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The Death of H.W. Bush

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I've covered this all before in great detail.  So here is just a small portion of the investigations I've conducted over the past 9 years.

I've covered this all before in great detail.  So here is just a small portion of the investigations I've conducted over the past 9 years.

Who was H.W. Bush?
I say he was Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. P. Kennedy Jr..


Yes, that makes him JFK's brother.

The Rest of the Bush/Roosevelt/Kennedy Clan.

Prescott Bush, Quentin Roosevelt, Joseph P <a  href=
Kennedy Senior" width="600" height="416" /> Joseph P Kennedy Senior was also Quentin Roosevelt, who died at age 20, was shot down in an airplane in July 1913. We can see by the crash. It has staged event and we know that Joseph P Kennedy Senior also played Prescott Bush. You can validate this information by looking at the wife.


Brazil Colomba Bush

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Adam Sowder

English professor? Try calming down with a deep breath…

Ok. Crowley was a magickal prick who likened his self to “the beast” and has spawned many a dark soul’s attempts at incarnating evil through encantation and ritual sodomy, usually of weaker boys. His work is pure darkness. I would dare you to read aome of it, but I doubt you, nor anyone else, as the “power” to make it through the event (of reading) without causing some major life changes, and not for the improvement of anything.

Im not sure what you find so funny, as any of this could have been easily looked up with a google search. Zepp’s band is highly satanic. Page actually purchased Boleskin house, Crowley’s former residence and the place where he supposedly summoned the evil one itsef.

Crowley’s work continues to echo very loudly through our entire society. This should be commin knowledge if you have gotten so far as to be commenting on this website.

Rescued By Mary

Crowley…??? Really…???

Haha… You mean that English professor…???



What AGAR misses in his take apart is that Kubrick
is detailing –in ‘SHINING’- – – exactly how the subversion
and overthrow is done—- – –

Manufactured shame and guilt – -externally inflicted
and manipulated – —and inflicted on –largely clueless–
before birth subverted FTMs.

Check it out !

Every man in ‘SHINING” –with the sole exception of Halloran,
reads, and is surely meant to be read –as FTM.

TAKE another look !

Blow your mind.

Linda Kachur

I’m watching Pres. Bush 41’s state funeral and was struck by the resemblance of Former Canadian Prime Minster Brian Mulroney’s to President Franklin Roosevelt. As people grow older, their distinctive features pop, so to speak and it was Mulroney’s eyes that captivated my attention to a historical figure of high distinction who most likely is a close relative. As we know, people in high places are all one huge family. With Jimmy Carter, we see the haunting image of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Adam Sowder

it would be really interesting to research the timelines of these individuals within modern media, looking for real-time simultaneous public appearances. so far I have found none, but i haven’t really been that diligent nor scientific about it.

Adam Sowder

whoa. i’ve always looked up to him, but never believed he died…it’s just too weird to me that he would have died. he actually wore the bowler hat costume on tour.

A Clockwork Imitated: 3 Times the Film Was Referenced in Unexpected Ways

and the band is highly satanic, with connection to crowley’s work

Ed Chiarini

yes there have been a number of documentaries that examine the hidden meanings of kubrick’s work. Who I believe is John Bonham by the way.


ESSENTIAL background to things — –

‘Kubrick’s GOLD Room’


Deals with the ‘SHINING’ and Kubrick’s in your face allegory
on the subversion of –first– ENGLAND and then, the AMERICAN Republic
by inter–generational USURY.



A buncha fukn crooks hope all rot in hell

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