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Alex Jones and the Opposition

I Challeng you. If you dont believe me about who Jones is do the following:
Find a photo of his wife (easy to find a screen shot from his Bohemian Grove video)

Look at her and tell me that isn't Beau Bridges daughter. Now ask yourself what is Jones doing with Bridges UNDERAGE daughter? Simple she is his daughter and is playing the part of his wife so you cannot identify who he is. Do you really believe he is 39 years old. hahahh that in itself should be something you hound him about on his show untill he comes clean.

Excellent work by jipseheart
Combination of my photographic Ear Biometric analysis with video clips and appropriate original song . Seals the deal on the fraud known as Alex Jones. Its time we all demanded our money and time wasted back from his group. I hope there is a DA willing to press charges on this Scam artist for years of fear mongering and attempting to cause civil unrest in the population. He must be held accountable.




The Max Keiser find to the right is all you need to know about Alex Jones.  Infact its all a prosicutor should need to know to investigate them for insider trading and manipulation of securities by hoax and fraud.

See the discussion on my facebook page about this one.

Another Jones and Project Scam-a-lot actor and well know personality

When you watch Lear you can clearly see that he is related to Beau Bridges.  We believe that he is the brother they claim died as a child.  Which leaves Alex Jones as the son of wither Beau or Lear.  We have yet to find the concluding evidence but will.



The latest on Jones.

We see the wife matches, as well as the mother. There is still a chance this is a decoy set up to confuse but even if that be the case the intent to do that shows they are guilty.

This Dutch acting group have other well known individuals who you know as their pseudonyms. People like Rosanna Arquette and Queen BEtrix to be more precise.

This is the production company.


The members of Loose Change (as well as Alex Jones staff) are playing the roles of the deceased soldgers and raking in the donations from unsuspecting good hearted individuals.

These are individuals that have gone out of their way to attack me. There are still many more that I will add as soon as I get a chance.
When ever you encounter these people you should pick something that I have worked on an azoic their opinion of my work. Watch how they handle ti. AJ will blow up, and hang up quick. He knows his days are numbered.

Official Version Alexander Emerick "Alex" Jones is an American talk radio host, actor and filmmaker. His syndicated news/talk show The Alex Jones Show, based in Austin, Texas, airs via the Genesis Communication Network

More Jones BS here we see Beau Bridges Daughter Emily

Here we see the health ranger doing his part to decieve you.

Beau Bridges AKA Alex Jones. Daughter & Acting Wife

Much more on this and his connection to Jim Reeves, Tex Ritter, The Teapot Dome Scandal, and the rest of the family of Bush, Kennedy, and Roosevelt. Don't forget about Disney since they are running the show.

Aaron Dykes from Infowars

Aaron at the "Don't Taze Me Bro" PNAC conference. (ALL FAKE OF COURSE).

Aaron playing the role of a newscaster interviewing a know fake missing child story.







Jones and his scripted out performance on Piers Morgan's show was nothing but an attempt to make gun owners look like fools. Jones is one of the family members and will beheld accountable. Even if he is Beau Bridges, NO EXCUSE.

Aaron w/ Eddie Bolaro associate of Radian-Helix Media


Sheriff Arpaio AKA David Rockefeller Jr.

AR= Arizona PA= Pennsylvania where he was Frank Rizzo Mayor of Philadelphia and IO = the abbreviation for the Chicago Improv Theatre


John Rex Reeves AKA David Rockefeller Jr.

Jim Marrs AKA David Rockefeller Jr.


Frank Rizzo AKA David Rockefeller Jr.





Jennifer Greenberg Sexton (AKA Tina Fey)

In response to the online attack that was issued by a person calling themselves Ryan D. Hall, and his friends  against me yesterday, I chose to do some digging on this person to find out who they were and why they would issue slanderous and liable comments attempting to damage my creditability and reputation.  It turns out your tax dollars went to fund their little attack, after all they are all government officials, if we are to believe what they tell us. 

Jack Black


Stephanie Weir

Glenn Canady and Mike Vera

Project Nsearch is associated with the same old folks from Project Scam-a-lot (Camelot)

My response to Max Igan aka Family member and Australian Green party member.

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