sure to check back often to find out the latest.

    Boys Town Bologna

    Boys Town, the distinguished Catholic orphanage on the outskirts of Omaha, Nebraska, was established in 1917 by Father Edward Flanagan. Its altruistic purpose was to offer “help, hope and healing” to abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Having begun with a population of six boys, Boys Town currently houses thousands of boys and girls at numerous sites across the country. Caradori’s “Leads List ” cites a number of Boys Town students who were the purported victims of sexual exploitation, and his  “Investigative Report” of April 20, 1990 notes that he interviewed the sister of a former Boys Town student who was allegedly exploited. She said that her brother was “extremely scared” because the State Patrol and FBI had been “very harsh” with him .

    The actor playing the role can be found on youtube under the username manoftruth.


    Sheriff Mackbaldwin,  needs to see jail from within.

    March 2th 2012

    After looking at the landmarks of the ear, we can come to the conclusion that Sheriff Mack is not who he claims to be and is actually Actor Alec Baldwin.

    Baldwins connection to the Occupy Wall St. and the Rockefeller ring of actors is quite obvious. His costar on 30 Rock is none other than Tina Fey, who we show is actually Jennifer Greenberg Sexton. More on this story in my upcoming documentary.

       Click to enlarge

    HAPPY DAYS in Chardon, Ohio
    March 1th 2012

    Lets see how quick the power of the people can shut the media up and make them pull all the videos.

    The school shooting in Chardon, Ohio, was just another FSE (Full Scale Exercise) by Homeland Security.  Don't fall for it.  Watch as they will make another go at grabbing your guns, and Ill bet one of the family members has something to do with school metal detectors. OH well look at that sells them I'm sure.  Funny he's a member of the family that I've been exposing. So are all the other bad actors in this event, as well as the College Webcam Suicide BS trial going on right now in (you guessed it) New York. (Take a look at the lawyer, its Tony Greenberg, if you didn't know that already) The kid that they say killed himself is the same kid that they say was killed in this Ohio School shooting "Danny".)

    Photo 2007

    Tyler Clementitragically jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge, his Rutgers University roommate Dahrun Ravi, who many blame for the suicide since he filmed the gay teen being intimate with another man in their room via webcam

    Photo on the right is the actor that plays the person in the photo, and look who is with him...Charlie Vietch from the Love Police. Yep that's Charlie back in 07, he's one of the family members as well. So now you know the truth about the latest attempt to distract you while they campaign to remove your guns.

    Additional Evidence
    Download the DHS's own ExPlan Active Shooter FSE that was planned for a different school, but we managed to bring enough attention to it that it was called off.

    Other ExPlans and DHS Material that support the Drill.
    Florida_Multi_Year Plan_2012_2014_Final
    Department Of Homeland Security Exercise Handbook
    Participant Handout
    Vigulant Guardian ExPlan
    National Exercise Program Base Plan
    MOCK_DRILL- Revised7-08
    Department of Homeland Security HSEEP program
    HSEEP 101
    Texas Homeland Security Program
    Giffiords ExPlan

       Click to enlarge


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    Keep in mind that emails are generally the least effective way to make an impact, as many are never even read in these publicly available addresses. Written letters have the most impact, though phone calls and faxes are also very useful. When you add a personal touch to anything you send, it is more likely to make a difference. Thanks for caring and for making a difference in our world. Together, we can and will build a brighter future for us all!

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