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ATTENTION: Please do not send me information that pertains to actors playing roles in movies or TV shows, THAT’S WHAT ACTORS DO. It’s expected of them to use pseudonyms, and play different characters as entertainment. I’m not in the business of matching actors, but what I am interested in, is those actors that cross the ethical bounds and become paid domestic terrorists. Those individuals that take part in staged events that they know will be used to push legislation that threatens our civil liberties. So if you have information pertaining to these corrupt individuals, I welcome your contact.

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The JFK Assassination HOAX
See the investigation that finally solves what really DIDN’T happen.Carter Kennedy a1When they say I have no evidence that the Royal’s are behind the lie, show them this!deen2MORE LIES, MORE ACTORS!bidens-sonTHE ROYALS ARE ATTACKING US


Jane Fonda is Nancy Pelosi. Proven evidence by way of hand vein pattern on the back of her hand.


This country is being run by pseudonym actors.  They think it's just one big joke, but we're not laughing

This country is being run by pseudonym actors. They think it’s just one big joke, but we’re not laughing

If you call me crazy then YOU are the problem.


This country is being run by pseudonym actors.  They think it's just one big joke, but we're not laughing

This country is being run by pseudonym actors. They think it’s just one big joke, but we’re not laughing


VERIFYING MY WORK.  A simple tool you can use that doesn’t require specialized training, is simply to take my  findings and look at the person of interests spouse, siblings, and children. If the person is playing a long term role (such as an elected official) then you can expect to see their immediate family members playing their supporting cast.

Here is a page from their playbook, demonstrating precisely, WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, that what I am telling you is correct.

the donald, donald trump, Ken Masak

Donald Trump is a pseudonym. Like you didn’t know that already.

The spouse, can further be identified in almost every situation as being the person of interests sibling.  In some cases where the male is much older the person playing the spouse, just look at one of their children as playing the role.

Some of their rules, they abide by are as follows:

#1. Keep it in the family.

#2. If you can’t trust your family, then who can you trust.

#3. When caught, deny till you die. “It might look like me… But it’s not me.”

#4. ALWAYS cross promote your other family members.  They will be using pseudonyms so the public will not be


As my opposition tries desperately to divert you from the facts presented here, they will claim  this site is satire.  They know it’s not, and they demonstrate that I’m striking them where it hurts by this action.  Other than misrepresenting the facts and outright lying, will never address my work directly.  This ad hominem tactic makes them easy to spot.

They will claim to be me, and/or state I said something I didn’t. When you identify these liars please list them and what they are doing in the Liars section of our Forums page.    Once you have the facts,  question the person making the outrageous claims and make them show you where they got that info.

TO DATE,  this is only a portion of what I have accomplished…

Identified numerous U.S., and foreign elected officials, as well known movie and TV actors, some even Royalty.

Identified the families of the media conglomerate owners as the individuals playing the roles in the staged events, which are then used as content on their networks.

Identified Hitler and the top Nazi officials as Teddy Roosevelts family, and provided the proof the Hitler house known as the berg and in reality the home of Walt Elias Disney.

Proven the families known as the Bush, Rockefeller, Kennedy, Roosevelt, Morgan, and Clinton,  are straw families created by the rulers (The Crown) for the purpose of avoiding the public scrutiny and uncovering they are all from the same family tree and are the Royal rulers of various foreign nations.

Provided evidence that proves the Lincoln Assassination was a HOAX and that Booth was Lincoln’s son, and they were all actors.

Identified President Obama as a son of Richard Pryor and provided his real family tree and reasons why he was sent to Hawaii as a child.

Solved the JFK Assassination, and identified nearly all of the eyewitnesses and experts, as being individuals who are ALL associated with the music industry and many are members of the Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, and the Rock n Roll hall of fame.

Identified that the main eyewitnesses are in fact Royals, that include The Queen Mother as Marguerite Oswald, her two daughters the current Queen and her sister, played the role of Mary Ann Moorman and Gene Hill.  Researcher Jack White was Baudouin or Boudewijn King of the Belgians.

Proven the connection to the Royals of Sweden, as playing major if not the top controllers of this and the majority of all historical events.

Proven the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald was a staged made for TV movie and no one was murdered.

We have shown the evidence that proves the Columbine Massacre was nothing more than a multi jurisdictional drill/HOAX

The facts established that the Gabby Giffords shooting was a drill and a media hoax, that coincides with our leaking of the DHS Document known as the ExPlan  FSE.  (Exercise Plan for Full Scale Exercise)

Identified countless Sheriff, and other elected officials as being NOT WHO THEY CLAIM THEY ARE.  This ability for them to do this, I exposed is possible via the Candidate Oath Form all potential candidates must fill out.

I was the first to call Sandy Hook, As well as all the other school shootings, and active shooter scenarios since 2010, that we have been shown on the news are in fact HOAX events, and part of the DHS preparedness program HSEEP.

I was the first to uncover events known as the Charles Manson and other high profile crimes like the Night stalker are nothing more than made for TV movies the same media conglomerates that produced the JFK Assassination are behind.


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This video/radio broadcast will explain who I am and how I got into this field of study.  It’s a MUST see, and know presentations, that provides the foundational information you need to know what is real and what is fiction.

of WellAware1 is to present the facts about current events that are used to manipulate the perception of the general public. Throughout history, we the people have been lied to by our leaders. This is a historical fact. Lives have been lost due to these lies. That, also, is a fact. When we see events unfold on TV, that are immediately used to further a political agenda, you should immediately question its authenticity. Any unanswered questions about things that don’t make sense must be answered before we can expect to move forward as a nation.

through the past 4 years of our investigation of the news, and historical events, is that they are either partially influenced, completely scripted out, or fictional but claimed to be factual and produced by the same individuals. When scripted out they will employ actors who are related to approximately 5-8 families. These families have been at the core of historical events since the beginning of this nation and more than likely longer. They are the owners of the media conglomerates and pass down the knowledge from generation to generation and use their connections to continue propagating their lies. They use pseudonyms and straw families to generate the character they need to play the roles as our elected officials and benefit by the lies they generate. When caught, they simply kill off the character and change roles and the pseudonym use make it impossible to track them down and hold them accountable.

and judging the research, information, diagrams, and photographic comparisons presented, there may be times you feel the truth is more frightening than any fiction. That feeling is what I describe as “the roller coaster ride” of emotions that people experience.  Discovering everything you have been taught about history is a sham, can be overwhelming. The generations of faux leaders and actors thought we were fools when we gave them our greatest gift — our trust.

Their attempts to manipulate your perception of reality is artificial social engineering, and will not be tolerated. They do not have the right to impose their views on society, whether perceived as good or bad. Your life is your life, as you should be free from conditioning, especially from those who are paid to act, and have no accountability for whatever damage they cause. Let us prove ourselves now wise by laying claim to our own destiny, with the real truth once again.”

I am the ONLY ONE, to go after the actors and publish THEIR BIRTH NAMES, unlike the copycat so called investigators who stop on purpose at simply calling them actors.

If you have any doubt as to who I am, I AM THE ONLY ONE who has publicly presented my work and done so while backing it up by using my FULL LEGAL BIRTH NAME, so you can validate my identity.  None of the others will do this because they are part of the problem and in the rare case they are not they are simply conditioned to believe you get killed if you speak the truth.

Once again, demonstrating precisely the conditioning THEY publish in movies and TV as a way to fool you into believing that fantasy is real so people fear doing the right thing.

I challenge you to find another person on this planet that can make those claims and back it up with the facts to prove them.

This is how they legally do it.


Federal Candidate Oath

Federal Candidate Oath Download it for yourself

PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to agree with who I say the actors are, but you must understand that IS NOT THE MISSION AT HAND.  That will become important in the accountability phase.  Now we are in the education phase and teaching others that THEY ARE ACTORS they are seeing is the focal point.  Remember, if even ONE is correct, then we have a MASSIVE problem on our hands, that needs to be addressed.

amongst each other, focus your intentions on getting the legislation changed that will finally close the loophole that allows a person to have a third party individual vouch for their identity, and never have to show any form of ID to run for the office of an elected official. On top of that, they are legally permitted to use a pseudonym name that is not registered to their person. They are not bound by any law that stated they must disclose this to their constituents.

Jesse Ventura. He states himself that it’s not his legal name, and it’s not even registered to his person. Yet he signed official documents while he was Governor of Minnesota. YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO HE REALLY IS,  AND MANY OF YOU VOTED FOR HIM.

The pseudonym use, allows them to avoid any accountability, and that in itself is the foundation for the problems we see in the world today.

Don’t believe what I just told you is true? GO ASK YOUR LAWYER, THEY WILL VERIFY IT.


Learn how you have been deceived on a scale like no other. Those who are responsible come from a long line of families and they continue to pass down the objective to the next of kin. If they don’t succeed today, they will try tomorrow; if not tomorrow, then the next. They do not care how long it will take as long as they are doing what they can; they believe eventually it will happen. That was until I came along and found out what they were doing….


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